指示特徵 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhǐshìzhǐ]
指示特徵 英文
indicative character
  • : 指構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ動詞(擺出或指出使人知道; 表明) show; indicate; signify; instruct; notify Ⅱ名詞1 [書面語] (給...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(特殊; 超出一般) particular; special; exceptional; unusual Ⅱ副詞1 (特別) especially; v...
  • : 名詞[音樂] (古代五音之一 相當于簡譜的「5」) a note of the ancient chinese five tone scale corre...
  • 指示 : 1 (指給人看) indicate; point out2 (指示下級) instruct 3 (指示的話或文字) directive; instruc...
  • 特徵 : characteristic; feature; properties; aspect; trait
  1. They are jinfo mountain in nanchuan county ( natural protection section ), wuling mountain in qianjiang county ( national emphases forest demonstration county which forest cover rate is beyond 50 % ) and zhongliang mountain in beibei county ( artificial destruction is very grave ). some main land use patterns i. e. woodland, garden, infield, abandon infield, shrub and grassplot are selected in those three sample sites. four aspects on soil fertility index of karst environment under different land use patterns in these three sample sites, are revealed in this paper, by using the field test, indoor measure and analysis, outdoor experiment and field investigation, and the knowledge and technique of soil, ecology, physics and chemistry etc. they are physical characteristic ( effective soil thickness, organic layer thickness, soil texture, water - stable aggregate and soil water etc. ), chemical fertility ( organism, omni - n, omni - p, omni - k, alkali - nitrogen, available p, available k and rapid available k etc. ), soil animalcule ( bacteria, fungi, actinomyces and their grosses ) and soil - seed - pool ( plant community diversity index ) in karst ecosystem

    本研究以重慶市的南川金佛山(自然保護區) 、黔江武陵山(國家重點退耕還林範縣,森林覆蓋率50以上)和北碚中梁山(遭人為破壞嚴重)典型巖溶區為對象,選擇了幾種重要的利用方式,包括林地、果園、耕地、棄耕地和灌草坡,採用野外巖溶生態調查和室內試驗測量分析相結合的方法,以不同土地利用方式巖溶土壤肥力為重點,對不同土地利用方式土壤肥力進行量化分析,找出巖溶土壤肥力差異的主要方面及其根本原因,論文主要從土壤剖面物理退化標(有效土層厚度、有機質層厚度、質地、團聚體、水分含量等) ,化學肥力退化標(有機質、全n 、全p 、全k 、堿解n 、速效p和速效k等) ,樣地土壤微生物標(細菌、真菌、放線菌數量及總量)以及樣地土壤種子庫植物群落多樣性等4個方面對重慶典型巖溶區的土壤肥力進行了較為詳細的分析研究,為巖溶地區士壤資源的合理利用及結構的調控管理提供依據。
  2. The point analyses the composition and efficancy of the structure of corporate governance with the modern administration theory. lt systematically sets forth and compares the features and development of the structure of the corporate governance in chinese and western. by analyzing the present situation of our listing companies, it points out : " the internal control " can be considered the inevitable phenomenon, emerged in the period from the socialism planned economy to the market economy in china ' s state - owned enterprises. by the means of gathering a vast amount of data and analying cases and charts, it gives the conclutions : because the enterprise inform is progressed " step by step ", the internal controlling in our country has assumed its own features : the enterprise is in the concussion between the " super - powerful controp ' of external and the " super - weakly control " in internal. those popular phenomenon have been looked as the principle manifestation of " the internal control " which taking the national stock as the ma in part and holding the post of chainman of the board and the chief manager in company to the same man

    本文利用現代管理理論和現代企業理論來剖析公司治理結構的組成和效率體現,對中西方公司治理結構的和歷史發展作了較系統的闡述和比較,並且運用大量的數據對我國上市公司治理結構進行了實證分析,出: 「內部人控制」是在我國社會主義經濟向市場經濟轉軌時期,國有企業公司治理結構中出現的一種必然現象。本文在闡述公司治理結構和功效的基礎上,通過大量數據的收集、案例分析和圖表處理來分析我國企業治理結構的歷史變遷並揭出:由於我國企業改革是「漸進式」的, 「內部人控制」表現出其自身的點:企業處于外部「超強控制」和「超弱控制」的兩極震蕩中。作為最具我國現代企業代表的上市公司,因為以國家股為持股主體,董事長和總經理兩職兼任的現象甚為普遍而成為目前企業事實上的「內部人控制」的主要表現形式。
  3. Colour comparison were made by using a " shell colouration index ", which indicated the darkness of shells

