最小加力狀態 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zuìxiǎojiāzhuàngtài]
最小加力狀態 英文
minimum afterburner
  • : 副詞(表示某種屬性超過所有同類的人或事物) most; best; worst; first; very; least; above all; -est
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (體積、面積、數量、強度等不大) small; little; petty; minor 2 (年紀小的; 年幼的) youn...
  • : Ⅰ名1 (力量; 能力) power; strength; ability; capacity 2 [物理學] (改變物體運動狀態的作用) forc...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (形狀) form; shape 2 (情況) state; condition; situation; circumstances 3 (陳述事件或...
  • : 名詞1. (形狀; 狀態) form; condition; appearance 2. [物理學] (物質結構的狀態或階段) state 3. [語言學] (一種語法范疇) voice
  • 狀態 : status; state; condition; state of affairs: (病的)危險狀態 critical condition; 戰爭狀態 state o...
  1. The ansys, a kind of fea program, was used to build model of small carriage. the procedure of gantry beam bump with secondary beam of bridge was reappeared by running nonlinear calculation and loading program which was written by apdl program language. the closest deforming result was gotten, and the deforming of main beam, secondary beam and end beam and inner stress distribution status were calculated

  2. In the summer stratified water column, the deeper the maximum depth of food distribution is, the stronger the dvm is performed ; the increase of the gradient of temperature in the thermocline layer can decrease the magnitude of the dvm and form the thermal barricade to the copepod ; the effects of the predation pressure on dvm is complex. on the one hand, the variations in the distribution depth of the predation pressure vs. the thermocline layer or the depth of the maximum food can modify the dvm patterns of the copepod. on the other hand, different predation pressure induces different dvm patterns

  3. The vary of the parameter of the steam ). the software provide function of " alert " if some parameters exceed the range of permission, and this may urge the operator to adjust operation condition and put right. meanwhile, this may promise the units under the conditions of optimization, and achieve lower net coal consumption rate of thermal power plant and higher generation efficiency

  4. Based on the analysis of designed cad graphics and the given parameters, computer can convert the cad graphics to a acdbpolyline which can simulate the routine of the conveyor chain. then by using the method of point - by - point strain calculation, computer could figure out each point ’ s strain of the chains under different load states, and get the results such as strain ’ s maximal and the minimal values and their positions, weight of the strain equipment and power of the drive electric - machinery that the conveyor need

  5. In part one, the general of reclamation of arable land for reforestation : basing on resulting lots of data, author referred to many measures taken by america and china in the reclamation of arable land for reforestation and took the comparison, which concluded the following : china does not take the ways that the developed countries firstly destroyed before protection ; carrying out the reclamation of arable land for reforestation step and step is the important step which improves the reasonlesss utilization of land ; because of the weak economic base in the reclamation of arable land for reforestation of china and the low rate of labor, we should enlarge the content of science and technology, improve per yield of the remaining cultivated land and solve the self - sufficiency of grain, meanwhile the government should strengthen the transfer of remaining labor, adjust the industrial construction and lead the construction of small cities and towns ; the implement of reclamation of arable land for reforestation does not leave the support of the government ; we should carry out the reclamation of arable land for reforestation according to law ; the reclamation of arable land for reforestation does not be seen the effort in the short time, we should insist in a long time. which can have the result

  6. On premise of stating the ideal situations of the headmaster ' s power. responsibility and interests, this paper first exposes the problems that have existed since the practising of the headmaster - in - charge system in accordance with the interview of some headmasters, teachers and educational administrators and the materials at hand. then the paper considers the problems against the macro - background of china ' s politics, economy and culture, trying to attribute the causes to the following aspects : the studies on current educational theories, the legal system of education, the educational system, educational invests and the headmaster ' s personal quality, which are under the influence of chinese politics econmy and culture

  7. Through site monitor and numerical simulation result, technical measure and parameter optimization were given from foundation stability ; inject slurry ; controlling soil pressure, which mitigate the influence on the structure to least. the best shield construction condition was given at the end

  8. So the concrete beams reinforced with frps not only increase the flexural strength but also increase the stiffness and decrease it ' s max deflection, which is very important to increase the ability of resisting reflex of the original beams and the strength of the normal use limit status

