科研資料 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yánliào]
科研資料 英文
scientific research materials
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (學術或業務的類別) a branch of academic or vocational study 2 (機關按工作性質而分設的單...
  • : 研同 「硯」
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (錢財; 費用) money; wealth; expenses 2 (資質) intelligence; endowment 3 (資格) quali...
  • : 名詞1 (材料; 原料) material; stuff 2 (喂牲口用的穀物) feed; fodder 3 (料器) glassware 4 (...
  • 科研 : scientific research
  • 資料 : 1. (生產或生活的必需品) means 2. (依據的材料) data; material
  1. Dr chahira kozma, of georgetown university hospital, washington, has used inscriptions and representations on tomb and temple walls, papyrus documents and other objects, as well as human remains, to see how achondroplasia, a cause of the most common type of dwarfism, was regarded in ancient times

  2. The company deals in all sorts of rare earth compounds, individual rare earth oxides and rare earth permenent magnetism materials, etc. in addition, the company supplies all kinds of omniberaing service including technology consultation, technology service and achievement attorn in rare earth research, production and application

  3. In summary the major research work in this thesis can be drawn as follows : 1. the techncal data and research information from woridwide aviation history about bird striking to airframe have been collected and reviewed more carefully the evolutions of bird striking load models and fem numerical compatation methods to bird strike also have been sununarized. this informational research makes great help to position further thesis work scientifically 2

    本文究工作可歸納總結為以下三個方面: 1 、較全面整理綜述了鳥體撞擊飛機結構在國內外航空史上的技術以及鳥撞問題理論與工程究的歷史沿革,總結了撞擊載荷究模型、有限元數值計算方法的發展歷程等,明確了本文究工作的學定位。
  4. Through the canalization to the marketing strategy research of the substantial evidence of the fuxin company, in the foundation that the author has collected large quantity of data, mainly using the relevant marketing theory of dr philip kotler, famous as " the father of marketing ", the author importantly expound that in the operating process, to small enterprise, there are six most important contents, that is : the market marketing environment analyzes, the market marketing investigation analyzes, the marketing segmentation, the choice of the marketing positioning, target market, the pricing of product, adjective pricing strategy, the marketing outlet management of the business and credit sale risk

    本文作者通過對富新公司的營銷策略究實證分析,在收集大量的基礎上,主要應用有「營銷學之父」稱謂的菲利普.特勒( philip . kotler )博士有關營銷策略的相關理論,重點闡述了在經營運作過程中,對中小企業至關重要的六個方面的內容:市場營銷環境分析,市場營銷調分析,市場細分、市場定位、目標市場的選擇,產品定價和價格調整戰略,企業的營銷渠道管理以及賒銷風險的問題。
  5. The study would offer the science evidence to prevention and cure against grasshoppers and the protection of biodiversity, and also the basic information to continuant development of local biodiversity

  6. The research work of this article is a part of the " reliability research of cylinders for compressed natural gas vehicles " project which was subsidized by chongqing scientific committee, it aims to research the destructive theory and design theory and method for fiber enlaced composite materials shell, and synthetically use finite element optimal technology to set up composite materials cad system

  7. Hong kong strongbase group, mainly invested by hong kong strongbase investment co., ltd., is a high - tech enterprise, which specialize in manufacturing, researching developing and promoting led, led related products, accessories and appliances. for the past twenty years, strong base group has been pursued its philosophy of professional management, serial development and scale management with " honesty, factualism, innovation " as its operation tenet

  8. Based on 3 - d seismic well and logging data, mainly by means of advanced seismic theories of reservoirs prediction and other corelational multidisciplinary, an extensive and indepth studying on the tight sandstone reservoir with fracture of the second part of the xujiahe formation in west sichuan depression has been carried out. a series of theoretical viewpoints and research fruition are concluded as follows :. 1 on the basis of analysis of the regional and local structure characteristics and evolution, a conclusion comes in to being : inchoate and nowadays structure traps and the match model between structure and fracturation system are the main factors in controlling the formation of effective traps

