重樓屬 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhònglóuzhǔ]
重樓屬 英文
  • : 重Ⅰ名詞(重量; 分量) weight Ⅱ動詞(重視) lay [place put] stress on; place value upon; attach im...
  • : 1 (樓房) a storied building 2 (樓房的一層) floor; storey 3 (房屋或其他建築物上加蓋的一層房子...
  • : 屬名詞1 (類別) category 2 [生物學] (生物分類系統上所用的等級之一) genus 3 (家屬; 親屬) fami...
  1. Late on tuesday, new york city audubon society and the building ' s board said they had agreed to restore the metal spikes supporting the hawk ' s nest and erect a guardrail around its 12th - floor roost to safeguard residents and passersby

  2. Chapter 3 bases on theory elaboration and noumenal analysis. basing on an urban viewpoint, from the dual attributes, urban attribute and the architecture individual attribute, combining the factors that affects arcade form, it analyses the characteristic of arcade form in contemporaneity conditions and the function of each essential factors. there are many factors that have an important influence on arcade form

  3. Because the north downtown is the old city in municipal area, kits population is intensive and the business in train station, long distance bus station is comparative concentrates. concentrating, the poprlation flows a great deal, so the mission of medical treatment, prevention, health care for this area is heavy. through several generation s effort, the hygiene business of my area from have no to have, go to since the childhood to big, obtained the substantial development, tooctober 1999, my area totally contain 192 all levels vrious medical treatment hygiene organzation, among them the first province class is the sixth people s hospital ; troops hospital is namely 252 hospital ; municipal class hospital 8, namely the first hospital, the first center hospital, the third hospital, north downtiwn hygiene defends the station, the north downtown women and children health care staton ; three countries hosptal namely hanzhuang country hospital, dongjin country hosspital, bailou country hospital ; still there are 56 villages public health offices, 70 individual clinics, 50 business enterprises business unit hygiene room in addition, an a scale as center from the city, regarding village as the key point, under the new form of the socialism economcal market, our hygiene system insists on the material civilization grasp with spiritual civilization together, putting the social efficient in the first, hold " everything regard health as the center, working hard to mold " window image, the municipal fifth hospital is named as baoding civilized committee, baoding hygiene office as the two star class civilized service. my area all hygiene worker will still work hard to create superior quality service ofor the large crowd

  4. It is also specialized in the production of hearver - duty shelf, mid - duty shelf, light - duty shelf, cantilever racking mazzanine driving - in rack, logistical cart and so on

  5. Each netizen expert, the building that i live is 8 buildings, 1, 2 buildings are office business place, first floor place belongs to an unit to add floor, bearing in first floor aluminium is worn into travel burrow on column bridge, answer construct an office room, most lower level serves as a garage, and the earthy layer that also dug 1 meter toward subterranean reopen, is this excuse me influential to our building

    各位網友專家,我所居住的房為8層建築, 1 、 2為辦公營業場所,一單位為了增加層,便在一柱樑上進行打洞穿鋼精,答建一層辦公場所,最下層作為車庫,而且也往地下再開挖了1米的土層,請問這對我們的建築物有影響嗎?
  6. The reference to a " 5 years old replacement flat having been accepted by the government " is not correct

  7. Jdy - 280 electromagnetic lock with led product characteristic : easily installed, low noise and durable ; strong magnetic force, no magnet left when power off with led and network signal output built - in reverse wave protection function usage range : be used with intercoms and access control systems can be installed onto wooden door, metal door, glass door, fireproof door function : working voltage : 12vdc, 24vdc working current : 12vdc 0. 53a, 24vdc 0. 27a working condition : 40 50 working mode : cut off power to open wires are insulated, dc500v absolutely insulated in 1 minute. dimension of the magnet board : : 184 x 36 x 11mm dimension : 235 x 45 x 30mm weight : 1980g yiwu qimingxing computer company copy right