  9. At last, the analysis of the redistribution of the initial crust stress and the distribution of the plastic area is made ; the stability evaluation of the rock mass around the cavern is provided. the outcome is conformed with the reality. then applys the approximately equivalent dissolved rule, and considers the action of anchor staff to consolidate the rock mass, and correspond model is established, nonlinear finite element m ethod is applied to analyze the effect of the supports, the result shows that the action of anchor staff is obvious and deformation and stress state of the rock mass is greatly approved. so, the result conforms that the idea and the means used in the thesis is applicable

  10. At the same time, it suggests apply the landscape ecology theory to the urban green space system planning and design. in the last part, this paper applies above planning theories and methods to practical urban green space system planning in wuhan. after analyzing the urban spatial structure, urban natural matrix and current green space condition, it puts forward to that urban green space system planning in wuhan should strongly control main city zone ' s external sprawl by using the green belt based on the naturally " tilted cross " morphology, and construct a regularly contributed urban green space network that has perfect system and has infiltrative and leading function to urban spatial structure in wuhan by using the green corridor connected with green patch

    後,將上述的規劃理念和方法運用於武漢市城市綠地系統規劃的實踐中,廠迄莖內碩士學位論文alaster 』 sthesis對武漢市的城市空間結構、城市自然基底和綠地現以分析,提出武漢市城市綠地系統規劃應該以山水「斜十字」交叉形為基礎骨架,用「連藤結瓜」式的環城綠帶對主城區的外延發展實施強有地控制,通過綠色廊道網路聯系「大綠地斑塊,以構建一個均勻分佈、體系完善、對城市空間結構具有滲透性、引導性的城市綠地系統。
  11. The paper carries on the research of network topology, algorithm of state estimation and detection and identification of bad data, and applies the method of tracking search to network topology, semi - dynamic optimization to node numbering, algorithm of weighted least - squares with constraints to state estimation and rn to detection and identification of bad data. the calculation is made for jinzhong ' s electrical network according to its circumstances in shanxi

  12. With the input of a vibration acceleration history of subway train, a full dynamic analysis of soil - pile - structure is carried out. the propagation of vibration wave on the ground and vibration responses of the huge platform and the storied buildings are analyzed. some conclusions are drawn as follows : ( 1 ) with the increase of the distance to the vibration source, vibration intensity of the ground decreases ; ( 2 ) the vibration intensity of the ground in vertical direction is slightly larger than that in horizontal direction ; ( 3 ) with the increase of the distance to the vibration source, the situation that the vibration intensity of each building in horizontal direction is maximum at highest and lowest story whereas minimum at the middle story changes gradually to that decreasing with the height of building ; ( 4 ) in vertical direction, the vibration velocities and accelerations at the end points of each story of a building are the nominal identical, which indicates that the vertical vibration of them is unanimous ; ( 5 ) the vibration intensity in vertical direction of a building is larger than that in horizontal direction ; ( 6 ) increasing of the elasticity of track is an effective way to abate vibration of ground and buildings

    本文以北京地鐵八王墳車輛段地上超大結構(車輛段大平臺及其上的區樓房)及其地基基礎為研究對象,在研究和分析有關資料的基礎上,用快速拉格朗日有限差分法軟體flac建立了二維數值分析模型,並以列車振動速度時程作為模型輸入,進行了地基?樁基礎?地上結構的整體動學分析,分析了地鐵列車運行產生的振動在地面的傳播規律及其對地上結構的影響,得到了如下結論: ( 1 )隨著與地鐵線路距離的增大,地面的振動強度有減的趨勢; ( 2 )地面豎直方向的振動強度較之水平方向的略大; ( 3 )隨著與振源距離的增大,在水平方向上,地上各幢樓房的振動強度由底層和頂層的大、中間層的逐漸過渡到沿樓層增高而減; ( 4 )在豎直方向上,每幢樓各層端點的振動速度、速度完全相同,表明樓房各層在豎直方向上的運動一致; ( 5 )各幢樓房豎直方向的振動強度比水平方向的大; ( 6 )增軌道彈性是減輕地面和地上建築振動的有效途徑。
  13. State estimation used by least square algorithm is usually done at the condition of unknown of it " s statistic property. to make the estimate error least, this paper introduce weight function and use weight least square algorithm ( wls ). the result of simulation shows that the precision of estimate result is highly enhanced and this method can satisfy the need of move and control of the power system