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  1. The research test of this discussion as follows : making investigation and research to overseas related materials ; make investigation to built highways in desert areas, dozens of routes and nearly 100 road sections have been surveyed, among them two highways have been taken as the chief investigation objects, they are " 210 national highways - first grade highways from bao tou to dong sheng " and " the section of nei meng a la shan meng s307 from shang de to meng gen " ; the relationship between windblown sand drift and the roadred height wind tunnel test ; make investigation to the tested road sections and subengineerings then make statistics and study according to the test outcome ; the stability analysis of different roadbed height ; the analysis of roadbed economy

    本課題的研究工作包括:對國外相關資料的調研分析;對已建沙漠地區公路進行調查、觀測了十余條線路,近百段路段,以『 210國道包頭至東勝一級公路』 、 『內蒙阿拉善盟s307尚德至孟根段』為主要調查對象;風沙流路基高度的關系、風洞試驗;對調查路段及依託工程調查、觀測結果統計研究;不同高度下路基穩定性分析;路基經濟性分析;按照沙丘類型及公路等級提出路基合理高度推薦值。
  2. Zhang xiong is to start work first hit zhang sheng, the course hits average time two women are witting also hit

  3. Zhang wen - tao and zhu bao - hua

  4. Xue chun - rong, zhu sheng - xiang, xiao zhi - gang and zhang yu - xiang

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