重生的肌細胞 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhòngshēngdebāo]
重生的肌細胞 英文
regenerating muscle cell
  • : 重Ⅰ名詞(重量; 分量) weight Ⅱ動詞(重視) lay [place put] stress on; place value upon; attach im...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (生育; 生殖) give birth to; bear 2 (出生) be born 3 (生長) grow 4 (生存; 活) live;...
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • : 名詞1. (肌肉) muscle; flesh 2. [書面語] (皮膚) skin
  • : 形容詞1 (條狀物橫剖面小) thin; slender 2 (顆粒小) in small particles; fine 3 (音量小) thin ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (胞衣) afterbirth2 (同一個國家或民族的人) fellow countryman; compatriot Ⅱ形容詞(同胞...
  • 重生 : a new lease of life
  • 細胞 : cell; sytes; bioplast; cella; [口語] gene; [生物學] cellule; cellule cellulli cellulo ; cello ; k...
  1. Contains nutrition factors which are extracted repeatedly from herbs ( rcf ), adopts american technology, it will promete metabolism to reactivate your skin sell. it will activize and nourish skin, stimulate their regeneration process, prevent skin from ageing leave supple, whiten, smooth and ever - young complexion, used this product after seven times, you will have perfect skin

    引進美國技術,物分化提取珍貴因子( rcf ) ,其獨特活化功能可加快皮膚新陳代謝,充分補足深層營養及水份,深度美白膚,使皮膚水嫩透白,光滑,富有彈性,只需使用七次,即可現動人光彩。
  2. Trial 2, effect of supplemental copper of different type on nutrition and specific immunity of mice - ii the grouping of trialt animal was the same as trial 1, at the first day, second day, third day, one mouse was injected with pha brine fluid for 10mg / kg avoirdupois after weighing in the same time in each repeat, following the 7d, 14d, 21d, 8d feeding period, after weighing, blood was made, wrigh - giemsa coloration, counting the number of lymphocyte female cell and overage lymphocyte, index of immune organ, copper concentration in liver and spleen

    試驗二,不同形式銅對小鼠營養與特異性免疫功能作用-試驗動物分組同試驗一,進入正式試驗期后,在每周第1天、 2天、 3天同一時間每復選取1隻小鼠,稱后每天按10mg kg體肉注射一次植物血凝素理鹽水溶液,並於試驗第7天、 14天、 21天、 28天稱后尾尖取血,姬姆薩-瑞氏染色,計算t淋巴轉化率,計算免疫器官指數,測定肝臟、脾臟銅含量。
  3. As a member of this superfamily, human acidic fibroblast growth factor ( afgf or fgf1 ), expressed by a variety of cells from all three germ layers, shows great potential for clinical applications for therapy of a variety of diseases, such as parkinson ' s disease, spinal cord contusion injury, neural regeneration in reimplantation of broken - off finger, brain ischemia, renal ischemia, myocardial infarction, occlusive vascularitis, retinal ischemia, gastric ulcer and nonhealing wound and so on

    人類酸性成纖維長因子( afgf , fgf - 1 )是成纖維長因子超家族成員。來自於三個胚層多種都可以表達afgf 。 afgf在治療帕金森綜合癥、急性脊柱扭曲性損傷、斷指中神經功能建、腦缺血、腎缺血、心梗塞、閉塞性脈管炎、視網膜缺血、胃潰瘍及難愈合性傷口等多種臨床應用方面具有巨大潛力。
  4. Elevation of intracellular calcium ions may be partly induced by increased influx through sarcolemma l type - calcium channels. intracellular calcium elevation, on one hand, would activate calpain, a calcium - dependent cysteine protease that degrade the myofibrillar proteins and cause muscle atrophy ; on the other hand, result in activation of calcineurin which enhance the activity of mhc i promoter and inhibit a shift of mhc isoforms from slow to fast in soleus

    這樣,可能使得萎縮比目魚內鈣離子水平升高,內鈣離子靜息濃度增加一方面激活calpain ,增加收縮蛋白降解,使肉萎縮;草四軍醫大月卜祠成士學位論文另一方面通過激活鈣調神經磷酸酶,增加快型mhc基因表達,使骨骼球蛋白鏈( mhc )發由慢型向快型轉化。
  5. Recently, a great number of biochemical analyses and immunoctochemical experiments have proved that actin presents in nuclei and chromosomes in plants and animals, showing that actin is involved in the nuclear processes such as chromosome condensation, rna transcription and so on

  6. The quality of feeder layer is affected by a lot of factors, such as animal breed, culture medium, passages in vitro and experiment condition, etc. as to the production of feeder layer, there are a few reports about morphological and histologic change when of embryonic body fibroblast when culturing in vitro and cryopreservation, so kunming mouse were chosen as experimental animals and morphological and histologic changes were studied in course of its embryonic body culturing. we expect to offer theoretical foundation to our laboratory for setting up feeder layer storehouse. at the same time, the feasibility of myocardium tissue culturing with fibroblast layer altogether was studied so that established foundation for studied the biological characteristic of heart outside body

