yakutsk 中文意思是什麼

yakutsk 解釋
n. 名詞 1. (俄國)雅庫茨克(地區)〈即雅庫特地區〉。
2. (俄國)雅庫茨克(城)。

  1. It was after your mission to yakutsk

  2. ( 2 ) sxsp anomaly is closely related to the abnormity of 500hpa geopotential height field over the east of ural and yakutsk area, western ridge point and area of subtropical high, the cold air abnormity from north of china and the position of upper level westerly jet over east asia

    ( 2 )三峽庫區夏季降水異常與大氣環流異常密切相關:與500hpa烏拉爾山以東高度場異常、雅庫茨克以東高度場異常、副熱帶高壓面積及西伸脊點、北方冷空氣異常、 200hpa東亞高空西風急流位置異常偏南(偏北)密切相關。