asp application service provider 中文意思是什麼

asp application service provider 解釋
  • asp : n 小毒蛇,蝮蛇。n adj 〈詩〉 = aspen ASP = American Selling Price 美國售價。ASP = Anglo Saxon ...
  • application : n. 1. 適用,應用;運用。2. 申請,請求;申請表格。3. 勤勉,用功。4. 敷用;敷用藥。
  • service : n 塞維斯〈姓氏〉。n 1 服務;工作;公務;職務;事務;業務;行政部門(人員),服務機構(人員)。2 ...
  • provider : n. 1. 供給者,準備者。2. 需供養家庭的人。
  1. Asp application service provider

  2. The research work based on the sub - project " software system and toolkit support asp ( application service provider ) " and the project of " the research of agile virtual manufacturing technology ", the former is supported by national tenth five - year plan science and technology key project " the key technology and its application in manufacturing industry information ", under grant no. 2001ba201a05, the later is supported by national committee of defence and industry, under grant no. k1800020502

    本文獲得「十五」國家科技攻關計劃重大項目《製造業信息化關鍵技術攻關及應用工程》子課題「支持asp服務的軟體系統及工具集」 (項目編號: 200lba20la05 )及國防科工委基礎研究項目「敏捷化虛擬製造技術研究」 (項目編號: k1800020502 )支持。
  3. Application designer also supports a contract - driven approach in that you can create a web service provider endpoint on an asp. net application with predefined operation signatures and types based on an existing wsdl file or. disco file

    應用程序設計器還支持協定驅動的方法,因為您可以基於現有的wsdl或. disco文件,使用預定義的操作簽名和類型在asp . net應用程序上創建web服務提供者終結點。