yagi 中文意思是什麼

yagi 解釋
n. 名詞 【無線電】八木天線,波道式天線。

  1. This switched parasitic yagi - uda antenna uses a yagi - uda antenna as its prototype, and can change radiation pattern by the control of rf switch which is placed at the center of its reflector

  2. In this dissertation, switched parasitic pattern diversity yagi - uda antenna array used for the base station has been illustrated after the introduction of mimo technologies and the analysis of the base station antenna design for next generation of wireless communication

  3. The characters of this antenna lie in three points : using yagi - uda antenna to obtain antenna gain through the radial direction ; making full use of the space of the base station along the z - axis direction to get array gain ; arranging the antenna array properly to achieve pattern diversity in azimuth plane

  4. The simulation results are compared to the normal dipole antenna in order to observe the influence of fractal and investigate the effect of antenna miniaturization. the relationship between miniaturization and fractal dimension is researched. the koch and 3 / 2curve fractal unit are applied to yagi - uda antenna, the performance like impedance characteristic and radiation pattern is simulated by cst microwave studio ?