有條件出口 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yǒutiáojiànchūkǒu]
有條件出口 英文
conditional export
  • : 有副詞[書面語] (表示整數之外再加零數): 30 有 5 thirty-five; 10 有 5年 fifteen years
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (細長的樹枝) twig 2 (條子) slip; strip 3 (分項目的) item; article 4 (層次; 秩序; 條...
  • : Ⅰ量詞(用於個體事物) piece; article; item Ⅱ名詞1. (指可以一一計算的事物) 2. (文件) letter; correspondence; paper; document
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (人或動物進飲食的器官; 嘴) mouth 2 (容器通外面的地方) mouth; rim 3 (出入通過的地方) ...
  • 條件 : 1. (客觀的因素) condition; term; factor 2. (提出的要求) requirement; prerequisite; qualification
  1. The air - flow field in the stripping unit can be adjusted easy by changing the rotation speed of fan which is benefit to reduce the grain losses, it was found during experiment that the cross - flow fan can diffuse some of mog ( material other of grain ) and diffuse it in a certain direction which is useful to satisfy the working condition for driver and lighten working load of the threshing unit of the combine harvester candidate and speciality : peng shengmin ; machinary design and theory supervisor : prof. zhang huiyou

  2. As a practical application, the safety situation of jiujiang dike under the 1998 pluvial condition of once a hundred years in yangtze river has been evaluated by the reliability method from the point view of the seepage stability in terms of probability analysis and two dimensional saturated seepage finite element analysis combining with the mechanism of seepage burst in jiujiang dike summarized in the thesis

  3. Plant breeding programmes have developed many high - yielding local maize hybrids ; as well, hybrids imported from north america are available and are reasonably well adapted to australian conditions

  4. Abstract : according to the continuative condition of the tangential fields on the slot aperture which is the inclined narrow - slot on the broadwall of a sectoral waveguide, the moment method is used to calculate the magnetic current coefficient and distribution. then the scattering field, the scattering parameter and the equivalent impedance are obtained. leting only the te11 dominant mode propagates in the waveguide, the scattering parameters and the normalized equivalent series impedance in the x - band are computed. the basis disigned the slot antenna and the slot array is offered

  5. National educational inspector ought to accord with following postulate : ( one ) the main line that holds to a party, have deep love for socialism to teach a career ; ( 2 ) law of familiar concerned education, code, guiding principle, policy, have stronger professional ability, working gain is outstanding ; ( 3 ) have stronger organization harmonious ability and stronger oral with written expression ability ; ( 4 ) have record of formal schooling of above of university undergraduate course or coequal knowledge, be engaged in education manages or education, research works 10 years above ; ( 5 ) level of executive authority deputy hall and above, or have middle and primary school fancy teacher name, colleges and universities and scientific research orgnaization advanced and professional technical position ; ( 6 ) hold to a principle, handle affairs justice, behave well, clean - fingered self - discipline ; ( 7 ) healthy, can assure to perform duty of national educational inspector and the time that the task that finish needs

    國家督學應當符合下列基本: (一)堅持黨的基本路線,熱愛社會主義教育事業; (二)熟悉關教育法律、法規、方針、政策,具較強的業務能力,工作實績突; (三)具較強的組織協調能力和較強的頭與書面表達能力; (四)具大學本科以上學歷或同等學力,從事教育治理或者教學、研究工作10年以上; (五)行政機關副廳級及以上,或具中小學特級教師稱號,高等學校和科研機構等正高級專業技術職務; (六)堅持原則,辦事公道,品行端正,廉潔自律; (七)身體健康,能夠保證履行國家督學職責和完成任務所必需的時間。
  6. In this article, firstly the background of the textile trade conflicts within sino - us or sino - euro are introduced, thus learn that how to discern and dodge the foreign trade risks, how to choose the appropriate investment projects have already become one of the most important questions for exporting companies on foreign trade affairs well - known as high investment and high risk. so the main text makes a risk analysis qualitatively and quantitatively on a textile - exporting trading company from three angles of statistic 、 game theory and portfolio theory, which is the main content that we studied. firstly, the statistic article adopts data of the transaction closing price of the textile clothing index in shenzhen stock exchange at the end of each quarter as well as several other kinds of data reflecting the macro - economic changes, performs an empirical analysis of these data according to the theory of co - integration test 、 granger cause test and impulse response function of time series in economitric, and learn that the impact to ti is more obvious by the economic index reflecting local commodity price level and economic prosperity degree home and abroad, as well as the impact degree and the time lag degree, and knows the macro - economic risks faced by textile business enterprises ; after that by the game theory angle we analyze exactly the managing risks faced by one textile export corporation named beauty. from the game expansion chart the system arrangement between censor ways by exportation goal countries and exporting strategies by the exporting enterprises has been analyzed. involving the benefit assignment between them both the limited rounds and infinite rounds negotiations of cooperation games have been studied, and then country responsibility and the enterprise managing risks on foreign trade affairs and so on have been analyzed exactly ; in order to realize the investment multiplication in the certain degree to disperse the risk, the

