曼德爾曼 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [màněrmàn]
曼德爾曼 英文
  • : 曼形容詞1. (柔和) graceful; soft and beautiful 2. (長) prolonged; long-drawn-out
  • : 名詞1 (道德; 品行; 政治品質) virtue; morals; moral character 2 (心意) heart; mind 3 (恩惠)k...
  • : [書面語]Ⅰ代詞1 (你) you 2 (如此; 這樣) like that; so 3 (那;這) that Ⅱ[形容詞后綴: 率爾而對 ...
  • 爾曼 : casselman
  1. That ' s just it. i was the youngest flack ever put in charge of its entire division

  2. Historically, adelman ' s teams have been among the league ' s most prolific offenses, relying both on a full - court transition game as well as half - court sets

  3. The tone of the letter suggests that no radically different proposal on farm tariffs and subsidies from the initial eu offer, derided as unambitious by several other countries, should be expected from mr mandelson this week

  4. The virago was a prized possession, a heavily modified mandalmoters starviper built to his exacting specifications

  5. The hiring of adelman also may provide some hope that the bonzi wells experiment in houston may work out after all

  6. He ran half - court sets with kevin duckworth at center in portland and he ran a motion offense with vlade divac at center in sacramento

  7. Marian wright edelman ' s own home was filled with love and lots of children, including four siblings and - - off and on - - 12 foster sisters and brothers

  8. I expect that adelman will employ yao more at the high post, having him shoot from the free throw line area and also take great advantage of his passing skills

  9. In 16 seasons as an nba head coach, adelman has amassed 752 wins to 481 losses in his time with the portland trail blazers, golden state warriors, and sacramento kings

  10. Adelmand and morey were heavy in recruiting him and they imagined a big role for him here

  11. Adults are what ' s the matter , she replies. “ parents letting children raise themselves or be raised by television

    說: 「父母讓孩子們放任自流或者成天看電視度日。
  12. When adelman became the coach, he never denied that he will change rockets

  13. But ra ' s desicion on who shot the free throw at the end is totally unacceptable

  14. Adelman plans to make the rockets more of an uptempo offensive bunch - - not running like phoenix but flowing and moving the ball the way he did in sacramento

  15. The rockets are hoping that adelman will help the team get over the proverbial hump

  16. Rick adelman copied the lineup with which the rockets lost to the utah jazz in the off - season games in april

  17. This was a night when the rockets knew they were playing without their leading scorer and so they moved the ball like it was radioactive and actually ran the offense the way rick adelman would like to see more often

  18. Moving from one coach with a tremendous track record to another, the houston rockets have agreed to terms with rick adelman to replace jeff van gundy, the houston chronicle reports

    休城的教鞭從一名戰績卓著的教練手中移交給了另一位同樣卓著的主帥? ?據休斯敦紀事報報道,火箭隊已經與阿在具體細節上達成一致,阿將接任范甘迪。
  19. With his first taste of a typical rick adelman training camp practice after friday ' s atypical two - a - day, rockets center yao ming had the reaction his teammates had early in the week

    由於在訓練營中初步體會到阿的進攻理念,姚明不可避免地有了其他隊友在剛開始訓練時的犯難感覺, 《休斯頓紀事報》記者費根一言以蔽之:姚明還有很長的路要走。
  20. Excellent game plan from adelman too - timely timeouts when the rockets ' offense getting stagnant

    的比賽計劃也很漂亮= =當火箭的進攻受阻的時候暫停要的很及時。