  4. 5. the fractures of marlite, sandstone, faults and the disconformity between sha san member and sha er member are three main conduit systems. for this low maturity of the oil kitchen, the fractures of marlite that coexist with source rock might as well be an important bridge to link oil kitchen and reservoir

    5 、通過對德南窪陷輸導體空間分佈及物性分析,揭並論證了本區殊的輸導層主要是與源巖共生的泥灰巖、泥質白雲巖及白雲巖中的裂縫系統,為進一步尋找有關油氣藏出方向。
  5. Based on analysis of geologic foundation record about pingzhuang basin, a lot of sino - foreign geothermal geology record and investigation of field geology, measuring of ground temperature in person and geo - chemical analysis of ascension spring, gushing water of fault, the fact that the anomaly of geothermal gradient of pingzhuang basin, which is in region of low geothermal gradient, is caused by redistribution of conduction - oriented geothermal heat flow which is result from upheaval and depression of basin foundation bed is pointed out. after the field of ground temperature is simulated under the background of conduction - oriented geothermal heat flow by means of ansys, the characteristic of ground temperature distribution of top surface of basin foundation bed ( yixian team ) is revealed. the sound condition of transmissibility fault and feeding water source, which are imperative in formation of the low - medium temperature geothermal system of convective type, is possessed in pingzhuang basin

  6. This thesis proceeds from the study of the basic characteristics of urban landscape and urban way, with the theory of ueban design to profoundly analyze the component elements and the design priciple and method of urban landscape way, and uses some domestic and foreign cases for reference to reveal the hypostasis of the spatial form of urban landscape way and the system of appraisement, expecting to provide some preliminay advice for urban design and construction

  7. Preliminary studies on the relation between garnet and metamorphism in luliang district shanxi province

  8. Mineralogical typomorphic characteristics of stibnite in the xikuangshan antimony deposit, hunan province

  9. Results as following : in the east china sea and the yellow sea, zooplankton showed higher diversity in the low latitude and warm species occurred mainly in the south of 31 n, five communities were distinguished by twinspan method, based on data of species composition and environmental factors. they are : i ) yellow sea neritic community ( f ) with indicator species of labidocera euchaeta in autumn and centropages mcmurrichi in spring ; ii ) yellow sea central community ( hc ) with indicator species of themisto gracilipes, calanus sinicus and euphausia pacifica, the latter two species occurred only in autumn ; iii ) east china sea continental shelf mixed water community ( k ) with indicator species such as rhincalanus cornutus and pterosagitta draco which were confined in waters with high temperature and salinity, iv ) yellow sea and east china sea mixed water community ( he ) and v ) east china sea inshore mixed water community ( m )

    根據twinspan等多元分析結果,比較各組群的浮遊動物種類組成和環境,可將東、黃海浮遊動物群落分為5個,黃海沿岸群落( f ) ,種秋季為真刺唇角水蚤,春季為墨氏胸刺水蚤;黃海中部群落( hc ) ,種以細長腳蟲戎為主,秋季還有中華哲水蚤和太平洋磷蝦;東海外陸架高溫高鹽群落( k ) ,種為角錨哲水蚤、飛龍翼箭蟲等多種狹布型暖水種類;黃東海交匯區群落( he )和東海近岸混合群落( m ) ,兩群落包含多種生態類型種類,其中溫帶近岸低鹽種在he中較多,廣布性暖水種在m群落中較多。
  10. Aiming at the present design fashion of domestic bigger tunnel, simulating a bigger tunnel with catholic characteristic, confirming the parameters of traffic inducement and controlling ( tunnel length, traffic, the selection and location of detection equipments, amount of roadway indicative lamp, etc ) on the base of the analog tunnel, discussing the controlling and revulsive mode of tunnel. briefly discussing the constitution of tunnel surveillance and controlling system and the executive means of traffic controlling and inducement subsystem and network structure of tunnel controlling system. finally discussing the conformation of emulational tunnel ' s database and detailed executive program by programming the computer emulation of controlling induce subsystem

