有抵押債券 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yǒuzhàiquàn]
有抵押債券 英文
backed bond
  • : 有副詞[書面語] (表示整數之外再加零數): 30 有 5 thirty-five; 10 有 5年 fifteen years
  • : 動詞[書面語]1. (拍) strike2. (打擊) beat3. (拋擲) throw
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (把財物交給對方作為保證) give as security; mortgage; pawn; pledge 2 (扣留) detain; tak...
  • : 名詞(欠別人的錢) debt; loan
  • 抵押 : mortgage; hold in pledge; hypothecate; pledge; impawn; collateralize; collateral; pawn
  1. The bank shall have a first and paramount lien on all securities, deposited property and other deeds, documents and property including security boxes and their contents other than those which are book debts or otherwise constitute a security over which such a lien would require registration under the companies ordinance now or at any time hereafter standing to the credit of the custodian accounts or in the possession, or under the control, of the bank or any employee or agent of the bank for the account of the customer the " secured assets " whether by way of security, safe - keeping or otherwise as security for payment to the bank of the liabilities

  2. Asset securities include mortgage pass - through securities, mortgage - backed securities, pay - through securities and strip mortgage / collateral securities

  3. Debentures includes debenture stock, bonds and any other securities of a company whether or not constituting a charge on the assets of the company

  4. To subscribe or acquire by any means whatsoever and to hold and deal in shares, stocks, debentures, debenture stock, bonds, obligations and securities issued or guaranteed by any company constituted or carrying on business in any part of the world, and debentures, debenture stock, bonds, obligations and securities issued or guaranteed by any government, sovereign ruler, commissioners, public body, or authority, supreme, municipal, local or otherwise whatsoever and mortgages, charges and other securities created or constituted by any person or body corporate in respect of any property movable or immovable wherever situate

  5. Danish mortgage bonds certainly seem appealing to investors

  6. And the system efficiently separates the business of mortgage lending from the ultimate investors ? such as pension funds and insurers ? who supply the funds by purchasing the mortgage - backed bonds

    該制度也效地區隔了房產貸款業務和購買貸款支持的最終投資者- - - -比如養老基金和保險公司。
  7. However, the credit tightening that has come in the wake of the subprime crisis ? which saw banks write off billions in mortgage - backed bonds after low - end mortgage holders defaulted on their payments in response to higher interest rates ? is more of a concern

    但是,次貸危機后發生的信貸緊縮更加令人擔憂? ?在低端按揭貸款持人因加息而拖欠還款后,銀行沖銷了數十億美元的貸款
  8. The government and the banking circles hope to raise the efficiency of the housing financing regime, improve the banks " asset quality and to diversify the risk, so as to promote the development of real. it is necessary and workable to applying the mortgage - backed securities to propel housing innovation, although what we are should be attention to the necessary mortgage environment and it ' s policy are not completely fostered

    由銀行等機構作為項目發起人,首先要分析自身對貸款證化的融資要求,然後通過對現信貸資產進行清理、估算和核查,選擇一定數量的房地產貸款作為證化目標,並從資產負表中剝離出來,將這些資產匯集組建資產池(即資產組合) ,作為證化的基礎資產; ( 2 )出售貸款組合,即「真實出售」 。
  9. Wells fargo still remains in far better shape than many of its peers because it sold most of the $ 2 trillion in home loans that it originated since 2001 and invested relatively little money in the mortgage - backed securities that are lumping other big banks with multibillion - dollar losses

  10. Should loan losses climb, investors in mortgage - backed securities will also get burnt, especially those holding the riskier, higher - yielding bonds

    如果貸款增長放緩,貸款擔保證的投資者? ?特別是那些持高風險高收益的投資者,將會因此受損。
  11. But in cases where a cdo is backed by other cdos, for example, it gets complex

  12. His plan would make it easier for borrowers holding adjustable rate mortgages to refinance those loans through the government housing authority

  13. With some $ 100 billion of adjustable - rate subprime mortgages due to reset to higher rates by october, investors are likely to remain twitchy

  14. The notes constitute direct, unsecured, unconditional and general obligations of the hong kong government for the account of the exchange fund and will rank pari passu with all other unsecured indebtedness of the hong kong government for the account of, and payable from, the exchange fund from time to time outstanding

  15. These reits loan money for mortgages to owners of real estate, or invest in ( purchase ) existing mortgages or mortgage backed securities

  16. This paper, using the experience of the typical nation and region about housing mortgage securitization, joining together the realistic condition in our country, putting forward the strategy of developing housing mortgage securitization in our country now. the article is divided into four parts : part one : introduce the related theories about the housing mortgage securitization, including the content of housing mortgage securitization, the participants, concrete operation procedure, the financial tool, and point out the realistic meaning that our country promote. part two : analyze the background and the motive that world housing mortgage securitization, choose the typical model nation and region such as the united states, canada, hong kong to proceed the comparison, and get some experiences and apocalypses from it

  17. Practicing this regime requires certain pre - conditions such as the scale of mortgage loans, a brisk stock market, a huge group of investors as well as a number of intermediary service institutions including credit rating corporations, insurance companies, law firms and accounting firms. in china, the securitization of housing - mortgaged loans has become heatedly discused topic recently. in our country, initiate innovations are needed for the market potentiality of real estate, explosive expand in house requirement, further improvement in house market and to develop and reinforce the housing finance, and so mortgage - backed securities provided a ideal tool for resolving the problem for those

    所謂房地產貸款證化,就是將房地產貸款權轉化為房地產的過程,具體而言,也就是金融機構將其持的若干房地產貸款依其期限、利率、還款方式進行匯集重組,形成一系列房地產貸款資產池(資產組合) ,再將該組合出售給從事貸款證化業務的特殊目的機構( spv ) ,通過擔保機構擔保實現信用升級后,經信用評級機構評級,由證承銷商將信用級別較高(通常為aaa或aa級)的貸款支持出售給投資者的一種證化模式。
  18. On the asset side, if the central bank holds government debt on its books, it can be sold outright or used in repurchase arrangements ; or if it has loans outstanding to commercial banks, they can be recalled

  19. The prepayment option, like bond issuers ' options to call some bonds before they mature, saddles the lender with more risk

  20. As in other parts of the debt markets, the liquidity has been fed by the large number of investors willing to buy tranches of collateralised debt obligations or, in the case of leveraged lending, collateralised loan obligations, a market which has rallied since 2002