distance as a concept 中文意思是什麼

distance as a concept 解釋
  • distance : n 1 距離,路程。2 遠隔,遠離;遠處,遠方。3 (時間的)間隔,長遠,長久。4 懸殊。5 隔閡,疏遠。6 ...
  • as : adv (同…)一樣…;同樣〈在此是指 as… as… 結構中的第一個 as 它在主句中為指示副詞,第二個 as (在子...
  • a : an 用在以母音音素開始的詞前〉 indefinite art 1 〈普通可數名詞第一次提到時,冠以不定冠詞主要表示類...
  • concept : n. 1. 【哲學】概念。2. 觀念,思想,意思,心意。
  1. This paper looks soil as homogeneous stationary random fields, expatiates the application of the random process in the geotechnical engineering and establishes the basic concept, its assortment and digital feature of random process and random fields, tests whether this random fields is a stationary process and whether it is ergodic, applies correlation function theory and variable function theory in the study of the random fields of soil parameter, acquires the relation of the two theories and draws the conclusion that they are equal essentially, fits the measured curve by using the correlation function method, variable function method and other methods, and acquires the value of correlation distance, applies the random fields theory of soil parameter in actual engineering, estimates the value of elevation and other soil parameters of 92 holes in baoding city and the results are satisfying

    將相關函數理論和變異函數理論分別應用於巖土參數隨機場的研究中,通過運用這兩種理論對巖土參數特性的描述,得出這兩種理論的內在聯系及其本質一致性的結論。分別運用相關函數法、變異函數法及其它求解相關距離的方法對實測函數曲線的擬合,得出描述空間相關程度的度量? ?相關距離(或變程) ,對用這幾種不同方法得出的相關距離(或變程)值進行了比較,並對這幾種方法的優劣和實用性做了評比。將巖土參數隨機場理論運用於工程實際,對保定市區某場地的92個鉆孔的各層位的層底標高及其它幾種常見的巖土參數做出了估計,預測結果比較令人滿意。
  2. In the field of the organization and expression of learning content, the teaching pattern, instructional strategy as well as design are introduced in this thesis. hence, by combining " student - oriented " with " instructor - oriented ", the mixture - teaching pattern and the hierarchy analysis method to decompose the learning goal are determined in the modern < wp = 7 > distance education. in order to construct the concept mapping, a star algorithm is given