最快生長期 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zuìkuàishēngzhǎng]
最快生長期 英文
maximum growth period
  • : 副詞(表示某種屬性超過所有同類的人或事物) most; best; worst; first; very; least; above all; -est
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (速度高; 走路、做事等費的時間短) fast; quick; rapid; swift; speedy 2 (趕快; 從速) hu...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (生育; 生殖) give birth to; bear 2 (出生) be born 3 (生長) grow 4 (生存; 活) live;...
  • : 長Ⅰ形容詞1 (年紀較大) older; elder; senior 2 (排行最大) eldest; oldest Ⅱ名詞(領導人) chief;...
  • : 期名詞[書面語]1. (一周年) a full year; anniversary 2. (一整月) a full month
  • 生長期 : generative stage
  • 生長 : grow; grow up; ascent; merisis; build up; auxesis; increment; overgrowth; gain; burgeon; bourgeon...
  1. Herbs bourgeoned with a high density and a low coverage in early july. with the coming of rain season, the velocity of growth in herbs enhanced with the higher coverage in august. in september, the growth of herbs stopped and the density and coverage of herbs descended

  2. Light plays very important role in the growth of gametophyte clone. light time and intensity affect its growth directly

    在光周為24h d ,光照強度為1500 - 2500lux條件下,克隆細胞具有速度。
  3. Saki adopts the idea of long - range relationship between the company and employees. we work together, share happiness and hardness in our life together as reliable colleagues

  4. 3. vecm of result indicate shanghai a index, shenzhen b, hengsheng index, and jiaqua - an index can recur equilibrium when they deparure equilibrium by coefficient of vecm moreover hengsheng index is very quike. by granger test indicate between a and b inde - x have cause and effect contemporary between hengsheng index and jiaquan index hav - e cause and effect, this result is same to vecm

    3 、誤差修正模型結果指出上海a股,深圳b股、恆指數和加權指數在短偏離均衡時,仍可經由誤差修正項的調整而回到均衡關系,並且恆指數的調整速度是的正向調整。
  5. Terrestrial sediments consist mainly of fluvial and lacustrine facies have the following characteristics : lacustrine basins have undergone a long continuous and fast subsidence and contain many terrestrial source rock sequences ; sedimentary facies of terrestrial basins are deposited in a ring formation. the best source beds are the continental source beds which contain dark shale

  6. Urease inhibitors allow producers the opportunity to surface apply n at later stages of plant growth closer to time of most rapid plant uptake

  7. At its liquid fermentation culture process, the most appropriate carbon source is glucose and white sugar, while the most appropriate nitrogen source is ammonium tartrate. the results also indicate that cg grows best between ph value 6. 0 - 8. 0, in which its growth period is about 15 days, and the best inoculating amount and the liquid capacity are respectively 10 - 15 % and 100 - 200ml. all these results will provide the theory bases for the reproducing of cenococcum geophilum

    其液體培養適碳源為葡萄糖、市售白糖;適氮源為酒石酸銨。在ph值為6 . 0 - 8 . 0之間,其為15d左右,佳接種量和裝液量分別為10 - 15 %和100 - 150ml 。以上試驗結果為土空團菌的擴大繁殖提供了理論依據。
  8. This program was implemented bi - yearly aiming at presenting our sincere thanks to all volunteers and agencies that had provided service to our students and elderly through the delivery of the long service awards, certificates of appreciation and souvenirs to them. during the function, interesting performances were presented by our students and elderly and had won the applause of all participants. we also arranged all volunteers to tour around the agency to let them have a close look at different service sections so that they may choose to join more service according to their interest

  9. This product adopts the newest equilibrium discharge technology and separate dust electrode design, which break through the two current technical bottlenecks that traditional anion air purifier produces only a few anions and easy to loose efficacy. this product can rapidly produce plentiful anions 3000000 cm3 together with some active oxygen, and the fine effect can be kept for a long time. this product can be used for disinfection, sterilization, mould proof, fresh keeping, deodorization, etc., and thus can improve the quality of room air and improve your living environment

  10. They are also more likely to develop in chronic ulcers and old scar tissue. squamous cell carcinoma starts as a small, firm painless lump most often found on the face, ear or back of the hand. this cancer enlarges fairly quickly and often ulcerates

  11. Discounted postage rates will be offered to customers who send speedpost documents weighing 1kg or less to mainland china during the period from 1 july 2002 to 31 december 2002 inclusive. " to offer better value to our customers, speedpost postage rates for documents weighing 1 kg or less addressed to designated major cities and other areas in mainland china will be reduced to as low as $ 80 during the period from 1 july 2002 to 31 december 2002, " said mr. chiang. " at the same time, we have regrouped hangzhou and wenzhou ? into the cities under mainland china as from today

