徑向展開法 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jìngxiàngzhǎnkāi]
徑向展開法 英文
radial development
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (狹窄的道路; 小路) footpath; path; track 2 (達到目的的方法) way; means 3 (直徑的簡稱...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由國家制定或認可的行為規則的總稱) law 2 (方法; 方式) way; method; mode; means 3 (標...
  1. I, through comparing the research approach to analyze with the case, from culture, legal culture, legal changes and lead legal culture into meaning in which the economic law study set out of culture, on the basis that the theory is analyzed, particular background and reality formed and developed on the basis of the economic law, study and regard power culture and right culture as the economic law culture of two major key elements among them from the standing of angle of legal culture. from the meaning of the culture of economic law at the same time, necessity and feasibility of studying in culture of economic law, economic law characteristic modernity and national characteristic of culture, economic law culture with modern to rule by law civilized angle set about, carry on economic law analysis of culture ; secondly, certain difference exists in formulation and development of chinese and western economic law culture, the development of the culture of western economic law is shown as the cultural transition to power culture of the right rotates. with germany and historical retrospect and review, carry on real example investigate and combine western law sociology ideological trend research and western economic law culture of development, economic law of u. s. a., i inner link, the essence around the culture of eastern economic law is the power culture at the same time, its form of expression is confucian culture, the course of development is shown as the transformation to right culture of power culture, and golden mean culture is the inside information of china ' s economic law culture

  2. In the paper, based on the method of low pair replacing with high pair, the problem of cam design was transferred to that of linkage design. by means of rotary unit vectors, the equations of displacement, velocity and acceleration of the replacement mechanisms were developed. and then, the virtual linkage ' s length and direction were deduced

  3. The software of analysis method of multi - armed caliper log imaging has been developed, and the on - site applied results show that the software can get the casing maximum drift diameter and effective drift diameter and simultaneously give the caliper hoop extension graph and cross section graph in arbitrary depth which can diagnose the sort and degree of casing deformation

  4. The aim of this study is to testify whether the group guiding is effective and practical when it is applied to improve the undergraduates " emotional health and to enhance their emotional adjustment ability with a series of psychological training courses

  5. When it gets through the drihalizing phase and begins to enter growing phase ds qulck developinen it is frequeny forced to confron the challenge of standardtw manageinnt on the aspect of orsedzation trictui and huinan resource managemen because the theng developing pressure and drive is hard to form or just weaken to disaptwg completely it is a key problen1 how to renovate the informal managemen mode into the standardizd managemen mode to adapt the enterprise she and make it enter growhg phase qulcldy hence huinan resource managemen is an twrtan direction and approach which is worthy of regard and studs firsily this paper probes into the strategic envirnment of hidech enterprise developmen and the status quo of chinese human resource

  6. At first, ploygon aggregate structure of concrete is randomly generated in two - dimensional plane with monte carlo method on the meso - level. then, the growth process of a crack of concrete 3 - point bending beam specimen is analyzed by fem, according to the criterion of maximum circumferential tensile stress. and the path of crack to spread in mortar, aggregate and interfaces of them is gained by the ultimate fracture criteria in construction standard that the width of crack should not be more than 0. 2mm

    首先,在細觀層次上,根據蒙特卡羅隨機抽樣原理,在二維平面上建立了混凝土多邊形隨機骨料結構模型,然後採用有限元計算方,根據最大周正應力準則,對三點彎曲梁構件進行了裂過程的模擬,並以建築規范中構件裂縫小於0 . 2mm的要求為最終破壞標準,得出了裂紋在基質、骨料及界面的擴
  7. In this paper a newly develoed helical coordinates is used to make out the solution of electromagnetic fields in the helix gap and calculate dispersion characteristics of tape helix slow wave structure for the first time. strict boundary conditions for magnetic fields are adopted and are treated rigorously by fourier expansion. besides, the radial propagation constant of every layer in the dielectric - loaded region is differentiated. some of practical tape helix slow wave structures have been calculated for dispersion characteristics and the calculated values accord with measured values very well. the authors also compare the calculated results with experiments for different structures by changing tape thickness or other structure parameters and find that the theory in the paper is universal

  8. This paper describes the study of an original radial - axial mb biased with permanent magnet, including its operation principle, mathematic model, the design of the structure, and so on. a method of design and checkout of the mb is put forward

  9. The thesis deals with the essential matters of psychological education by rational rethinking and therefore rationally criticizes it ' s theoretical achievements. it develops in a clue of " rethinking, criticizing, absorbing and constructing ", and takes advantage of " phenomenology pumping " and " hermeneutic logic " for reference. it analyses the main problems of psychological education existing nowadays in a multi - subject view of history, philosophy, psychology, education, sociology, culture, etc. by the possible means of systematical and scientific thinking for solving problems, it brings up and discusses the ideas of integration, initiates the trends of interacting and multi - existing, maintains the study of psychological education in a multi - subjects view, and then constructs conception and patterns of its own

    本文以「反思、批判、吸收、建構」為主線,借鑒「現象學追問」和「解釋學邏輯」 ,從分析目前心理教育存在的主要問題入手,分別選取歷史學、哲學、心理學、教育學、社會學、文化學等學科視野,對心理教育的基本問題進行理性反思,對心理教育的理論成果進行理性批判,運用系統科學的思維方論觀照解決問題的可能路,提出並論述了整合論心理教育觀點,倡導放互動、多元共生的心理教育發,主張從多學科整合的視野研究心理教育,建構適合中國自己的心理教育理念和模式。