更大耐性 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [gēngnàixìng]
更大耐性 英文
greater tolerance
  • : 更副詞1. (更加) more; still more; even more 2. (再,又) further; still further; furthermore
  • : 動詞(受得住; 禁得起) be able to bear or endure
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (性格) nature; character; disposition 2 (性能; 性質) property; quality 3 (性別) sex ...
  • 耐性 : patience; endurance; tolerance
  1. In this thesis, the development of emulsion polymerization theory and related new technologies are comprehensively reviewed, and the synthetic technologies of acrylate latex modified by organosilicon both at home and abroad are also reviewed. based on the current development and research in this field, attentions of this study are focused on three ways for preparing novel acrylate latexes modified by organosilicons, that is, 1 ) the acrylate monomers are copolymerized with unsaturated silicons by emulsion copolymerization ; 2 ) a new latex with microphase separation morphology is synthesized, which shows a core - shell structure character ; 3 ) soap - free polymerization is explored for preparing a higher - performance latex using an unsaturated silicon monomer, different acrylates and a reactive emulsifier. by using techniques of delaying addition of organosilicon monomer and a hydrolysis inhibitor, the hydrolysis and condensation of 3 - ( trimethoxysilyl ) propyl methacrylate during polymerization can be effectively prevented, as a result, organosilicon content in the macromolecular chain is increased

    同時採用有機硅單體延遲滴加及添加水解抑制劑等技術,有效防止了-甲基丙烯酰氧基丙基三甲氧基硅烷在乳液聚合過程中的過渡水解及縮合反應,提高了聚合物分子鏈中有機硅鏈節的含量;利用紅外光譜與差示掃描量熱儀對產物分子結構進行了表徵,並通過對共聚產物力學和吸水率的測試,證實了本研究所制備的有機硅改丙烯酸酯共聚物具有比純丙烯酸酯聚合物優良的力學及能;從分子設計角度出發,利用醇解反應合成出水解、縮合反應速率較慢的兩種新型不飽和有機硅單體: ?甲基丙烯酰氧基丙基三乙氧基硅烷和?甲基丙烯酰氧基丙基三異丙氧基硅烷;利用核磁共振對新型硅烷單體結構進行了證實;研究表明利用新型硅烷單體可以制備出高硅烷含量的有機硅改丙烯酸酯乳液,且其聚合產物具有較高的力學及能。
  2. When you start collecting stamps, you are trained in a way that you become more patient and more perseverant. you know how to get things done in a step - by - step manner

  3. Like the good games above, stamp collecting is a healthy pastime for children that cost them little. and as they turn into old hands, they become more broadminded, more creative and more uncomplaining. aren t these the promises that modern all - round education aspires to ? since stamp collecting is such a good hobby, i therefore call on you, both parents and educators, to actively promote it among the youth

    同樣,集郵亦是一種所費無幾而又益處多多的消閑活動,長期浸淫,對小朋友的、視野、以至於創意,無不有裨益,而這些正正是現代教育所強調的「全人教育」 ;因此,我懇請各位家長、各位教育工作者,積極培養下一代對集郵的興趣,讓他們的課餘生活過得充實,有意義。
  4. However, along with the increasing of construction quantity of the infrastructure of irrigation works, traffic, communication etc., newer and higher requirement of geotechnical anchoring are made in slope, major dam, bridge, tunnel, deep foundation ditch engineering and the construction engineering such as anti - capsize, anti - float, anti - slippage engineering of the buildings. for example, self - intension of rock and soil is required to exploit better ; carrying capacity of anchor increase according to anchoring length ; anchor should be sufficiently lasting and should not influence the exploitation of adjoining stratum

  5. The results show that the composites were more wear resistant than the matrix, contributing to the " volume effect " and " size effect ", the wear resistance increases with the particle content and size. the composite shows better wear resistance than high chromium cast iron material especially in low load and fine abrasive test condition. the results also indicate that the composite strengthened by ageing treatment was more wear resistant than as - cast composite

