未充分發育的 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [wèichōngfēnde]
未充分發育的 英文
  • : Ⅰ副詞1 (沒) did not; have not 2 (不) not Ⅱ名詞1 (地支的第八位) the eighth of the twelve ear...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(滿; 充足) sufficient; full; ample Ⅱ動詞1 (裝滿; 塞住) fill; charge; stuff 2 (擔任; ...
  • : 分Ⅰ名詞1. (成分) component 2. (職責和權利的限度) what is within one's duty or rights Ⅱ同 「份」Ⅲ動詞[書面語] (料想) judge
  • : 名詞(頭發) hair
  • : 育動詞1. (生育) give birth to 2. (養活; 培育) rear; raise; bring up 3. (教育) educate
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  1. The total amatoxins concentration from carpophore of a. fuliginea collected in different development stages were studied. the result showed that the highest content of total amatoxins ( 23793. 3 g / g ) was found in the carpophore with the cap free from veil but the gill concealed by veil and, the lowest content of total amatoxins ( 4674

    灰花紋鵝膏菌不同時期子實體毒素析表明:以菌蓋尚展開,內菌幕即將破裂時毒素含量最高( 23793 . 3 g g ) ,在凋萎時急劇降低( 4674 . 9 g g ) ,只有最高時19 . 65 。
  2. Even in an immature seed the embryo is sufficiently well developed.

  3. After entry of wto, there are still many maladjustments in guangxi ' s seed industry, such as the weak foundation of sees industry development ; the unformed market of the seed industry for fair competition ; small - scale seed enterprises ; no systematic connection among the cultivation, breeding and marketing ; lower qualification of staff who work in the seed industry and with weak sense of laws, and lack of the knowledge in operating experiences in the international market and trade etc. yet the un - efficiency system, unclear property right in enterprises, the lack of an effective mechanism to promote the rational use of resources in the seed industry and the lack of such concept as " the government creates environment and enterprises create fortune " are the deep - seated causes of the problems in guangxi ' s seed industry. therefore, the key points for promoting development of guangxi ' s seed industry under the wto framework are to focus on the promotion of the developing capability of seeds " integrated products, constantly deepen reforms, to adjust various relevant factors in the system of the seed industry which is inconsistent with each other, and to establish a new - pattern system with evident characteristics of the time spirit in order to meet the requirements of the market economy. hereinto, the specific strategies and measures for promotion of guangxi ' s seed industry development under the wto framework include kee ping up reform and innovation of the system of the seed industry, executing of non - nationalization reform in state - owned seed enterprises, formulating and executing relevant supporting policies, the improving the legal system in the seed industry, increasing public financial support on the seed industry, promoting the integration of cultivation, breeding and marketing, strengthening human resource development, developing the main body of the seed industry ' s market and making proper conditions for the functions of seed associations in the seed industry development etc

    研究結果認為:展種子產業應該把著眼點放在促進種子整體產品上;種子產業展依賴于能揮整體功能新型種業體系構建,而目前廣西種業體系中品種選、種子生產加工、種子經營以及政府管理、公共支持和社會服務六個主要組成部都存在明顯缺陷與不足;廣西種子企業綜合競爭力總體處于較弱水平;面對wto ,廣西種子產業仍有諸多不適應,突出表現在產業展基礎薄弱、尚形成可以公平競爭種業市場、種子企業規模小、繁銷脫節、種業人才素質不高、種子企業法律意識淡薄、國際市場運作經驗和國際貿易知識不足等多個方面,而體制不順、企業產權不明晰、缺乏促進種業資源合理流動有效機制以及「政府創造環境,企業創造財富」正確理念正是導致目前廣西種子產業不能適應入世需要深層次原因;因此,以提升種子整體產品開能力為核心,不斷深化改革,調整種業體系中不相協調各有關因素,構建起符合市場經濟體制要求具有鮮明時代特徵新型種業體系,是wto框架下加快廣西種子產業展必須堅持指導思想;其中,加快種業體制改革和創新、實施對國有種子企業非國有化改造、制訂落實有關扶持政策、完善種子法律法規體系、加大公共財政對種子產業支持力度、推進繁銷一體化形成、加強人才培養與引進、壯大種業市場主體、實行重點突破戰略、揮種子行業協會作用等等,都是wto框架下加快廣西種子產業展應該採取具體對策措施。
  4. By means of historical literature, the author analyzed the achievements made and insufficiencies existed in rural sports practice in china since the establishment of china, and put forward the following opinions based on his analysis : for the development of rural sports practice in china in the future, governmental functions should be intensified, and the mode of governmental functions should be institutionalized, standardized and legalized ; the construction of rural fundamental sports organizations should be strengthened, and rural fundamental sports activists should be cultivated ; local and national sports activity events should be fully explored, coordinated and promoted, so as to enrich rural sports activity contents ; rural sports activities should be properly developed according to the time, location, people and program, so as to add new contents to the celebration of traditional rural holidays ; attention should he paid to the issue of development of sports for disadvantageous groups and migrant laborers in rural society ; attention should also be paid to rural scholastic physical education and full utilization of rural scholastic physical education resources

  5. On the basis of a thorough retrospect ion of the development of chinas educational management as well as a detaileds ummary of its experience, ten critical problems in the future research of educat ional management science are raised according to its present development

  6. The goal is for future educational reforms to give equal emphasis on the ideals of providing education for all without discrimination and teaching students according to their ability. by identifying each student s individual needs and ensuring their right to learn, the government must strive to improve curriculum and teaching methods, as well as encourage multicultural education. the ultimate goal is to guide the development of each student to maximize full potential

  7. The evaluation, however, indicates that clinical skills of medical students of 7 year program are not good enough ; advantage over comprehensive university has not sufficiently displayed ; the medical education administrative system has not rationalized, all of which need to be further probed and solved step by step in the future practice of the long medical schooling

  8. The mu1ti - level of administration, j the multi - finance investment, the multi - specification of talent, and the mu1ti - way of admission and emploppent. chapter four deals with the general feat - uies of the transformation rather than the specific content, to indicate the fact that the transformation has actua1ly exceeded the development of russian higher education in 70s of 20th century f it has broken away from the monopolization of single ideology, from the planned controi of the state, from the isolation caused by the traditional cu1ture

  9. However, some problems still exist : the ambiguous aim and weak measures in some urban community, non - systematization of cultural activities in some urban community, the inadequate fostering function in some urban community, the weak sense of recognition of urban inhabitants, the incompletion of leading system and working mechanism, the stagnancy of cultural facilities. the causes for these problems include : some leader ' s limited knowledge about the importance and emergency of culture and ideology in urban community, insufficiency and in investment and exploitation of community resource, disorder of maning system, the poor quality of basic - level leader, so on and so forth

  10. This thesis bases on the investigation and finds great majority of the mathematical teachers have paid less attention to the goals of affect teaching in the process of designing the class teaching, and failed to fulfill the task. therefore, i have made several experiments in order to find out the emotional factors of the mathematical learning for the students