    署理香港郵攻署蔣任宏先今日(七月一日)公布,為紀念香港特別行政區成立五周年,香港郵政於七月一日至十二月三十一日間推出內地特專遞優惠計劃:一公斤或以下寄往"中國內地"和"中國內地(其他地區) "的文件收費會分別減至低80元;而杭州和溫州亦將於七月一日起轉撥入"中國內地"這個類別。
  12. To avail ourselves to good use of the advantaged position, expansive resource, flexible information, competitive price perfect service, we have developed a long - term relationship with the electronic components manufacturer come from europe, japan usa, being as a dealer for integrate circuit, diodes, audions and different kinds of semiconductor accessories. the main brands of our products are : ess, sunplus, sony, sanyo, samsung, philips ect. widely ues in the cd, vcd, dvd, tv and the martial and the industry domain

  13. We inferred from this that dinosaurs sustained more rapid growth until the adult stage, because there would be no other good explanation for the persistence and predominance of fibro - lamellar tissue

  14. The optimized result of cell immobilization cultures was acquired, including the support matrices pretreatment, the class and size of support matrices, the level of dissolved 62 and inoculum. the optimal ratio of hormones was got by uniform design according to its high immobilization level, high metabolism and retaining vigorous cells with long period. a medium which fit well all the conditions was obtained, and the efficiency of producing ginkgolides by cell culture improved obviously

    進行了優良種系的誘導和優選,得到了一種、分散性好,並很好的符合固定化要求的細胞株系;對固定化條件進行了優化配置- -從載體預處理、載體種類、載體量、大小和溶氧到細胞接種量系統的研究;採用均勻設計尋求一種高固定化、高代謝及保持細胞活力的激素配比,終得到一種基本滿足上述要求的培養基。
  15. The ratio of ma added to the mox fuel is studied. the neutronics characteristics of ma transmutation, and the transmutation and burning efficiency of the modular fast reactor are calculated. the role of the modular fast reactor to buffer the growing of ma in china and the reduction of radiotoxicity of nuclear waster via multiple recycling of ma in the modular fast reactor are calculated

    主要論述隨著我國壓水堆核電站裝機容量和運行堆年的增加,乏燃料中ma總量增趨勢;模塊堆的堆芯概念設計方案;在不改變模塊堆堆芯設計的前提下, mox燃料中添加ma和稀土核素對堆芯中子學性能的影響以及模塊堆的嬗變效率;模塊堆對減少我國ma總量的作用;模塊堆產終核廢物的放射性毒性隨時間的變化等。
  16. In the last part, the situation of the application of ec is outlined, and the facts that impeded the development of ec are presented : the imbalance of supply and demand with regard to the infrastructure of network, the lackey of confidence of consumer and firms on ec because of the lackey of credit in economy life, and the difficulties of how to adapt to and protect the new product style of ec by state legal system. we pointed out that, several aspects, such as fiscal tax revenue, law and enactments, the safety of information, admission of market, the perspectives of information, and technolocrats, will persistently impeded the development of ec. in china, the application of ec should be dominated by firms and conducted by government, which should as soon as possible enact the relative law regarding to taxation, electronic paying, digital signature, certification authority, intellectual property on web, etc. the national physical distribution system, the financial monitory system, the system of credit of firms as well as consumers should be completed

  17. It was observed that micro - organisms in soil treated with the herbicide at a range of 2 - 50 mg / kg grown greatly different from those in control. the results showed that bacteria, such as bacillus and pseudomonas were grown most fast ; and then staphylococcus, vibrio and escherichia were increased obviously ; but that actinomyce and fungi were seemed to be inhibited by quizalofop - p - ethyl

    土壤中的細菌( bacteria )種群數量在70d培養內與對照組相比均有不同程度增加,其中芽孢桿菌( bacillus ) 、假單胞桿菌( pseudomonas )的,弧菌屬( staphylococcus ) 、埃希氏菌屬( hibrio )和葡萄球菌屬( escherichia )的速度次之。
  18. More than 20 years of transformation period is the developing time when the development speed is the quickest and improvement of the people ' s living level is the most evident

  19. After starting out to become a physician, by a series of accidents i found myself at nih in 1951 during its most productive growth phase

    從我一開始當醫后,由於一系列偶然的原因,我1951年進入了nih ,那時正是它成果增速的時(發展的時) 。
  20. On the contrary, the input had subtle surplus in rain season. it could be concluded that the relationship between the growth rate about ground biomass in the same growth period and soil moisture content was a logarithmically function

    在苜蓿的三個時中() ,苜蓿對于的土壤含水量敏感,所以佳的灌溉時為第一茬和第二茬前。