    磨損試驗結果表明,鑄造碳化鎢顆粒增強cu - ni - mn合金基復合材料具有比較高的抗磨料磨損能力,而且其隨著鑄造碳化鎢顆粒體積分數及尺寸的增而提高,表現出了強烈的「體積效應」及「尺寸效應」 ,尤其是在低載荷、細磨料磨損條件下,復合材料表現出好的而寸磨,即使與高鉻鑄鐵( cr28 )相比也有很程度的提高。
  6. This paper unfolds engineering disposition and theoretical research of negative temperature high performance concrete ( nthpc ) with the damage of many factors motivation, the project background based on qing - zang railway engineering, which is one of four - emphasized engineering during the tenth five - plan. due to the difference of environment of construction and service between nthpc and ordinary concrete, and therefore durability of nthpc is required to higher level. at a first, nthpc must avoid frozen damage at early age and possess anti - freezing property at later period, in order to meet engineering practicable application need, and this are two emphasized and difficult problems, as for nthpc ; by means of mechanism analysis about deicing - agent ingredient and anti - freezing at early period, adopting composite technique routine of mineral addition + anti - freezing element + water - reducer4 - air - entraining + anti - erosion of steel component etc, based on orthogonal experimental approach, fd - 1 composite functional admixtu re was manufactured, which has more property and orientation on qing - zang railway

    負溫混凝土由於和普通混凝土在施工環境及服役環境上存在的差異,因此表現為比普通混凝土為較高的要求;負溫混凝土首先要避免早期的凍害以及具備長期抗凍能,才能夠滿足工程實際應用的要求,這也是負溫混凝土必須解決的兩技術關鍵;通過對目前常用防凍劑組分作用機理的分析研究及混凝土早期防凍機理探討,採用礦物外加劑+防凍組分+高效減水劑+引氣+阻銹組分功能復合的技術路線,通過正交試驗設計復配了適應青藏鐵路工程要求的專用多功能復合型外加劑fd - 1 ;並在此基礎上配製不同等級負溫高能混凝土,開展一系列包括硫酸鹽侵蝕、氯離子滲透、抗凍融循環、收縮及能研究;通過對fd - 1組分和摻量的調整,優化負溫混凝土在施工特、力學指標和三個方面的兼容、協調
  7. This paper introduces the preparation and performance of a novel high performance pulp, poly ( p - benzamide ) ( pba ) pulp, which has bigger specific area and excellent heat - resistance than para - phenylene terephthalamide ( ppta ) pulp

    摘要介紹了一種新型高能漿粕聚對苯酰胺( pba )漿粕的制備和能。該漿粕較聚對苯二甲酰對苯二胺( ppta )漿粕具有的比表面積,優良的
  8. Compared with cotton, vinylon has stronger tenacity and elongation, better abrasive resistance, stronger hygroscopicity, and better heat preservation, and it has better resistance to chemical corrosion, sunlight, moth, mold, and radiation as well. vinylon can be spun with cotton or other fibers into knitting goods and other cloth. it is also used as industrial fiber for the manufacture of tire cord, conveyer, fire hose, fish net, ropes, canvas, filter cloth, and rubber items etc

  9. Tatsuo mori, an engineering and computer science professor at nagoya university, said some hurdles remained, including making the display bigger, ensuring durability and cutting costs

  10. As the addict ' s toleration increases, he requires ever larger doses of the drug

  11. Analysing collected data, finds that chillness - tolerance of females is poorer than that of males, that the predicted effect of thermal sensation is not accurate by predicted mean vote ( pmv ) index, that evaluation on humidity sensation for males and females is almost the same except in a low - temperature environment where females are more sensitive to humidity than males, that draught sensation of females is more obvious than that of males, and that thermal comfort evaluation is affected by more environmental and psychologic factors besides thermal and humidity sensations