    Jdy - 280磁力鎖帶指示燈產品特性:安裝方便噪音低壽命長吸力強無剩磁內置反向突波保護功能適用於90開門,有門偵測信號帶鎖狀態指示燈及聯網信號輸出適用於宇對講門禁系統配套使用適用門型:木門金門玻璃門防火門電氣性能:工作電壓: 12vdc 24vdc工作電流: 12vdc 0 . 53a 24vdc 0 . 27a工作環境: 40 50工作方式:斷電開鎖鎖狀態有指示燈指示:鎖門時綠燈指示燈亮開門時,紅色指示燈亮絕緣電阻測試: dc500v 1分鐘無擊穿鐵板尺寸: 184 x 36 x 11mm外形尺寸: 235 x 45 x 30mm量: 1980g
  8. Under the horizontal earthquake action and wind force, aim at " the pure frame structure with rectangle columns ", " the pure frame structure with special - shaped columns ", " the frame - truss structure with special - shaped columns " and " frame - shear wall structure with special - shaped columns ", earthquake action analysis was done by the spacial finite element method through the changes structural parameter. analyzing systematically " structure vibration mode ", " vibration period ", " structure lateral rigidity ", " seismic action force ", " seismic response force ", " floor seismic shear force ", " lateral horizontal displacement of structure " and " members internal force ". results indicate : ( 1 ) based on equal area, the special - shaped columns replaced the rectangle columns, the structural lateral rigidity enlarges, the lateral displacement minishes obviously, the earthquake response increase slightly, the biggest increasing amount of frame columns axis - compress ratio is smaller than 0. 08. the whole aseismic performance of structure has improved ; ( 2 ) when the section ' s length and section ' s thickness ratio of special - shaped columns is smaller than 3. 6, the structure benefits to resist seismic action ; ( 3 ) the angle of horizontal seismic action with the whole coordinate is 0 degree, structure earthquake response is bigger, belonging to a control factor of structure aseismic design ; ( 4 ) the frame - truss structure with special - shaped columns and the " a " - brace has the biggest lateral rigidity ; ( 5 ) the frame - shear wall structure with special - shaped columns have bigger lateral rigidity and smaller displacement, members internal force enlarged just rightly, have much superiority of resisting seismic action ; ( 6 ) in the higher seismic fortification criterion region ( 8 degree of seismic fortification intensity ), aseismic disadvantageous building site ( iii type site ), adopting special - shaped columns structure system, should reduce possibly the building ' s self - weight in order to reduce the earthquake response ; ( 7 ) the response spectrum method of computing seismic response and the time - history analysis method have similar analysis result

    西安理工大學碩士學位論文在水平地震作用下,並考慮風荷載組合,分別對「矩形柱純框架結構」 、 「異型柱純框架結構」 、 「異型柱框一析架結構」及「異型柱框-剪結構」等四種結構體系,通過改變結構參數,運用空間有限元方法,進行地震作用計算。系統地分析研究「結構振型」 、 「振動周期」 、 「結構側向剛度」 、 「結構地震反應力」 、 「層地震剪力」 、 「結構側向位移」 、 「層間位移角」 ,以及「構件內力」 。結果表明:在等面積原則下,異型柱代換矩形柱后,結構剛度增大,側向位移明顯減小,地震反應力略有增加,框架柱軸壓比最大增幅小於8 % ,結構整體抗震性能有所提高;當異型柱肢長肢厚比小於等於3 . 6時,結構有利於抗震;水平地震作用力與整體坐標夾角為0度時,結構地震作用效應較大,結構設計的控制因素之一;異型柱框一析架結構採用「人」字斜撐,側向剛度大於「八」字斜撐和「人一八」字混合斜撐;異型柱框一剪結構側向剛度大、位移小,構件內力增大適中,是一種抗震性能優越的結構體系:在抗震設防烈度較高地區( 8度)和抗震不利的建築場地( m類場地) ,採用異型柱結構體系時,應盡可能減輕結構自,降低地震作用力;分別採用「振型分解反應譜」法和「時程分析」法進行地震作用計算,兩種方法所得結果基本一致。
  9. Based on the theory of building differentiation ownership, one can define the roof space ownership and determine the dispute solution rules, which is very important to the theory, judicature practice and consummating the legislation

  10. 10. designating buildings aged 40 years or above as a class of lot will also facilitate redevelopment of buildings without basic sanitary facilities as this type of buildings are most likely to be pre - war buildings

    10 .把達40年或以上的宇定為指明地段類別,亦有助新發展那些極可能戰前落成而缺乏基本生設施的宇。
  11. Particular wires, can be used for long time under the condition of - 65 200 anti strong acid and alkali, durable usage range : be used with intercoms and access control systems. can be installed onto wooden door, metal door, glass door, fireproof door function : working voltage : 12vdc working current : 0. 53a working condition : 40 50 holding force : 280kgs working mode : cut off power to open when the door is being locked, the led turn green, and when the door is open, the led turn red. with network signal output insulated test : dc500v absolutely insulated in 1 minute dimension of the magnet board : 80x24x3mm dimension : 230x40x25mm weight : 1780g

    Jdy - 280埋入式磁力鎖產品特性:安裝方便噪音低壽命長吸力強無剩磁特製導線,可長期使用在65200溫度范圍內,抗強酸堿和有機溶劑,耐老化適用於90開門適用范圍:可與宇對講門禁系統配套使用適用門型:木門金門玻璃門防火門電氣性能:工作電壓: 12vdc工作電流: 0 . 53a工作環境: 40 50工作方式:斷電開鎖絕緣電阻測試: dc500v 1分鐘無擊穿鐵板尺寸: 184 x 36 x 11mm外形尺寸: 230 x 40 x 25mm量: 1780g
  12. Buildings that are 30 years old and above in unsatisfactory conditions or are not up to modern fire safety building design or installation requirements are also targeted

  13. This is mainly because many of the existing old building stocks are either non - profitable for redevelopment or with major site assembly problems

  14. This is primarily due to the high acquisition and interest costs likely to be incurred in the priority project areas. another major reason is the relatively low net redevelopment gain from a considerable proportion of medium - rise old properties in need of redevelopment