baby break 中文意思是什麼

baby break 解釋

  • baby : n 1 嬰兒,赤子,奶娃娃。2 孩子氣的人;幼小動物;小東西,一個集體[家庭]中最年幼的人。3 〈常作定語...
  • break : vt (broke, 〈古語〉 brake; broken 〈古語〉broke)1 毀壞,弄壞,損壞,毀損。 break a doll 弄壞洋...
  1. Women should take a " baby break " from their careers in their late twenties to avoid the potential trauma of not being able to have children in their mid - to - late thirties, a report says today

  2. Taking care of a crying baby can be very tiring. when you feel exhausted, take a break and unwind the tension. find someone to baby - sit for you

  3. Jive savvily and aggressively marketed britney to the backstreet boys crowd, by including her songs on a backstreet boys cd sampler, offering free previews of her video which features the pop starlet doing her best lolita impression in a very short plaid catholic schoolgirl skirt and skintight baby tee to anyone who requested the backstreet boys " i ll never break your heart " video on cable music channel the box, getting her a slot alongside the boys on the sabrina the teenage witch soundtrack, and landing her generous coverage in us teenybopper mags like superteen, bop, teen machine and teen people - all this before her debut album, the somewhat suggestively titled. baby one more time, even came out

    搖擺樂的盛行和入侵,在市場的驅動下布萊尼來到了後街男孩組合,在後街男孩的cd樣品中包含了她的歌,還免費提供了她的視頻預覽這位熱門的小明星在她的影帶中以花格呢的天主教女生短裙裝和緊身的baby tee ,贏得了極佳的印象。 「 i ll never break your heart 」 mtv登上了有線音樂頻道的排行榜,並且深受美國青少年的喜愛!隨之傳出了小甜甜布蘭尼與超級男孩timberlak和後街男孩nick carter的浪漫史。
  4. Dinner apron this apron has been especially designed so that when the baby drops food and drink at dinnertime, it protects the peripheral area from becoming soiled. moreover, made from hard - to - break resin, it is durable enough to withstand frequent use

  5. My mother said if processes is not good, the baby ' s skin can break the skin, when the time comes again adds on the perspiration or urinates salty, can let the baby pain to cry loudly

    我媽說如果處理不好,寶寶? ?的皮膚就會破皮,到時候再加上流汗或尿尿鹹鹹的,會讓寶寶痛得哇哇大哭!