aroma mint中文意思是什麼

aroma mint解釋

  • aroma: n. 1. 芳香,香味。2. 氣派,風格,風味。
  • mint: n 【植物;植物學】薄荷。 pay tithe of mint (and anise) and cummin 放棄大事守小節〈出自《聖經》...

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  1. As with cookery, their product is consumed daily, leaving behind only a faint aroma.

  2. Insect wax with wax scent usage of beeswax : it is a kind of organic admixture excreted from worker bee wax gland with aroma of farina and nectar

  3. Many herbs grow well without much sun. mint plants, for example, grow well in the shade. so do sage, dill, oregano, borage, chamomile and several kinds of thyme

  4. Our distillery had fully explored the chinese millennium traditional technologies of wine brewage, the wine used microbes in 100 - year - old cellar to cause natural fermentation, it has the characteristics of aromatic flavour, soft and sweet taste, harmonious aroma and long aftertaste

  5. A description of a wine that is matured for a long time in barrels then in bottles, and has an aroma and taste of spices like cloves, mint, cinnamon or pepper