  7. In this report, we mainly covered the following aspects of " tissue organ regeneration and replication in situ " : 1 ) procedures of tissue organd regeneration and replication and replication in clnical practice ; 2 ) the discover and existence of potentiald regenerative cell ( prc ) ; 3 ) the proliferation, differentiation and regeneration law of potential law of potential regenerative cells ; 4 ) study procedure on tissue organ regeneration and replication from prcs in vitro based on the model of full skin organ regeneration in situ after extensive in vitro, set up the method and technology of searching life regenerative substance required in tissue organ regeneration and replication in situ. in this study, first, the whole human body is divided into 206 function units, which are the " tissue organ " in regeneration study. then the histology foundation of tissue organ regeneration and replication in situ is set up. in ordre to prove the existence of the potential regenerative cells and their potential baility and function, we established clinical tracking rechnique of skin organ regeneration in situ ; meanwhile, several tissue organ regeneration and replication in vitro models which represent different kinds of runctions were sucessfully set up, with all these techniques and models, we confirmed : 1 ) the existence, function and ability of pptemtoa regenerative cells ; 2 ) the importance of life regenerative substance ; 3 ) the feasibility of tissue organ regeneration and replication in situ ; 4 ) the big value of tissue organ regeneration and replication in situ in life science and medicine progerss. we also showed the possible foreground of capture cancer with this method and technologh. in this report, nearly 200 photographs of several tissue organ regeneration and replication in situ or in vitro demonstrated the whole process of tissue organ and big organ entities regeneration and replication from cells. the results of tissue organ regeneration and replication in situ mainly include : 1 ) whole skin organ regeneration and replication in situ ; 2 ) gastrointestinal mucosa tissue organ regeneration in vitro ; 3 ) hair follicle tissue organ regeneration in situ or in vitro ; 4 ) never tissue organ regeneration in situ ; 5 ) pancreas tissue organ regeneration and replication in vitro ; 5 ) marrow tissue regeneration in vitro ; 6 ) renal glomerulus and tubule tissue organ tugeneraation in vitro ; 7 ) heart muscle regeneration in vitro, etcl. in order to let more and more people know and understand this technology of tissue organd regeneration and replication in situ, herein, for the first time, we publicize the key points of actualizing this technology. also, we publicized the technology procedures and the frame constitute of life substances. we bilieve this is a big contribution to human science

  8. The crystalline cellular structure is the original form that one ' s ancient red ancestors held that knew a 2000 year lifespan ; ascending into this cellular structure regenerates that which has become decayed in one ' s life, and one literally rolls the clock backwards in time, de - aging and de - compressing the form. ( see " ascending into regenerative biology " for more information on the crystalline form

    水晶結構是擁有2000年壽命紅族祖先起源形體,提升到這一結構將能已腐化體,顧名思義,就是將時鐘指針向後撥轉,抗老化及對身體反壓縮(有關水晶形體更多信息,請看「提升到物體」 ) 。
  9. In order to avoid the possible contamination of the cytosolic actin, we ultilized a cell - free system to study the effect of nuclear actin on the process of chromosome construction

  10. Efficacy : high efficacy nutrient can absorbed by skin quickly, exert the soften efficacy, and make the water deep into horns and form a film, prevent of lacking water, meanwhile adjust the water and grease till balanced, accelerate the metabolism of cells, let your skin rebirth, make your skin watery and tender like the baby ' s

  11. Macadamia nut oil acts as a skin cell regenerator. it is similar to sebum produced by human skin and is easily absorbed. it also serves as a water barrier for our bodies

  12. Composed of active components extracted from high grad korean vinegar combining pure korean ginseng by low temperature, its comprehensive nutrients can be quickly absorbed into skin to effectively remove sallow complexion, spots and darkness, instantly recover white luster of skin, nourish skin, renew cells, and leave skin tender, whiten, beautiful, moist and fine

  13. The biological activity of expressed products were examined with thiazoyl blue tetrazolium bromide ( mtt ) method, and the myoblast as target cell. it concluded that the biological activity of des ( l - 3 ) igf - l protein was 1. 5 to 4 times higher than that of igf - 1 form

    為了檢測其物活性,用組人完整型igf - 1蛋白和截短型igf - 1蛋白分別刺激c2c12成,然後用mtt (噻唑蘭)法比較了這兩種蛋白對c2c12成促增殖能力。
  14. Exercise could lead to remodeling of icn, of which normal exercise load might lead to proportional increase of cardiac and icn, adapting oneself ot transmit of contractility between myocardial bundles and cardiac muscle cell ( cmc ) under conditions of myocardial hypertrophy ; and exercise overload might lead to increase of a large number of different collagen among myocardial bundles, cmc, arteriole and capillary, that could lead to increase of stiffness and descent of systolic and diastolic function of heart

  15. Serums are concentrates of active ingredients with regenerating properties to skin cells. they also deliver nutrients deep into skin cells and resuscitate the sleepy cells so that they shine with new life force for a softer, smoother, more even, supple and radiant complexion