back boiler 中文意思是什麼

back boiler 解釋
  • back : n 1 背,背部;背脊;背面,反面;背後,後部,後面,裏面。2 (指)甲;(刀)背;(手)背;(書)背...
  • boiler : n. 1. 煮器(壺、鍋等);熬煮東西的人。2. 汽鍋,鍋爐;〈美俚〉酒類干餾器。3. 〈俚語〉導彈。
  1. Bunch of kids held a rave in the boiler room about two months back

  2. As to simple turbine, steam discards directly into atmosphere, or into condensator for cooling, then goes back to boiler for use

  3. Through measuring residual swhirling flow field in the flue duct of a real boiler, and analysing layout features of front and back platen supe - heaters in large - scale tangential firing boilers, the flue gas energy distribution regularity in horizontal flue duct of tangential firing boilers has been studied

  4. Specification for safety and rational use of energy of domestic gas appliances - combined appliances - gas fire back boiler

  5. A batch of civilian battalion such as hospital of beijing burgeoning hospital, shanghai the yangtse river medical establishment " inside story of a plot of diagnosis and treatment " after be being announced, let civilian battalion hospital carried black boiler on the back almost