昂西亞 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [áng]
昂西亞 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞(抬起; 仰著) hold (one's head) high; raise Ⅱ形容詞(振奮; 高漲) high; soaring
  • 西 : west
  • 西亞 : malaysia
  1. Cb shiraz is from victoria ' s most fashionable shiraz area heathcote, it is usually excellent, but until now the problem has been the price too high for a bottle

  2. The very name assumed by his host of monte cristo and again repeated by the landlord of the h ? tel de londres, abundantly proved to him that his island friend was playing his philanthropic part on the shores of piombino, civita - vecchio, ostia, and gaeta, as on those of corsica, tuscany, and spain ; and further, franz bethought him of having heard his singular entertainer speak both of tunis and palermo, proving thereby how largely his circle of acquaintances extended

  3. Ingrid gave some examples : " vegetarian " brand shoes, not leather shoes, have become popular in american and canada. young people like this brand very much, although it is expensive ; and it is frequently imitated. on armani brand man - made leather coats, their slogan is : " thank armani for not using our skin.

    西方的最新流行,也是反虐殺動物取向的紐蔻克隨口舉例:美加大為流行的鞋品牌素食者的鞋vegetarian ,不是皮製品,年輕人趨之若鶩,價格甚,一再被仿冒曼尼皮衣上縫著謝謝曼尼不用我們的皮。
  4. The dog motel, which opened this month, costs 100 reais for two hours, making it more expensive than the least luxurious rooms at the opium, which cost 107 reais for four hours

    本月開的這家旅館,租兩個小時要花100雷爾(巴西貨幣) ,這個價格比豪華房間要貴很多,因為豪華房四個小時才花費107雷爾。
  5. Madrid reuters - a spanish farm union office has been inundated with calls from people wanting to apply for jobs as shepherds after a television report mistakenly said there were 2, 000 posts vacant in the region with attractive terms

    據路透社8月16日報道,西班牙中部卡斯蒂利地區的一家農場主協會最近一段時間里被從世界各地打來的求職電話搞得焦頭爛額,因為一檔電視節目錯誤地報道說該農場有多達2000個牧羊人崗位正「虛位以待」 ,且報酬優厚。
  6. Madrid ( reuters ) - a spanish farm union office has been inundated with calls from people wanting to apply for jobs as shepherds after a television report mistakenly said there were 2, 000 posts vacant in the region with attractive terms

    據路透社8月16日報道,西班牙中部卡斯蒂利?萊地區的一家農場主協會最近一段時間里被從世界各地打來的求職電話搞得焦頭爛額,因為一檔電視節目錯誤地報道說該農場有多達2000個牧羊人崗位正「虛位以待」 ,且報酬優厚。
  7. World - renowned hong kong tenor warren mok has performed many leading roles since his european debut in 1987 at the deutsche oper berlin. with a distinguished international career, mok has been making frequent guest appearances throughout the world, including teatro colon in buenos aires, paris opera, teatro dell opera di roma, teatro comunale di bologna, teatro massimo palermo, opera de lyon, the netherlands opera, opera de nice, leipzig opera, royal danish opera, teatro di san carlos lisbon, bolshoi theatre, warsaw opera, teatro di cagliari, abao bilbao, teatro di palma di mallorca, nancy opera france, bergen opera norway, latvian national opera, lithuanian national opera, sydney opera house, hawaii opera theater, and concert halls in new york s carnegie hall, london s royal albert hall, berlin philharmonie, tokyo, seoul, etc. his operatic repertoire exceeds 50 roles including calaf in

  8. Siyaphila la is proving wrong the widely held idea that the three - pill drug therapy used by millions of westerners but only 11 percent of africans with aids is too expensive and too complicated to administer in poor african communities

  9. In this approach, a scholar interested in the athletic shoe industry, for example, would begin with rubber tapping in malaysia or indonesia and not end until he or she has adequately explained how and why poor african american youths in u. s. ghettoes buy so many pairs of expensive michael jordan model basketball shoes

  10. O, that must be the tuner, lydia said to simonlionel first i saw, forgot it when he was here. blind he was she told george lidwell second i saw

    「哦,那準是調音師忘掉的, 」莉迪對頭一個看到311音叉的西蒙萊納爾說, 「他剛才到這兒來過。 」
  11. If, moreover, there are no improvements forthcoming with regard to such important matters as striving to assure superior convenience and quality of travel arrangements for foreign travelers in our country - - comparable to those in such countries as thailand, singapore or malaysia - - then such a promotion scheme will constitute little more than trite, copy - cat national geographic - style " beautiful formosa " propaganda

  12. He has offers from olympique lyonnais, marseille and valencia, not to mention arsenal and barcelona

  13. Press reports have linked the 25 - year - old valencia player with a big money move away from the mestalla this summer with stamford bridge almost inevitably one of the destinations mentioned

  14. England skipper terry has prepared for the game against croatia at a potentially hostile maksimir stadium by sitting through two torturous repeats of saturday ' s crushing goalless draw against macedonia