jack staff 中文意思是什麼

jack staff 解釋

  • jack : n 1 〈常 J 〉 傑克〈男子名,也作 John 的俗稱或昵稱〉。2 〈J 〉普通人,男子,傢伙,小夥子。3 水手...
  • staff : n (pl staves staffs)1 〈pl 通常作 staves〉棍,棒,杖,竿;旗竿;(槍、戟等的)柄。2 支柱。3 權...
  1. The management contract signing ceremony was held at belair monte on 7th august 2004, attended by mr b y lee, chairman of the incorporated owners of belair monte ; mr f h chan, district councillor and committee affairs consultant ; and members of the 1st management committee of the incorporated owners of belair monte ; mr francis chiu, director - corporate services ; mr jack wu, group manager - property asset management of urban group together with the estate management staff of the property

  2. The report ' s main authors, frederick kagan, an academic, and jack keane, a former acting army chief of staff, favour a “ sustained surge of us forces to secure and protect critical areas of baghdad ”

    該報告的主要作者、學者弗雷德里克?卡根和陸軍前代理參謀長傑克?基恩贊同「穩步擴大美軍規模以捍衛和保護巴格達的關鍵區域」 。