背景工作線程 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [bēijǐnggōngzuòxiànchéng]
背景工作線程 英文
worker thread
  • : 背動詞1. (用脊背馱) carry on the back 2. (擔負) bear; shoulder
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (風景; 景物) view; scenery; scene 2 (情形; 情況) situation; condition 3 (戲劇、電影的...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (工人和工人階級) worker; workman; the working class 2 (工作; 生產勞動) work; labour 3 ...
  • : 名詞1 (用絲、棉、金屬等製成的細長的東西) thread; string; wire 2 [數學] (一個點任意移動所構成的...
  • : 名詞1 (規章; 法式) rule; regulation 2 (進度; 程序) order; procedure 3 (路途; 一段路) journe...
  • 背景 : (布景; 襯托主體事物的景物; 對人物、事件起作用的歷史條件或現實環境) background; backdrop; setting
  1. In chapter 2, the pcss are manufactured and two technics are introduced. the practical flow is given. meanwhile the linear operational mode and nonlinear operational mode of pcss are analyzed in chapter 3, after simulating time - space distribution of electron and hole in photoconductor, the relations of laser energy, laser character and photoconduction are analyzed and the fundamental principles of nonlinear phenomenon is introduced

  2. This paper focuses on the research of the stress mechanism of the ribbed shell structure in statics, dynamics and under the explosive load on the basis of the engineering practice of cave depot of single aircraft. in this paper, according to the classical shell theories, the basic differential equilibrium of the ribbed shell structure and the finite element analysis of 3d rippled plate are established, in which the function of annular ribs reinforcement bars and 3d ripped steel plates are distributed in the range of the steel, and the functions along the longitude direction of tension, bending, and torsion are neglected ; applied with dynamic analytical theory, the dynamic model of ribbed shell structure and the analytical theory model of elastic - plastic are set up ; the triangle series method is used to solve the displacement and stress under the distributed load and the concentrated load of the ribbed shell structure

  3. The dynamic response of cylindrical shells and conical shells under radial non - uniform impulsive loading has an important application in the filed of military and civil engineering. in this dissertation, the problem of transient response of the cylindrical shell under longitudinal line - loading and that of the conical shell under cosinoidal impulsive loading are studied, and some useful conclusions that have important significances in both theoretic studies and engineering applications are obtained

  4. In this thesis, the construction and monitoring general method of cable replacement work for qianwei minjiang river cable - stayed bridge is introduced firstly, then, using large - scale commercial finite elements analysis software, algor, a space solid model is developed. in order to give attention to internal force and deformation, the thesis simulates the factual situation of the bridge by adding boundary elements. the analyzed items include : cable forces, deflections, stress of box - girder and maximum horizontal deformation of tower under different cable - replacement cases, which can be used to tutor design and construction for other similar works

  5. The application background of thrust vectoring technology on aircraft and its advantages are analyzed. the main characteristics of some type of vectoring nozzles are discussed, the expression of thrust vectoring force and moment are set up. then, the nonlinear motion equations of aircraft with three axes of thrust vectoring are deduced

    本文主要針對推力矢量飛機非性飛行控制的理論和應用問題進行了一定的探索和研究,進行的主要有: 1 、研究了推力矢量在飛機上的應用和收益,分析了現有推力矢量噴管的主要形式和特點,給出了推力矢量力、力矩的數學模型,並在此基礎上推導了帶三軸推力矢量飛機的非性運動方,為控制律的設計奠定基礎。
  6. Statistics and reliability theory are used as the basic theory in this paper to deal with the key and difficult questions in engineering risk analysis and risk decision area. some important structures in south - north water transfer project ( snwtp ) of middle route as the engineering examples are detailed studied in the paper. the main contents researched in this paper are as follows : 1

    本文以概率論及可靠度理論為基礎,以南水北調中,從角度針對當前風險分析及風險決策領域的熱點和難點進行了研究,主要內容如下: 1 、分析了南水北調中中的風險因素,及可能採取的應對措施。
  7. The work including : ( 1 ) svm based auto detection and segmentation of left ventricle mri image the aim of the segmentation of the left ventricle mri image is to find out the inner and the outer contour of the left ventricle, while for that the structure of the heart is very complex, meantime the tag lines may also decay, the contrast of the object and the background will also descend, which still make the segmentation more difficult

    同時,對核空間方法在圖像處理領域的幾種應用進行了論述。本文包括: ( 1 )設計基於svm的mri左心室圖像的自動檢測及分割過心臟mri圖像分割的目的是為了找出mri圖像中左心室的內外輪廓,但是由於心臟的解剖結構非常復雜,再加上標記會隨時間衰減,目標和的對比度會下降,這使得圖像的自動分割更加困難。
  8. In this thesis, a multi - disk rotor supported by two plain journal bearings is used for the numerical and experimental studies. the one aim is to analyze the nonlinear dynamic characteristics of the rotor system under different varying parameters ; the methods of online elimination of the oil whip and subharmonic vibration are developed and studied also. besides the expression of the nonlinear oil film force is proposed, so that the unbalance of the nonlinear rotor system may be identified online

  9. With these backgrounds, the object being investigated in this article is composite metallic and dielectric structure which is composed by piecewise homogeneous, linear and isotropic medium, the problem being investigated is the complex scattering and radiation problem, the intention being investigated is modeling and fast computing the electromagnetic characteristic of electric large complex structures with uniform method, the final objective is developing general fast electromagnetic computing software to solve the realize electromagnetic computing problems in engineering

    本文就是圍繞這一展開的,研究對象是由分塊連續、性、各向同性媒質組成的「金屬與介質混合結構」 ,研究問題是復雜的散射和輻射問題,研究目標是以統一的方法對電大尺寸復雜結構電磁建模與快速計算,最終目的是開發通用的電磁計算序,來解決一些中的復雜電磁計算問題。
  10. Given the protagonist ' s work experience as a clue, the case depicts the management present situation and the defects in the present system of management

  11. Firstly, the paper introduces the background and actuality of the exploitation, tells the whole system based on the vision has four component : the decision - making subsystem, the vision subsystem, the wireless communication subsystem and the robot vehicle subsystem. then, the function, structure, controlling model and using method of the robot vehicle subsystem are introduced. the structure and familiar problems of the wireless communication subsystem are analyzed

    在對機器人足球的研究、現狀介紹的基礎上,對足球機器人系統的四個子系統? ?決策子系統、視覺子系統、無通訊子系統和機器人小車子系統的組成結構及設計方法進行研究,討論了小車子系統的結構功能、控制模式和使用方法;對無通訊子系統的組成結構和常見問題進行分析;詳細介紹視覺子系統的和mirosot比賽系統的視覺部分的操方法;綜述介紹了幾種國際國內常用的決策子系統設計方法。