生成與代謝 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shēngchéngdàixiè]
生成與代謝 英文
formation and metabolism
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (生育; 生殖) give birth to; bear 2 (出生) be born 3 (生長) grow 4 (生存; 活) live;...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (完成; 成功) accomplish; succeed 2 (成為; 變為) become; turn into 3 (成全) help comp...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (代替) take the place of; be in place of 2 (代理) act on behalf of; acting Ⅱ名詞1 (歷...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (感謝) thank 2 (認錯; 道歉) make an apology; excuse oneself 3 (辭去; 拒絕) decline 4...
  • 生成 : create; generate; produce生成演算法 generating algorithm; 生成文法 generating grammar; 生成物 pro...
  • 代謝 : 1. (交替; 更替) supersession 2. [生物學] (新陳代謝的簡稱) metabolize
  1. Hiding essence of life is the main physiology function of kidney, the essence in kidney is angry, be airframe life activity this, to airframe the physiology activity of each respect all is having all in all effect ; kidney advocate water fluid, basically be the aerification function that the essence in pointing to kidney enrages, to the body fluid inside body be defeated cloth and excrete, maintain the balance that the body fluid inside body metabolizes, the adjustment with rising very important action ; kidney advocate bone gives birth to pith, it is spirit of the energy in kidney has stimulative airframe to grow actually a of growth function main component, the rise and fall that the essence in kidney enrages, affect the growth of bone and growth not only, and the plentiful that also affects spinal cord and encephalon and development ; " tine is bone ", tine and bone give one cause together, the tooth also is filled by institute of gas of the energy in kidney raise, spirit of the energy in kidney is abundant, fall off the tooth is solid and not easily, if kidney is medium air of essence of life is inadequate, criterion the tooth becomes loose easily, inchoate even fall off ; kidney have one ' s ideas straightened out at 2 shade ( external genital organs and anal ), accordingly, frequent micturition, enuresis, urinary incontinence, make water little or anuria, all the aerification function with kidney is wrong about

    藏精是腎的主要理功能,腎中精氣,是機體命活動之本,對機體各方面的理活動均起著極其重要的作用;腎主水液,主要是指腎中精氣的氣化功能,對于體內津液的輸布和排泄,維持體內津液的平衡,起著極為重要的調節作用;腎主骨髓,實際上是腎中精氣具有促進機體長發育功能的一個重要組部分,腎中精氣的盛衰,不僅影響骨的長和發育,而且也影響脊髓和腦髓的充盈和發育; 「齒為骨之餘」 ,齒骨同出一源,牙齒也由腎中精氣所充養,腎中精氣充沛,則牙齒堅固而不易脫落,若腎中精氣不足,則牙齒易於松動,甚至早期脫落;腎開竅於二陰(外殖器和肛門) ,因此,尿頻、遺尿、尿失禁、尿少或尿閉,均腎的氣化功能失常有關。
  2. These confirmed the successful transformation of the a78 - 3 and a78 - 4 on selection medium containing basta. microarray on membranes were fabricated from a set of 384 pinus taeda genes ( cdnas ) related to lignin synthesis, adaptation or primary metabolism for examination of gene expression in the sublines. the results showed : ( 1 ) the correlation coefficients between the transgenic sublines a78 - 3 and a78 - 4 and the untransformed control a95 : 88 : 22 were 0. 8028 - 0. 9028, while those of a78 - 5 are 0. 8897 - 0. 9302

    選擇384個木質素物合及植物和環境適應性有關的基因或cdna片段構建尼龍晶元膜,並對轉基因細胞亞系a78 - 3 、 a78 - 4和a78 - 5和對照亞系a95 : 88 : 22等培養再植株進行基因表達的微陣列檢測,結果表明: ( 1 )三個亞系對照之間的pearson相關系數分別為0 . 8607 、 0 . 7975和0 . 9630 。
  3. The global regulator csra of e. coli is a specific mrna - binding protein. csra negatively regulates several metabolic pathways that are induced post - exponentially, including glycogen biosynthesis, gluconeogenesis, and glycogen catabolism ; positively controls gene expression within the glycolytic pathway ; and also csra modulates the levels of enzymes that participate directly in pep metabolism

    Csra是整體調控網路的調控基因,可負調控指數長後期誘導的一些途徑,包括糖原的物合、糖原的分解、糖異,而對糖酵解的一些重要基因的表達則執行正調控功能, csra也調控直接參pep的三個酶的活性水平。
  4. Among the genes, there were genes directly related to liver regeneration : fetuin, cathepsin ; close related to liver function : cytoplamic aspartate aminotranferase, gutathion sulfur transferase ; related to substance and energy metabolism : atp synthetase, ribosomal protein, and related to stress response : haptoglobin, transferrin

