維迪里 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [wéi]
維迪里 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (連接) tie up; hold together; link 2 (保持; 保全) maintain; safeguard; preserve; keep ...
  • : 動詞[書面語] (開導;引導) enlighten; guide
  • : 里Ⅰ名詞1 (襯料; 紡織品的反面) lining; liner; inside 2 (里邊; 里邊的) inner 3 (街坊) neighbo...
  • 維迪 : el widy
  1. It will be launched vertically from remodeled apollo pads at the john f. kennedy space center at cape canaveral, fla.

  2. Their proud sailing traditions have survived to this day. the same goes for the distinctive hanseatic identity of latvian cities and towns that belonged to the league : riga, cesis, valmiera, straupe, limbazi, koknese, ventspils and kuldiga. the period in the 17 and 18 centuries when northern latvia was a part of the swedish kingdom is still refereed to by many latvians as the good old swedish time

    延續到今天的還有曾隸屬這一同盟的拉脫亞城鎮的獨特漢薩身份,他們的名字是:加,瓦爾米耶拉( valmiera ) ,斯特魯普( straupe ) ,林巴日( limbazi ) ,寇克倪澤( koknese ) ,文茨皮爾斯( ventspils ) ,和庫爾加( kuldiga ) 。
  3. Of what did bellchime and handtouch and footstep and lonechill remind him ? of companions now in various manners in different places defunct : percy apjohn killed in action, modder river, philip gilligan phthisis, jervis street hospital, matthew f. kane accidental drowning, dublin bay, philip moisel pyemia, heytesbury street, michael hart phthisis, mater misericordi aelig ; hospital, patrick dignam apoplexy, sandymount

    在各種情況下,在不同的地方如今已經故去的夥伴們:珀西阿普約翰陣亡,在莫德爾河195菲利普吉利根196肺結核,歿于傑斯街醫院,馬修f .凱恩197不慎淹死在都柏林港灣,菲利普莫依塞爾198膿血癥,死在海蒂斯勃利街,邁克爾哈特199肺結核,歿于仁慈聖母醫院,帕特格納穆腦溢血,歿于沙丘。
  4. Evergreen mr nicholas nude models going for the monsoon apparel companies making announcements of the latest quarter spring and summer, and this is a creative advertising drawn from the birth of venus venus story - - in greek and roman mythology, venus is the birth of the sea foam

    當紅的模特朱?基德全裸上陣為季風服飾公司拍最新一季春夏宣傳片,這次的廣告創意取材自愛神納斯的誕生故事? ?在希臘羅馬神話納斯是誕生在海上的泡沫中。
  5. The voice of lionel returned, weaker but unwearied. it sang again to richie poldy lydia lidwell also sang to pat open mouth ear waiting, to wait

  6. Within 700 km, there are 8 european capitals around kielce - berlin in germany, vienna in austria, prague in czech, minsk in belarus, kyiv in ukraine, bratislava in slovakia, vilnius in lithuania and budapest in hungry

    其周邊700公內就輻射到了八個國家的首都? ?德國柏林、奧地利也納、捷克布拉格、白俄羅斯明斯克、烏克蘭基輔、斯洛伐克布拉斯拉發、立陶宛爾紐斯、匈牙利布達佩斯。
  7. Prior to moving into the front office, dawson worked as an assistant coach under four rockets head coaches, aiding del harris from 1980 - 83, bill fitch from 1983 - 88, don chaney from 1988 - 92 and rudy tomjanovich from 1992 - 96

    在進入核心管理層前,道森擔任了火箭隊4位主教練的助理教練,從1980 - 83年輔佐戴爾?哈斯,從1983 - 88年輔佐比爾?菲奇,從1988 - 92年輔佐唐?沙內,從1992 - 96年輔佐魯?湯姆甲諾奇。
  8. Lazio are without mobido diakhite, fabio firmani, stefano mauri and sebastiano siviglia, while guglielmo stendardo and emilson cribari grit their teeth to play

  9. The rome club were beaten 2 - 1 as rossi was forced to do without cristian ledesma, stefano mauri, emilson cribari, sebastiano siviglia and mobido diakhite

    在1 : 2負于不萊梅的比賽中,羅西不得不派出一個沒有萊德斯馬,毛,克,西利亞和亞基特的陣容。
  10. As the 60s moved into full swing, he ruthlessly hacked out the deadwood and selected fresh - faced players with names like peter bonetti, ron harris, barry bridges, bobby tambling and terry venables

  11. Villa preserved their own unbeaten start to the season thanks to an equaliser from gabriel agbonlahor after didier drogba was credited with opening the scoring with a scrappy goal after just three minutes

  12. Gabriel agbonlahor ' s header pegged chelsea back to 1 - 1 after didier drogba had opened the scoring early on, but mourinho believes that villa were only ever interested in defence and were lucky to draw

  13. But silvestre is likely to miss the sporting test after being stretchered off in the first half of the 1 - 0 win at goodison park

  14. Cesc chose the number 4 jersey which patrick vieira vacated because his idol, josep guardiola wore it for barcelona

  15. And this the voa special english health report, written by kitty weaver

  16. Pooh and his friends from the hundred acre wood generated. 3 billion in retail sales in 2004 - topped only by mickey mouse among the disney stable. disney gets a portion of those revenues through its licensing agreements

  17. Pooh and his friends from the hundred acre wood generated 5. 3 billion in retail sales in 2004 - topped only by mickey mouse among the disney stable. disney gets a portion of those revenues through its licensing agreements

  18. Is the clothes vitas wears designed by him ? vitas launched a fashion exhibition in kremlin palace. do you plan to manufacture the clothes designed by vitas in china

  19. Fergie already has gary neville, rio ferdinand, nemanja vidic and gabriel heinze struggling with injuries

  20. Nani and cristiano ronaldo are both named in the portuguese squad to face crucial games against poland, who have reds ' goalkeeper tomasz kuszczak in their squad, and nemanja vidic ' s serbia on saturday and next wednesday respectively