概念通信區 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [gàiniàntōngxìn]
概念通信區 英文
cca conceptual communication area
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (大略) general outline 2 (神氣) manner of carrying and conducting oneself; deportment ...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (看著文字發出聲音; 讀) read aloud 2 (上學) study; attend school 3 (想念; 考慮) think...
  • : 通量詞(用於動作)
  • : 區名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • 概念 : concept; conception; notion; idea
  • 通信 : communication; communicate by letter; correspond
  1. In order to improve the existing methodology of carpool information retrieval, on the basis of the region to region algorithm and by the use of the graph theory, an algorithm based on traffic network and its complexity analysis were presented

  2. Abstract : a new algorithm applied to the fixed channel assignment in the cellular pattern is proposed. it is based on the theory of evolutionary algorithm. it uses the concept of multiple reuse plan ( mrp ) and solve the problem of large scale through blocking algorithm, and it is a fast 、 efficient and parallel searching method. it has been used in frequency plan system of beijing university of posts and telecommunications. it has been used in several plan project for some city, and been adopted because of its good performance

  3. Based on a general overview of firm performance assessment theories, this study makes a comparison between traditional performance measures and strategy - oriented performance measures, analyzes the existing performance measurement system of the national aviation oil companies. the thesis has a literature review of the balanced scorecard researches and applications, expounds the advantages of the balanced scorecard over traditional measurement systems in revealing the intension of firm performance, analyzing the critical factors behind firm performance and providing information support for firm strategy, documents the relationship between the balanced scorecard and firm strategy, and puts forward the idea of strategic performance. by using the data and background information from one of those national monopoly oil companies, this study a ppraises the limits of this sort of companies " performance measurement system, applies balanced scorecard method to this kind of national monopoly oil company, designs questionnaires to collect experts " opinions, colligates the opinions, selects kpis, builds experimentally the first strategy performance assessment indicator system in this kind of company, determines the indicators " parameters, uses the real corresponding data to measure the 6 business lines of this company, through comparing the assessment result with the strategic standard, a conclusion is drawn and suggestions are put forward about how to exploit the performance potential under present conditions

  4. Network communicating technology, database technology and component - based object - oriented programming technology are the key technologies in remote condition monitoring and fault diagnosis system, which are different from traditional monitoring and diagnosis system. a deep study on the basic concepts and principles of these technologies are carried in the paper

  5. In demonstration research, the paper analyzes supply and demand in real estate market, ? consumer behavior and competition product by way of real estate market survey in chongqing, and on the basis of survey, uses market subdivision method to select target market of project, and design product concept. at the same time it expounds making a product price, adjusting price, spreading advertisement, in the end through information feedback of marketing planning, o ne hand modifies market strategy, another hand testifies correct marketing planning in real estate development is necessary