    本文首先介紹了中美、中歐紡織品貿易爭端的來龍去脈,由此可知在涉外貿易這種以高投入、高風險著稱的行業里,如何甄別和規避外貿風險、如何選擇合適的投資項目已經成為外貿企業的首要問題。因此,正文分別從統計學、博弈論和投資組合三種角度對涉外紡織品貿易公司風險進行了定性和定量的分析,這也是本文的主要研究內容。首先,統計學篇選取了深圳證券交易所行業分類指數?紡織服裝指數( ti )每一季度末的交易收盤價和若干種反映宏觀經濟變化的指標,利用計量經濟學中時間序列的協整檢驗、 granger因果檢驗和脈沖反應函數等理論做實證分析,從而得知反映國內物價水平和國內外經濟景氣程度的經濟指標對紡織板塊上市值的沖擊比較明顯,且可知沖擊程度和時滯度,進而分析涉外紡織企業所面臨的宏觀經濟風險;接著,從博弈論的角度具體分析一家紡織品公司( beauty )的外貿活動所面臨的各種經營風險,該篇從博弈擴展圖入手,分析了目的國審查方式與本企業策略之間的制度安排;並圍繞雙方的利益分配,研究了限回合和無限回合合作談判博弈,然後具體論述了國家責任和企業涉外經營風險等問題;在一定程度上為了實現投資多元化來分散風險的目的,投資組合篇從經典的markowitz模型著手,在一些特定的限制下,給了一個相應的投資組合模型。
  7. 3. after studying deeply the multi - antenna sar mtdi based on displaced phase center antenna ( dpca ), a new double - antenna method is proposed which remedies the shortcomings of conventional ways. the method need n ' t meet the constraint condition that conventional ways must meet and can suppress ground clutter effectively and detect moving target

  8. First of all, this paper analyses present problems existing in the boiler combustion monitor system of power plants, then put forward the signification to realize precision measurement for the primary and secondary air speed of boiler and the necessary conditions to solve efficaciously this problem

  9. This paper discusses the train of thought for sea reclamation planning at the estuary district of the pearl river delta based on the research on sea reclamation, combining concrete conditions of the sea area at the estuary district, surrounding circumstances of resources, as well as the state of land utilization, and from the view of protecting the existing establishments near this district, and promoting the formation of favorable ecological environment at the district and implementation of the thought step by step under current policy

  10. Article 5 the consignees of import goods or the consignors of export goods and both of their agents shall bona fide declare the status of intellectual property rights related to their import or export goods and present relevant evidentiary documents to the customs in accordance with the provisions of the state

  11. Based on a general overview of firm performance assessment theories, this study makes a comparison between traditional performance measures and strategy - oriented performance measures, analyzes the existing performance measurement system of the national aviation oil companies. the thesis has a literature review of the balanced scorecard researches and applications, expounds the advantages of the balanced scorecard over traditional measurement systems in revealing the intension of firm performance, analyzing the critical factors behind firm performance and providing information support for firm strategy, documents the relationship between the balanced scorecard and firm strategy, and puts forward the idea of strategic performance. by using the data and background information from one of those national monopoly oil companies, this study a ppraises the limits of this sort of companies " performance measurement system, applies balanced scorecard method to this kind of national monopoly oil company, designs questionnaires to collect experts " opinions, colligates the opinions, selects kpis, builds experimentally the first strategy performance assessment indicator system in this kind of company, determines the indicators " parameters, uses the real corresponding data to measure the 6 business lines of this company, through comparing the assessment result with the strategic standard, a conclusion is drawn and suggestions are put forward about how to exploit the performance potential under present conditions

