有結構土壤 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yǒujiēgòurǎng]
有結構土壤 英文
structural soil
  • : 有副詞[書面語] (表示整數之外再加零數): 30 有 5 thirty-five; 10 有 5年 fifteen years
  • : 結動詞(長出果實或種子) bear (fruit); form (seed)
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (構造; 組合) construct; form; compose 2 (結成) fabricate; make up 3 (建造; 架屋) bui...
  • : 名詞1. (土壤) soil 2. (地) earth 3. (地區) area 4. (姓氏) a surname
  • 結構 : 1 (各組成部分的搭配形式) structure; composition; construction; formation; constitution; fabric;...
  1. They are jinfo mountain in nanchuan county ( natural protection section ), wuling mountain in qianjiang county ( national emphases forest demonstration county which forest cover rate is beyond 50 % ) and zhongliang mountain in beibei county ( artificial destruction is very grave ). some main land use patterns i. e. woodland, garden, infield, abandon infield, shrub and grassplot are selected in those three sample sites. four aspects on soil fertility index of karst environment under different land use patterns in these three sample sites, are revealed in this paper, by using the field test, indoor measure and analysis, outdoor experiment and field investigation, and the knowledge and technique of soil, ecology, physics and chemistry etc. they are physical characteristic ( effective soil thickness, organic layer thickness, soil texture, water - stable aggregate and soil water etc. ), chemical fertility ( organism, omni - n, omni - p, omni - k, alkali - nitrogen, available p, available k and rapid available k etc. ), soil animalcule ( bacteria, fungi, actinomyces and their grosses ) and soil - seed - pool ( plant community diversity index ) in karst ecosystem

    本研究以重慶市的南川金佛山(自然保護區) 、黔江武陵山(國家重點退耕還林示範縣,森林覆蓋率50以上)和北碚中梁山(遭人為破壞嚴重)典型巖溶區為對象,選擇了幾種重要的利用方式,包括林地、果園、耕地、棄耕地和灌草坡,採用野外巖溶生態調查和室內試驗測量分析相合的方法,以不同地利用方式巖溶肥力為重點,對不同地利用方式肥力特徵進行量化分析,找出巖溶肥力差異的主要方面及其根本原因,論文主要從剖面物理退化指標(層厚度、機質層厚度、質地、團聚體、水分含量等) ,化學肥力退化指標(機質、全n 、全p 、全k 、堿解n 、速效p和速效k等) ,樣地微生物指標(細菌、真菌、放線菌數量及總量)以及樣地種子庫植物群落多樣性等4個方面對重慶典型巖溶區的肥力特徵進行了較為詳細的分析研究,為巖溶地區士資源的合理利用及的調控管理提供依據。
  2. So these karst series problems are lowness ability of making soils, distributing odds of surface water and groundwater, leakiness of fountain, alkalescence of circumstance, lowness of bio - diversity, rapidness converse succession of vegetation and fragility of soil character and entironment. and karst region produces many problems, e. g. rock desert, soil erosion and degeneration because of artificial influence and destruction

  3. The respiratory intensity of the contaminated soil decreased by 29. 93 % while ammonification and nitrification increased significantly than that of control soil. 2. extraction and purification of soil microbial total dna a method of extracting soil total dna was developed, and it can extract dna from g + bacteria

  4. The results showed that the mean proportion of polymorphic loci ( ppb ) of anabasis aphylla, which comprised 3 subpopulations ( 58 individuals sampled ), generated by 16 primers was 94. 56 %, the value of ppb of ceratocarpus arenarius, which had 4 subpopulations ( 80 individuals sampled ), using 16 primers was 98. 00 %. the paper had proved that the higher genetic diversity and the genetic differentiation existed in the populations of boih anabasis aphylla and ceratocarpus arenarius, while the latter had much more genetic diversity than the former. moreover, the study discussed the shannon information index and nei ' s gene diversity index of the two species natural populations, which indicated that there were more genetic variations within the subpopu

    另外,通過rapd資料的聚類分析及相關性分析研究,發現無葉假木賊和角果藜自然種群的遺傳與綠洲沙漠過渡帶的微生境生態因子(主要是因子)相關,其中無葉假木賊亞種群遺傳多樣性水平不僅與含水量( w ) 、鉀鈉離子濃度( k + na )和氯離子濃度( cl )呈顯著的正相關( p 0 . 05 ) ,還與機質( som ) 、全氮( nt )和全磷( pt )含量呈顯著的負相關;同時,角果藜種群的遺傳多樣性水平與機質( som )和全氮( nt )含量呈顯著的正相關,而與co _ 3 ~ ( 2 - )濃度呈顯著的負相關;除此之外,其它生態因子與兩物種遺傳多樣性水平的相關性均不顯著(卜0 . 05 ) 。
  5. The analysis of micro - climate site of the road greenbelt in the building process of expressway, a lot of calcareousness, powder of coal ash, asphaltum and stone were put into used. on one hand, it completely destroys the original soil structure, making the soil really barren, on the other hand, the rise of roadbed also affects the ground water to go up, making the soil very drought