    這些基因中有和肝再有直接關系的如:胎球蛋白、組織蛋白酶;和肝臟功能密切相關的如:胞質天冬氨酸轉氨酶、谷胱甘肽硫轉移酶;物質能量有關的如: atp合酶、核糖體蛋白;以及急相反應有關的如:觸珠蛋白、轉鐵蛋白。
  5. During the long run road of the evolution, a symbiosis system has formed between endophyte and host, the change of environment conditions and host metabolisms affect the change of genus and metabolism in endophytes correspondingly

  6. This paper introduced the status and development of basic research on phytochemistry and natural product chemistry in the fields of searching bioactive components, biosynthesis and molecular regulation of plant secondary metabolism substance, environment influence on the synthesis and accumulation of plant secondary metabolism substance, the relationship of endophyte and plant secondary metabolism substance

  7. For example, the signal transduction of g protein - coupled receptor is mediated by g protein and can generate intracellular messages ; there exist some transmembrane proteins in the membrane of endoplasmic reticulum, and some of them are related with the synthesis and transportation of some proteins, while others are related with substance metablism, such as glucose - 6 - phosphatase ( g6pase ). in addition, after binding with the 7 - tm receptors affiliated to frizzled protein family, wnt can activated disheveled protein in cytoplasm which is essential to embryonic development

    如g蛋白偶聯受體通過g蛋白介導產胞內信使( camp , cgmp , dg , ip _ 3 )將胞外信號傳遞到胞內,從而引起物學效應;內質網上也存在著一些跨膜蛋白,其中一些蛋白質的合及運輸有關,一些物質有關,如葡萄糖- 6 -磷酸酶。
  8. This review is concerned with the studies on the type, synthetic way and reconcilement of plant secondary metabolism, with the emphasis of the development of matabolism in recent years and discussing the connection of it ' s pathway and biological function in detail to form a theoretical base for it ' s exploitation and utilization, and to gain deep insight into secondary metabolism

  9. So evidence of sustained rapid growth, even into late juvenile and subadult stages, implies that the animals in question had relatively high basal metabolic rates

  10. Cytochrome p450 functions as the monooxygenase. p450s are involved in physiologically important processes including steroid metabolism, drug deactivation, procarcinogen activation, fatty acid metabolism, xenobiotic detoxification and wildly distributed in animal, plant and low eukaryotic organism

  11. Metabolism and action of plant growth regulators during ripening and storage of firethorn fruit

  12. Firstly, the hyaluronate synthase ( has ) gene ( hasa ) was cloned into the cloning vector puc19 by pcr using the total dna sample of s. equi as template

    本文研究工程理論,對本實驗室的一株ha產菌( streptococcusequi )進行了ha合分解關鍵酶基因及功能的研究。
  13. ( am ) fungi exhibit low host specificity and form mutualistic associations with a wide range of host plant species over a wide range of environmental conditions. some characteristics of am fungi, including hyphal growth, distribution and metabolic activity, are closely related to mycorrhizal efficiency and to ecological function of am fungi, and may be influenced by host plant and soil conditions

  14. The unique formula is highly compatible with skin, can provide deeper moisturizing into the basal skin layer, effectively improve the skin metabolism, activate skin tissues and cells, isolate sunshine and polluted air durably, effectively deactivate tyrosinase, inhibit the generation of color spots, mildly remove skin ' s dry and fine lines, deeply whiten and care skin, leave skin tender and elegant again

  15. These enzymes are significant as a digestive aid to larval fish, improving survival and enhancing growth. sick and stressed fish are also beneficiaries of these enzymes. genchem polytase is our top of the line product, genchem polytase is a compound of several enzymes, rhizoma coptidis and cortex phellodendri extracts which can speedily and safely dissolve left - over feed, thus solving the problem of sediment formation and the stress caused by nitrous or ammonia

  16. Pr can be used not only to identify the differences of the pathological from the normal, but also to find which bio - fingerprints result in such differences, thus supplying valuable information for diagnosis

  17. The physi - chemical properties of the aluminum, in environmental and physical conditions, are the determinants of its bioavailability and toxicity. aluminum absorption and its metabolic kinetics depend on the properties of al - organics complex to a large extent

  18. Bioenergetics discusses the principle of biological energy and various biochemical processes related to energy transformation. metabolism and its regulation deals with the metabolism of biomolecules and its regulation. methods in biochemistry provides basic training in the applications of biochemical methods in the qualitative and quantitative estimation of biologically active molecules

  19. Polyamines are a group of physiologically active substances in plants and their metabolic changes have a close relation to flower bud formation and development in high plants

  20. Its unique compound formula can regulate the skin ph value, inhibit excessive sebum secretion, and decompose excessive greases through oxidizing reaction with greases on the skin surface ; the shrinking factor contained can smoothen and shrink pores inward, improve roughness arising from pore blocking, make skin look tight and fine