rectifier relay 中文意思是什麼

rectifier relay 解釋
  • rectifier : n. 1. 改正者,校正者,訂正者,更正者;矯正者,糾正者,整頓者。2. 【電學】整流器;檢波器;檢波管;糾[校]正儀;【化學】精餾器。
  • relay : n 1 接替的馬;驛馬;接替的狗;(備有接替馬匹的)旅館。2 接替;接替人員;補給供應。3 分程遞送;傳...
  1. This machine adopt the high - quality relay and the fleetness rectifier tube, the full - automatic short - circuit protection implement, operation nimble, use safety simplely reliably

  2. The over - current relay works to protect oscillation tubes and rectifier, when the current exceeds its limits. frequency deviation caused by faulty operation is also prevented

  3. The steady frequency three - phase ac can be changed into the ac which frequency is continuously adjusted in the experiment unit composed of rectifier, inverter, control circuit, and relay safeguard circuit

  4. Its chief product, motorcycle fitting series, includes : electronic igniter, high voltage ignition coil, starter relay, rectifier voltage regulator, flasher, vehicle decorative lighting, and so on