jacana 中文意思是什麼

jacana 解釋
n. 名詞 【動物;動物學】水雉〈產于熱帶和亞熱帶〉。

  1. Pheasant - tailed jacana and painted snipe found at mai po nature reserve

  2. Pheasant - tailed jacana and painted snipe found at mai po, work to improve water quality in the waterfowl collection, earth moving works at gei wai 16 17, . .

    水雉及彩鷸在米埔保護區出現改善水禽飼養池水質的工程基圍16 17的推土工程. .
  3. As for the pheasant - tailed jacana, two have been seen in the reserve. we hope that this is also a pair and that they too, will nest and produce the next generation of jacana at mai po

  4. Kuantien is easily accessible via provincial highway 1, lungtien railway station or the sun yat - sen freeway, making travel to and from the town hassle - free. local tourist attractions include wushantou reservoir, the national tainan institute for the arts, artifacts from the prehistoric black pottery culture, the lungtien distillery, and the wildlife preserve for the endangered pheasant - tailed jacana. but the most indelible image of a visit is the sight of people rafting through the water caltrop ponds in tungchuang and hsichuang villages