    本文綜合利用三維地震、鉆井、巖心、測井,採用地震儲層預測方法為主線的多學綜合究思路對川西坳陷上三疊統須家河組二段緻密裂縫性砂巖儲層進行了較為廣泛、深入的究和探索,取得以下一系列理論認識和究成果: 1 、通過區域及局部構造特徵及構造演化史分析,認為古今構造圈閉、構造與斷裂系統配置關系是控制有效圈閉形成的主要因素。
  9. In chapter 2, the meteorological knowledge, data and the methods of the data processing, related to the study on the atmospheric loads, are simply presented. the model for the perfect gas constant, describes by the relative moisture, is developed. the influences of the variation in the vapor component in the atmosphere on the perfect gas constant are evaluated by using the changing characteristics of the temperature on the surface, its spatial gradient and the barometric pressure

  10. The researchers will take adantage of data from two large - scale studies : lsu health sciences center ' s pathobiological determinants of atherosclerosis in youth ( pday ) study and the multi - ethnic study of atherosclerosis ( mesa )

  11. Wwf hong kong plays an advisory and advocacy role working on policy initiatives, using the best available scientific information to address issues

  12. In addition, i have done some following works : to compile usual chemistry english words ( basic concepts and basic theory ), to translate chemical experiment for students of senior one, to translate exercises for students of senior one, to accumulate and compile about twenty parts of bilingual teaching material, to design about ten classes of teaching material, to issue my article in an important magazine of our contoury, to take part in the chemistry bilingual teaching study group of shanghai, etc. through bilingual teaching, the students have made progress in following aspects : ( 1 ) they have enlarged science vocabulary obviously, and feel easy to accept them ; ( 2 ) they have read some science material more fluently, and their ability has risen in inquiring from internet ; ( 3 ) they can express, in english, some usual chemical terminology, chemical principle, substance phenomenon and experiment procedures ; ( 4 ) in both chemistry and english, they have certain confidence to study well, and have made great progress in both subjects comparing with students of no bilingual teaching

    在兩年的論文撰寫過程,本人在自編教材進行化學雙語教學實踐和究的同時,還編寫了化學雙語常用詞匯(基本概念、基本理論部分) 、翻譯了高一化學學生實驗、翻譯了高一上學期學生練習冊習題、收集和編寫了雙語教學內容和閱讀材20篇左右、雙語教學設計十篇、在國家核心期刊《中小學英語教學與究》上發表文章: 《高中化學雙語教學的體會》 、在市化學中心組-雙語課題組中,參與編寫了化學雙語教師用書、等等。學生通過雙語教學,主要獲得了以下收獲: ( 1 )技詞匯量明顯的增加,對技詞匯的接受己不一再感到困難; ( 2 )能較熟練的閱讀有關技文章,同時,提高了網_ _上查詢的能力; ( 3 )對簡單常用的化學術語、化學原理、物質現象和實驗操作過程等,能用英語表達下來; ( 4 )對學好英語和化學都有了一定的信心,在英語和化學兩門學的學習_ l ,比非雙語學生平均有了明顯提高。
  13. The new scientific data obtained will a firm foundation for further studies on the necessary conditions for space flight

  14. Sergey s research interests include search engines, information extraction from unstructured sources, and data mining of large text collections and scientific data

  15. According to the analysis of petrology, we find that chang 6 oil - bearing is consisted with middle size sandstone and fine sub - sand. chang 6 sandstone belongs to system of lacustrine deltas and mostly influenced by river

    沉積相的究主要從野外露頭, 12口井的巖心觀察入手,結合大量科研資料綜合分析表明,靖安油田長6油層組屬于湖泊沉積體系中湖泊三角洲分佈區。
  16. In addition, the website contains the " hong kong marine fauna database ", which is the first database consisted of photos and scientific information of over 1000 marine fishes and common commercial prawns in hong kong. the database is also equipped with a search engine to facilitate readers for easy browsing. it provides useful information to teachers and scientific researchers for education and research purpose

  17. Numerous scientists have pointed out the irony that, at the historical moment when we have the technologies to permit worldwide availability and distributed processing of scientific data, legal restrictions on transfer make it harder to connect the dots

  18. Discuss bridge structure design and construction in aspect of concrete material, prestress design and technology of stretching reinforced bar. this paper provides theoretical basis for construction of the project and reference data for other similar bridges, gives a detailed description of experiment scheme and construction technology, accumulates initial data for further research on bridge

  19. The significance of this study was that the results from this study could be used as some scientific data for studying the compensation and overcompensation in microalgae. meanwhile, the regularity of overcompensation could be used as guidance for controlling the bloom of harmful algae and carrying out aquiculture of useful algae

  20. The result and analysis offers academic foundation to the research concerning learn and memory and behavioral biology of camponotus japonicus and accumulates scientific information for the development of neurobiology