船中桅 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [chuánzhōngwéi]
船中桅 英文
middle mast
  • : 名詞1. (水上的運輸工具, 船舶的通稱) boat; ship; vessels 2. (姓氏) a surname
  • : 名詞(桅桿) mast
  1. We are just like a humble boat adding the backstays and lifting the sails in the boundless sea finally grows into an ocean liner that could fight with the wind, split the waves and pave forward

  2. The dhow had gone down with them; they were tossing among the rocks and seaweed, so much human drift on the great ocean of death !

  3. Faria, the worthy master of the young amelia the name of the genoese tartan knew a smattering of all the tongues spoken on the shores of that large lake called the mediterranean, from the arabic to the proven ? al, and this, while it spared him interpreters, persons always troublesome and frequently indiscreet, gave him great facilities of communication, either with the vessels he met at sea, with the small boats sailing along the coast, or with the people without name, country, or occupation, who are always seen on the quays of seaports, and who live by hidden and mysterious means which we must suppose to be a direct gift of providence, as they have no visible means of support

  4. " courses, tops ls, and flying - jib, sir.

    「大橫帆帆三角帆,長。 」
  5. That history began in the narrow confines of the fragrant harbour in 1846 when a junk - rigged lorcha was bought to patrol the island. it was lost with all 17 crew in a typhoon two years later

  6. We met with very bad weather again, in which the ship sprung her mainmast.

  7. I ve seen his top - sails with these eyes, of trinidad, and the cowardly son of a rum - puncheon that sailed with put back - put back, sir, into port of spain

    我在特立尼達那邊曾經親眼看到過他的,可是跟我一起航行的那個膽小的飯桶直要往後退,往後退,先生,他一直退到西班牙港哩。 」
  8. This oath was no longer a vain menace ; for the fastest sailer in the mediterranean would have been unable to overtake the little tartan, that with every stitch of canvas set was flying before the wind to leghorn

  9. A giddy climb to the topmast

  10. The breaking of her mainmast, she had great damage on board, and that a great part of her cargo was spoiled.

  11. The shot struck the pirate ship bang on the mast

  12. The ship ' s masts were carried away during the storm

  13. The mast went by the board in the storm

  14. A mast and sail which i had made for her, and a thing like an anchor, but indeed which could not be call d either anchor or grapling ; however, it was the best i could make of its kind : all these i remov d, that there might not be the least shadow of any discovery, or any appearance of any boat, or of any human habitation upon the island

  15. And then, the feasible forecasting reports will be presented combined the calculation methods with the stimulant frequency of the ship and the frequency character of the device installed on the mast. the decreasing methods of vibration are presented too in the design of mast in the future

  16. The ship lost her masts in the storm, was driven on the rocks, and everything went to rack

  17. The susan constant, the biggest of the three ships, was about the length of two mobile homes, including the spars jutting out from her bow and stern

  18. So, our team had not the chance to move horizontal on the mast when the ship was moving. about the 1, 200 meters running, the way was not clear and there is no enough instructors or staffs to direct the 36 trainees, it resulted in most trainees lost the way and failed to finish the 1, 200 meters that included me. according to the environment, city challenge instead of field challenge, camp on beach replaced sole stay in mountain, the tend of wind delayed the sailing schedule and it cancelled the raft race, it took away our opportunity of learning how to make raft by bamboo and large plastic tub

  19. The largest vessels, 133 - meter - long " treasure ships ", had up to nine masts and could carry a thousand people

    最大的一艘被稱為「寶」 ,其身長達133米,多達九根,可搭載一千人。