  6. For some wetland plants such as reed and cattail, a small quantity of petroleum pollutants did not form deadly menace, their growing tallness was positive correlated with water deepness. therefore, wetland buffer can be constructed to reduce the impact of petroleum pollution and plant adaptive wetland vegetation so as to improve the environment of oil field

  7. Contractile root a specialized root developed by certain bulb - and corm - forming plants that serve to pull the bulb or corm down to the appropriate depth in the soil, e. g. crocus

  8. Some soils, such as sandy soils, have a loose crumb structure with good drainage, whereas in clay soils the particles are small and stick together to give a dense crumb structure and poor drainage

  9. A reservoir is built in housetop, have structure of wall of edaphic lay aside, some of alga, fish is put inside, form small - sized ecosystem with assuring water quality fresh

  10. An improved method for extraction of soil humic acid was used to isolated dissociative humic acid ( ha - i ) and enwrapped humic acid ( ha - ii ) from paddy soil and pohakee peat. quantified and characterized ha - i and ha - ii with 13c nmr, py - gc - ms, optical and elemental analysis. the results indicate that two humic acids are highly different in structure, and ha - ii is more condensed

    採用一種改進的腐殖酸萃取方法從珠江三角洲稻田和pahokee泥炭中分離出了游離腐殖酸( ha - )和包裹腐殖酸( ha - ) ,並採用元素分析、 ~ ( 13 ) cnmr 、 py - gc - ms和機巖石學方法對ha -和ha -進行了定量和定性研究,果表明兩種腐殖酸在性質和上是區別的。
  11. Study on granular structure in laterite vn soil has already been reported in different land use pattern but it is little about soil fertility in karst environment. the better the soil structure, the higher the content of water - stable soil aggregate so there is an osculation correlation between aggregate and structure of soil

  12. In order to solve this problem, we find a kind of herbages plant - sabaigrass ( eulaliopsis binata ) which not only can accommodate the badly environment of purple soil but also have excellent water and soil conservation effect and good economic benefit. this study adopt quantitative and qualitative methods, through comparative study of four different utilization types : sabaigrass treatment, grass tree solid plating treatment ( planting sabaigrass under fruit trees treatment ), bare land treatment, natural wild grassland treatment, study water and soil conservation effect, soil water condition, soil constructors condition, soil fertility condition and soil surface temperature, then evaluated the water and soil conservation effect of plating sabaigrass in purple soil bare sloping field and probed into water and soil conservation mechanism. the main results are as follows : 1

    本研究針對湖南省衡邵盆地紫色巖地區日益惡劣的生態環境,從紫色荒坡地水流失治理入手,在尋求出既適應紫色荒坡地惡劣環境又良好水保持作用和一定經濟效應的作物? ?龍須草的基礎上,用定性和定量相合的方法,以「龍須草純種」 、 「龍須草與果樹立體種植」 (簡稱林草立體種植,下同) 、 「空曠地」 、 「自然野生雜草地」四種不同的地利用方式進行對比研究,從水保持效應、水文狀況、肥力狀況、地表溫度狀況等方面分析、評價紫色荒坡地種植龍須草防治水流失的效應,並對其機理進行了初步探討,主要研究果如下: 1
  13. Conditions that are correlated with accelerated deposition include drainage area, gully development, and texture of source material.

  14. Another good example is the composting experiment. the sfagm project experts taught them how to make organic fertilizer from the residue of sanlu processing like hemlock parsley stalk residue and mushroom dregs. this technology application can reduce environmental pollution ; lower farmers production cost for fertilizer, improves the soil fertility and enhances the food quality

  15. The study of nt began in the 1950s in our country for high yield. the experiment indicated that long - term of nt could improve the soil ' s physical structure and the soil ' s sluice capacity, and could aggregate the accumulation of various nutrients in soil and increase plant yield

  16. The research soil samples are from maoxian and from sichuan university especially. the results show that the two kinds of soils differ greatly in soil algae population, microorganism number and soil phosphate activity

    研究果顯示貧瘠與肥沃之間的藻類種群藻類的數量和藻類的優勢種群) 、微生物數量和磷酸酶活性均很大的差別。
  17. The loosely and tightly combined humus accounted for most of organic matter in complexes, and the ratio of loosely and tightly combined humus changed with type of parent rocks and land utilizations. the different status of organo - mineral complexion sufficiently reflected the differences of aggregating conditions of organic matter in purple soils

  18. As regionalized variables, the contents of sic and of soc had the characteristic of structure as well as random

  19. So far, most related researches and achievements have showed that acid rain has certain impact on functions of a soil ecosystem. such as leaching of soil base - exchangeable ions, heavy metals and microelements, nitrogen, contents of sulfur and phosphorus nutrients, soil acidification, population and activities of soil microbes, soil buffer capacity, soil sensitivity to acid rain, soil structure and weathering status of soil minerals, and so on

  20. Factors which influence field soil water infiltration characteristics have soil structure, soil moisture, soil texture, topsoil crusting and plate, agriculture husbandry measure and soil water phase change and so on