    論文圍繞「交通誘導與控制」這一中心展開,探討長大隧道交通誘導與控制設備及其控制誘導方式;結合國內外對交通流模型研究的成果,提出一套適合長大隧道交通流點的交通流模型;並針對目前國內長大隧道的普遍設計方式,模擬一個帶有普遍性的長大隧道,確定了關于交通誘導與控制方面的參數(隧道長度、交通量、檢測設備的選取和位置、車道燈的數目等) ;以此模擬隧道為基礎,進一步探討隧道的具體控制與誘導方式;簡要探討隧道監控系統的構成、交通控制與誘導子系統的實現方式,隧道控制系統的網路架構;最後通過編程實現控制與誘導子系統的計算機模擬,討論關于模擬隧道數據庫的構建,具體編程實現等。
  11. Fast algorithms of both discrete and orthonormal wavelet and wavelet packet coefficient are diagrammatized to be introduced. daubechies wavelet is applied to help to discuss the application and test on signal filtering and noise reduction with the principle and threshold implementation ; the basic principle to pickup the fault characteristics is introduced mainly about the relations between the maximum module and signal saltation point and how to characterize the saltation point with lipschitz exponent

  12. It was shown that the physical property, electric resistivily and microstructure of soil in the slide area were different from those in the slope, and could be used to determine the slip zone, while the mineral ingredient and chemical composition could not be used generally to identify the slip zone

  13. Results the result on this sedimentary environment was an offshore terrigenous fresh water lake from permian of shiqanfeng formation marinecontinental transitional facies in the southern of north china

  14. These adjectives mean showing or marked by attentiveness to all aspects or details

  15. Advanced instrument and testing techniques including adopting mercury injection apparatus, specific surface analyses apparatus, porosity - permeability measurement apparatus, isothermal adsorption instrument and drill core flow experiment system, etc., are also adopted. on the basis of study on gas zoning, known cbm show and its component, generating mechanism of low coal rank cbm are discussed. the author pointed out that generated cbm should consist of primary biogenic methane gas in lignite stage, thermogenic methane gas in long - flame coal to gas / fat coal stage, and deuterogenic biogenic methane gas in coal seam imbedded stage

  16. First chapter from the concept of science and discipline, analyses the origin, sense and characters of disciplinarity, discusses the historical background, main locations and basic forms of disciplinarity, opens out as a double exist of potency and discipline, disciplinarity has an important significance for constructing science and discipline, further, it thinks the essence of disciplinarity is a special knowledge means for combining different knowledge resources

  17. Directed by the theory of system and using theory of region geography economics theory and system economics theory, this thesis mainly discloses the movement mechanism of international direct investment ( i. e. fdi ) and its condition path, by researching the influence of esp system of host country, the characteristic of investor ' s oil and the international environment in order to enrich the theory of fdi and develop the research scope of the humane geography

  18. The wavelet multi - analysis is adopted to further understand the microstructure of solids holdup fluctuation, the vivid fingermark images show that it is a fractal and dissipative structure. the low and frequency signals reflect the dilute phase fluctuation behavior and dense phase ( cluster ) fluctuation behavior, respectively. to deep understand the multi - scales characteristic of gas - solids circulating fluidization, the wp decompose methods for obtaining the eigenvalue of gas - solid fluidized bed has been developed. the results show that eigenvalues of different scales are effective for identification of non - uniform and dynamic structure of gas - solid fluidized bed

  19. It has been maked for immediate and statistical analysis that the calculation about the work order parameter of the base - bleed - rocket is calculated in the taguchi method, its influencing trend is bring out in the open, the theoretical base is settled for confirming the greatest combination about the work order parameter of the base - bleed - rocket. the multi - objectile optimal design model is established that the indexes have been taked into account first and synthetically, such as physical parameter range lethality power strength and flight stability and so on, the program is compiled and the example is calculated. the true worth of the theoretical work in this paper is validated by flight experimentation of 130mm hybrid base - bleed - rocket extended - range principium projectile

  20. Comparison of the characteristic parameters of immobile elements, such as ree, sc, th, ti etc and of the characteristics of sedimentology and mineralogy comes to a conclusion that the provenance of the sediment is different in the last glacial maximum and in the sub - interglacial stage, and they have the traits of mixed source. during the last glacial maximum the sediment in the outshelf of the southern east china sea was affected weakly by changjiang river and they are probably derived from the coast mountains of zhejiang - fujian province, which are near the southern east china sea

    通過對東海外陸架樣品的稀土元素和sc , th , ti等不活潑元素地球化學物源標對比,再結合沉積學和礦物學,判斷末次盛冰期與盛冰期以前的沉積物具有不同的物質來源,不同時期的沉積物都具有混合物源的性質,盛冰期東海南部外陸架沉積物受長江物源影響較小,可能來源於距東海南部較近的浙閩沿海山地。