畢維斯 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [wéi]
畢維斯 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞(結束 ; 完成) finish; complete; terminate; conclude Ⅱ副詞[書面語] (全; 完全) all; altoge...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (連接) tie up; hold together; link 2 (保持; 保全) maintain; safeguard; preserve; keep ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞(古代驅疫時用的面具) an ancient maskⅡ形容詞[書面語] (醜陋) ugly
  1. The harvard club of beijing now has more than 280 members. all of them have been either trained at harvard radcliff college, or through harvard graduate schools and research centers, such as law school, business school, medical school, kennedy school of government, school of design, of education, of public health, of arts and sciences, as well as harvard - yenching institute, fairbank center and davis center

  2. Ana ines trapp graduated in communication from the university of montevideo, uruguay, where she worked as a book reviewer for el observador

  3. The exhibition is aimed to show the two major impressionist themes of ? andscapes ? and ? ortraits ? pulling out from the commonly accepted view of impressionist of rather vague impressions. apart from the popular works by monet and renoir, it also features landscapes by sisley, pissarro, seurat, signac and portraits by lautrec, bonnard and vuillard, including many first displayed in japan

  4. Thus, in addition to the cousins dorothy and florence, martin encountered two university professors, one of latin, the other of english ; a young army officer just back from the philippines, one - time school - mate of ruth s ; a young fellow named melville, private secretary to joseph perkins, head of the san francisco trust company ; and finally of the men, a live bank cashier, charles hapgood, a youngish man of thirty - five, graduate of stanford university, member of the nile club and the unity club, and a conservative speaker for the republican party during campaigns - in short, a rising young man in every way

  5. On the way back to the bay area, drive by edwards air force base and barstow

    las vegas灣區bay area是日驅車返回灣區,旅程完
  6. Wong kar wai, steven soderbergh, michelangelo antonioni cast : gong li, chang chen, robert downey jr., alan arkin, christopher buchholz, regina nemni

    演員:鞏俐張震田豐robert downey羅拔唐尼alan arkin阿倫艾堅christopher buchholz基杜化祖爾regina nemni珍娜蘭妮
  7. World - renowned hong kong tenor warren mok has performed many leading roles since his european debut in 1987 at the deutsche oper berlin. with a distinguished international career, mok has been making frequent guest appearances throughout the world, including teatro colon in buenos aires, paris opera, teatro dell opera di roma, teatro comunale di bologna, teatro massimo palermo, opera de lyon, the netherlands opera, opera de nice, leipzig opera, royal danish opera, teatro di san carlos lisbon, bolshoi theatre, warsaw opera, teatro di cagliari, abao bilbao, teatro di palma di mallorca, nancy opera france, bergen opera norway, latvian national opera, lithuanian national opera, sydney opera house, hawaii opera theater, and concert halls in new york s carnegie hall, london s royal albert hall, berlin philharmonie, tokyo, seoul, etc. his operatic repertoire exceeds 50 roles including calaf in

  8. Boris nikolayevich yeltsin was born in a peasant family on february 1, 1931. after graduating from urals polytechnical institute in 1955, he worked as a construction worker in sverdlovsk ( now yekaterinburg )

  9. In the past, most of the graduates who have chosen to do so were admitted to well known universities around the world, including harvard university, oxford university, massachusetts institute of technology, university of california davis, university of california los angeles, university of cambridge, university of westminster, and so on

  10. Currently a third - year student of the business administration faculty, kitty will go on a year exchange at uc davis after the summer session. she is a member of the cuhk outstanding business students academy and has taken part in case competitions and a number of activities during her studies at cuhk

  11. Born in scotland, stewart robertson is a graduate of the royal scottish academy of music. he studied piano with denis matthews, conducting with otmar suitner at the mozarteum, salzburg and with hans swarowsky in vienna

  12. Sumner redstone tells us that he graduated first in his class at high school some 60 years ago - which was probably gratifying for him at the time but, 60 years on, is of dubious relevance to viacom ' s shareholders

  13. The lactase gene from kluyveromyces lactis was researched in the thesis. the cloned gene was expressed in e. coli and the properties of lactase was determinated. in addition, we studied the expression of lactase gene in the methylotrophic yeast pichia pastoris

    本論文從一株乳酸克魯酵母菌中克隆獲得乳糖酶基因,在大腸桿菌中進行表達並測定其酶學性質,同時也對利用巴赤酵母( pichiapastoris )系統表達該基因進行了探索。