freres 中文意思是什麼

freres 解釋
  1. And in " " petits freres " ", he concentrates on talia ( st phanie touly ), a 13 - year - old girl adrift with other adolescents in a housing project in a poor suburb of paris, aggrieved when her playmates steal the gentle pit bull she is raising as a pet and sells the animal to dog fighters

    在《小兄弟》中,他專注于塔里婭(史蒂芬妮?桃麗) ,這個13歲的小女孩和其他青少年一起游蕩在巴黎一個貧窮郊區的住宅區,同伴偷了她當寵物養的一頭溫順的鬥牛狗並賣給斗狗的人是她心痛不已。