最後一戰系列 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zuìhòuzhànliè]
最後一戰系列 英文
  • : 副詞(表示某種屬性超過所有同類的人或事物) most; best; worst; first; very; least; above all; -est
  • : 系動詞(打結; 扣) tie; fasten; do up; button up
  • : Ⅰ動1 (排列) arrange; form a line; line up 2 (安排到某類事物之中) list; enter in a list Ⅱ名詞1...
  • 最後 : last; final; ultimate
  • 系列 : succession; series; bank; set; set family; train
  1. Firstly, it analyses economic character, competition situation, future and attraction of mobile communication industry in huazhou at present. secondly, it analyses the importance of resource, competition ability and customer orientation with swot method and value chain method. thirdly, with continuous competitive advantage theory and creative destruction theory, it illustrates that defense cannot protect the original competitive advantage in the severity competition situation, and that the only source for continuous competitive advantage is continuous creation and method of pursuing a scries of temporary dynamic advantage

    首先,分析了當時華州移動通信行業的經濟特性、競爭態勢、前景及吸引力;接著,運用swot 、價值鏈等分析法分析了aaa的資源、競爭能力及客戶導向的重要性;然,運用持續競爭優勢和創造性破壞理論,闡明在激烈競爭的新形勢下,防禦已不能保護原有的競爭優勢,只有通過不斷地創新,追求獲得暫時的動態優勢的方法,才是構築持續競爭優勢的源泉,從而形成aaa的略選擇;,運用漏洞分析法和核心競爭力分析等,結合動態略管理的理念,導出aaa的略實施方案,提出了略計劃。
  2. Modern spam - generation tools are able to adapt their messages to hide from spam filters, employing clever tricks like mutating messages and subjects slightly to fool strict pattern - matching or checksumming approaches, encoding message text as a base - 64 attachment which is transparent to mime - compliant mailers, but which fools simple body - text filters, and forging sender headers to make the mail appear to be locally generated

    本文顯示了垃圾郵件圈的演變(就如孫子及其曾經出現的每位軍事家所認同的, 「知己知彼,百不殆」 ) 。本文還查看了spamassassin ,在與垃圾郵件的對抗中,它是所採用的經久耐用的武器新式的種,本文還對它進行了展望。
  3. Entering thursday ' s start in the series finale against the devil rays, wang is pitching for a cy young award

  4. As the curtain falls on possibly the most successful film series ever, the industry is divided over whether george lucas - s galactic clash between good and evil was the film industry - s champion or its nemesis

  5. As the first to provide direct digital control technology for building automation, the first to embed a web server in a building controller and the first to provide complete integrated solutions based on open systems for building it, a company of profound service culture and professional knowledge, with the help of its parent company, schneider electric s source advantages, tac has acquired quick development in chinese market and participated the prestigious projects, such as national theater, national high court, guangzhou exhibition centre, beijing friendship hospital, tsinghua university sports centre and so on

    C .憑借母公司施耐德的優勢資源已經在中國市場獲得了長足的發展,先承攬了包括國家大劇院、高人民法院、廣州會展中心、北京友誼醫院及清華大學體育中心在內的國家重點工程。而施耐德電氣在實現對tac及安德沃的收購、重組后將更加從容面對2008年北京奧運會及2010年上海世博會帶來的機遇和挑
  6. The second point in the article is to give nanjing port group co. some advice how to implement fsm, value its performances and adjust its strategy

  7. Already people are talking of box office records for the finale of a franchise that has already amassed well over $ 3. 5 billion at the box office and $ 9 billion in merchandise sales