科拉默 的英文怎麼說

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科拉默 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (學術或業務的類別) a branch of academic or vocational study 2 (機關按工作性質而分設的單...
  • : 拉構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ形容詞( 不說話; 不出聲) silent; tacit Ⅱ動詞(默寫) write from memory Ⅲ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • 科拉 : caula
  1. Inchicore, roundtown, windy arbour, palmerston park, ranelagh. f. a. b. p. got that

  2. And after came all saints and martyrs, virgins and confessors : s. cyr and s. isidore arator and s. james the less and s. phocas of sinope and s. julian hospitator and s. felix de cantalice and s. simon stylites and s. stephen protomartyr and s. john of god and s. ferreol and s. leugarde and s. theodotus and s. vulmar and s. richard and s. vincent de paul and s. martin of todi and s. martin of tours and s. alfred and s. joseph and s. denis and s. cornelius and s. leopold and s. bernard and s. terence and s. edward and s. owen caniculus and s. anonymous and s. eponymous and s. pseudonymous and s. homonymous and s. paronymous and s. synonymous and s. laurence o toole and s. james of dingle and compostella and s. columcille and s. columba and s. celestine and s. colman and s. kevin and s. brendan and s. frigidian and s. senan and s. fachtna and s. columbanus and s. gall and s. fursey and s. fintan and s. fiacre and s. john nepomuc and s. thomas aquinas and s. ives of brittany and s. michan and s. herman - joseph and the three patrons of holy youth s. aloysius gonzaga and s. stanislaus kostka and s. john berchmans and the saints gervasius, servasius and bonifacius and s. bride and s. kieran and s. canice of kilkenny and s. jarlath of tuam and s. finbarr and s. pappin of ballymun and brother aloysius pacificus and brother louis bellicosus and the saints rose of lima and of viterbo and s. martha of bethany and s. mary of egypt and s. lucy and s. brigid and s. attracta and s. dympna and s. ita and s. marion calpensis and the blessed sister teresa of the child jesus and s. barbara and s. scholastica and s. ursula with eleven thousand virgins

    這邊是頭戴主教冠的大修道院院長小修道院院長方濟各會修道院院長修士托缽修士斯波萊托550的本篤會修士加爾都西會和卡馬爾多利會的修士551西多會和奧利維坦會的修士552奧托利會和瓦隆布羅薩會的修士553 ,以及奧古斯丁會修士布里吉特會修女554普雷蒙特雷修會聖仆會555和聖三一贖奴會修士,彼得諾的孩子們556還有先知以利亞的孩子們也在主教艾伯特和阿維的德肋撒的引導下從加爾山下來了,穿鞋的和另一派557褐衣和灰衣托缽修士們,安貧方濟各的兒子們558嘉布遣會559修士們,德利埃會修士們,小兄弟會修士們和遵規派修士們560克蕾的女兒們561 ,還有多明我會的兒子們,托缽傳教士們,以及遣使會562的兒子們。再就是聖沃爾斯坦563的修士們,依納爵的弟子們564 ,以及可敬的在俗修士埃德蒙依納爵賴斯率領下的聖教學校兄弟會會員們565 。隨后來的是所有那些聖徒和殉教者們,童貞修女們和懺悔師們。
  3. Sarkozy and german chancellor angela merkel held a joint press conference before their working dinner

  4. Larry summers, then harvard ' s president, caused a storm when he suggested that innate ability could be an important reason why there were so few women in the top positions in mathematics, engineering and the physical sciences

  5. Meeting at the airbus head office between angela merkel and nicolas sarkozy on july 16th was due to bring the drama of eads to a climax

    安格?克爾和尼古?薩齊7月16日在空客總部舉行的會議原本會將歐洲航空防務與空間集團( eads )上演的劇情推向高潮。
  6. Paramount pictures presents an animated film written and directed by steve oedekerk. running time : 84 minutes. rated pg ( for some mild peril and rude humor ). opening today at local theaters

    蒙電影公司的」瘋狂農場」由史蒂夫?歐德克自編自導,片長84分鐘,級別為pg (含有輕度冒險和粗口幽) ,今日在個大影院上映
  7. " the prizes are intended to celebrate the unusual, honour the imaginative - and spur people ' s interest in science, medicine and technology, " said marc abrahams, editor of the science humour magazine annals of improbable research, which sponsors the awards

    學幽雜志不大可能的研究年鑒的編輯此次盛事的主辦人馬克亞伯罕說: 「這些獎項為不平凡的富有想象力的人而設,希望能以此鼓勵人們對學醫學和技術的興趣。 」
  8. After an extensive six - month search, first lady laura bush announced sunday that comerford was chosen from hundreds of applicants to head the executive kitchen

    經過長達六個月的撒網尋覓,上周日( 8月14日) ,美國第一夫人勞宣布福德從幾百名候選者中脫穎而出,成為白宮新一任「第一御廚」 。
  9. Kitchen duties may have traditionally been viewed as women s work, but not at the white house. until now : cristeta comerford has been named executive chef. after an extensive six - month search, first lady laura bush announced sunday that comerford was chosen from hundreds of applicants to head the executive kitchen

    經過長達六個月的撒網尋覓,上周日8月14日,美國第一夫人勞宣布福德從幾百名候選者中脫穎而出,成為白宮新一任「第一御廚」 。
  10. Where is the other colorado plateau traveller in 2003 ? you have been very quiet for the past year. this is the chance to reveal your wonderful shashins

  11. Nicolas sarkozy, the french president, and angela merkel, the german chancellor, have both issued warnings

  12. The fist of e. rushmore coglan banged the table and i was jarred into silence

  13. Scientists are warning activity at the mountain intensified to its highest level yet