  12. With the rise on the highway and railway of traffic discharge ^ the raising of vehicle vociety and the growth of wheel load, a higher demand was presented on intensity, rigidity and durability of the existing bridges, and so forth

  13. This can fully consider the effect of the structure of transmission line and the selection of lighting parameter etc. by calculating and analyzing various of factor that affect the lightning tripping probability of 500kv double circuit transmission line, we can draw the conclusions : the result by intersecting method is more accord with the practicality circumstance than by existing standard methods, using unbalance high insulation and reverse sequence of wire can reduce the contemporary outage rate of double circuit line, reducing the footing resistance is one of the most efficiency method to reduce the back stroking rate of double circuit transmission line, the double back stroking rate and the single back stroking rate will fall by three ground wire, when the footing resistance is 10 ohm, the back stroking rate by three ground wire is 83 percent of by two ground wire

  14. Compared with conventional ships swath has more advantages. especially because of its excellent seakeeping performance, swath has been accepted by some countries accomplished in shipbuilding and ocean exploration

    和傳統船型相比, swath具有多的優勢,特別由於其優良的,目前已被多數有造船及海洋探測優勢的國家廣泛採用。
  15. It has a very complete products line, from cat - 5, cat - 6 to cat - 7, from utp, ftp to optic - fiber, information module, patch cord and headband etc. the products number has come to more than 500. it can provide all series of cabling products for the wider users, especially, the ftp cabling system is the expertise of schneider electric. no matter it is workshop that endures strong the electromagnetism radiation interfere, or governmental organs that have high security level requirement and the cabling system can " t product electromagnetism radiation, several patent ftp technologies that schneider electric has can ensure the safety of network

    據悉,梅蘭日蘭infra +系列定位於高端客戶群體,以品質著稱,自2001年以來已在法國的本土綜合布線市場佔有率名列第一,擁有非常完整的產品線,從超5類、 6類到7類,從非屏蔽、屏蔽到光纖,以及信息模塊、跳線、面板等等,產品編號已達500多個,可以為廣的用戶提供全系列布線產品,尤其是屏蔽布線系統是施德電氣的專長,無論電磁輻射干擾強烈的工廠生產車間,還是對網路安全要求較高、布線系統不能產生電磁輻射的政府機關中,施德電氣所擁有的多種專利屏蔽技術都能夠確保網路安全。
  16. Based the result of calculation and analysis in this paper, it is feasible that predicting of the service life of reinforced concrete component exposed to chloride environment with a probability based method. the result of analysis is consistent with the changing rules of service life in practice. probability based limit state method is used for service prediction. it is more reasonable than a deterministic model and satisfied with the required method of national structure designing uniform code

  17. To add it in not only can improve the nutritional value , but also can improve the taste, texture and resilience, and to reduce costs , too ; adding in ice cream, jelly and other water higher cold drink, can play a good role in emulsifying ; this can better reflect the economic value and nutritional value of the soy protein isolated

  18. The essay researched the compressive strength, bending strength, impact resistance and abrasion resistance of high strength polypropylene fibermesh concrete the mechanism of enhancing the properties of high strengh poloypropylence fibemesh road concrete composite was discussed and analyzed the regression on tensile strengh with portland cement mixed with fiber was derived using experiment the tensile strength of fiber soil stablization with porland cement was increased with dosage and length of fiber while the former was more effective than the latter test and analysis results indicate that polypropylene fiber can not only reinforce the strength of concrete, but also obviously promote the flexural fatigue life by the great stress the application of polypropylence fiber reinforced concrete in pavement construcion are also introduced

  19. Few disciplinarian can be found from the data of contact angle function and water absorbency. effects of temperature to stain resistance : with higher circumstance temperature, stain resistance will be lower, and more easily effected by content of nano - silica

  20. The influence of hot - press pressure on the wear resistance was more significant than that of the cold press process