  12. Mainly, the type of pump in the large - scale irrigation and drainage pumping station in our country is adjustable - blade propeller pump. we can regulate the pump ' s blade mounting angle following the variation of water level at the inlet and outlet of the station in order to control the discharge of pump, we also determine the number of running machines with machine ' s optimal combination. so we can reduce its energy consumption, and make it optimally and economically run

  13. Soft client server is secretly installed on isp, wan, host computer of important and sensitive part needed to be controlled to collect network data. after transmitting in real - time to email monitor center, pop3, information such as smtp and web - mail from these data are analysis and retrievable, password intercepted, classified and alert, mean wile the center can monitor in real - time on over 1000 nodes by controlling working status and filter condition and software refreshment etc. the system occupies less than 4 percent of system recourse under the condition of without losing package

    客戶端採用隱蔽式安裝方式在需要控制的敏感地區的isp 、局域網、網吧以及上網主機上安裝,對進的網路數據進行採集,然後將採集的數據實時發送至電子郵監控中心,電子郵監控中心對這些數據中的pop3 、 smtp以及web - mail電子郵信息進行分析還原、令截獲、歸類及報警,並根據情況對客戶端的工作狀態、過濾、軟體更新等進行控制操作,從而實現了對高速網路( 100mbps以上) 、 10000個監控節點以上網路數據的實時效監控。
  14. Thirdly, the mathematics model of forecasting low flow was established in fengcong and fenglin regions according to these factors influencing the amount of low flow in karst drainage ( the area of drainage, lithology, the type of landforms and its special assembly and forest ) the conception of low water resources carrying capacity was first put forward according to the changing law of low water resources in space and the situation of exploitation and utilization in karst drainage ( ie, under the condition of the virtuous ecological environment and the available technology, the explorable amount of water resources in certain areas is capacity and limitation which is able to coordinate the development of population, enviroment and economy during the period of low flow seasons ) and preliminarily analyzed its connotation, characteristic and established the index system of low flow in karst drainage

    三是根據影響喀斯特流域枯水徑流的下墊面因素(空間尺度、巖性、地貌類型、植被) ,分別對峰叢和峰林等喀斯特地區建立枯水徑流預測模型。根據喀斯特流域枯水資源的空間變化規律以及實際開發利用狀況,首次提了枯水資源承載力的概念,即在枯水季節期間,保持良性的生態環境和現的技術下,某一區域內可開採的水資源量對支持該地區人、經濟與環境協調發展的能力和限度。並初步分析了枯水資源承載力的內涵、特性,從水資源的供需方面確立了喀斯特流域枯水資源承載力的指標體系。
  15. Article 20 import and export quotas of goods shall be distributed on the basis of the conditions including but not limited to the actual import or export performance and capability of the applicants in foreign trade dealings and on the basis of the principles of efficiency, impartiality, transparency and fair competition by the authority responsible for foreign trade and economic relations under the state council or the relevant authorities under the state council within their respective responsibilities

  16. Article 20 the import and export quotas shall be allocated by the department in charge of foreign economic cooperation and trade under the state council or by relevant departments under the state council within their terms of reference in line with the import and export performances and capabilities of applicants and on the basis of the principles of efficiency, fairness, openness and fair competition

  17. We encouraged qualified enterprises, regardless of their forms of ownership, to go global, explore the international market, invest in enterprises abroad and increase exports of equipment, spare parts and accessories and labor services

  18. In continuing implementing the “ go global ” strategy, china will encourage and help eligible enterprises under various forms of ownership to set up factories or undertake contracted projects outside china, particularly in neighbouring countries, in order to increase the export of technology, equipment, materials and labour

  19. And in order to work toward the rebuilding of afghanistan, we are working with china and i m pleased that china donated $ 150 million in bilateral assistance for afghan reconstruction as part of our overall international effort to help the afghanistan people. the attacks of september 11, 2001, raise the specter that terrorists could use weapons of mass destruction, so this makes global proliferation issues even more critical for u. s. - china relations

  20. Border controls : if non - compliant products are found by ciq, responding restrictive measures will be taken in line with relevant laws and regulations ; if found to be seriously non - compliant, products shall be rejected or destroyed, and the entry / exit of them shall not be allowed