舵片 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [duòpiān]
舵片 英文
tab 1
  • : 名詞(船、飛機等控制方向的裝置) rudder; helm
  • : 片構詞成分。
  1. Compared to an ordinary rudder, the value of lift coefficient of ichthyoid rudder is about 30 % higher and the maximum rudder angle of it nearly reaches 45 degrees. ichthyoid rudder is a design under such a conception as to effectively utilize the propellers slipstream for rudder action, and featured by having a fish - shaped one - piece construction that is to say - no part of ichthyoid rudder can move in the water

  2. A 3 - d viscosity turbulence model is used to analyze the unsteady around flow field of the thrust - vectoring engine of the jet vane, and results of the area including vane base, vane flake and motor shell are presented

  3. The hardware and the software of a new type tester which is designed for testing a kinds of steering engines with the measuring - controlling technology of microcontroller are mainly described

  4. The tab contains a toothed wheel which is driven at a high angular velocity by the impinging airstreams.

  5. This vessel is a steel cruiser of all - welded construction, two - layer deckhouse, catamaran, double engines, double propellers, double rudders and round bilge, with two semi - hulls connected by bridge, transverse framing for main hull, and longitudinal and transverse composite framing for the superstructure deck. the outlook is matched with the modern buildings and greening overview on both sides of the pearl river. the interior decoration layout is characterized by the multi - functions, luxury, comfort, catering and recreation

  6. Where the dreamland of butterfly built, full, of flowers, spreades a love story of the butterfly lovers. there is only romantic hearthorb full of the room after all prosperities have gone, flying in the space of jinduo titles like butterflies gathering on crystal jade

  7. A long, thin, usually wooden pole with a blade at one end, used to row or steer a boat

  8. Though long has quit the underworld for some time now, qi was too ambitious to come to terms with a simple life. using his identity as the chairman of xiong corporation, qi secretly reorganized ax - crime members to steal the " as crystal " to produce counterfeit us dollars

  9. Through solving the unsteady flow fields of an airfoil - flap, the mechanism of buzz is intensively studied. on the basis of the unsteady flow fields of an airfoil - flap with an upper - wing spoiler, the mechanism of the upper - wing spoiler suppressing the buzz is researched. in additions, the comparisons of the unsteady flow fields of an airfoil - flap with and without a separator show that the separator reduce the speed of the buzz

  10. Finally according to the performance of unmanned helicopter model, we designed the hardware and software of the servo control system based on a psd3234a mcu. also we built a test platform for the helicopter system

  11. In this paper, the backward simulation was summarizd at home andabroad, the characteristics of shell nosing were introduced, the theory and scheme of backward simul - ation of shell nosing was constructed, the determined methods of the boundary conditions were put forward in backward simulation for the processes of shell nosing

  12. The approaches include the modeling, intelligent control and simulation for main diesel marine engine, the designing and development of a single - chip computer based synchronous - meter utilized in ship power station simulation of marine engine room simulator dms - 2000, the software interface of simulation to the ship main engine remote control system aotochief - 4 and the hardware and software development for the ship autopilot control system

    本文對于船舶柴油主機的建模及自動控制,混合智能控制演算法及其模擬;船舶輪機模擬器中的基於單機的船舶電站模擬並車同步表研製、船舶柴油主機遙控系統「 aotochief - 4 」的模擬軟體界面及船舶自動控制軟硬體系統的研製進行了比較詳細的討論。
  13. Boeing ' s activities grew out of president nixon ' s visit in 1972 and the company now buys parts from chinese suppliers for all of its aircraft, including doors and wing panels for the 737, wing - ribs for the 747 and the rudder [ 2 ] for the new 787

    1972年尼克鬆訪華為波音叩響了中國的大門,現在該公司所有飛機的零部件,如737的艙門和翼、 747的翼肋及787新機型的方向,都購自中國供應商。
  14. It is attempt to realize fuzzy control for the ship steering in microcomputer in regard to the application of fuzzy control in the last chapter of the paper