bitstream 中文意思是什麼

bitstream 解釋
  1. Application of a watermark schema based on local gain control algorithm for video bitstream

  2. 132 syntax structure : zero or more syntax elements present together in the bitstream in a specified order

  3. The algorithm structure of g. 729a is the same as that of g. 729 and the bitstream of g. 729 a is interoperable with that of g. 729

    729減少復雜度的版本,其編解碼演算法結構與g 729的編解碼演算法結構一樣,其比特流與g 729的比特流可互操作。
  4. The algorithm codes an image into multi - layer bitstream, and then the multi - layer bitstream is coded ulteriorly with the improved adaptive binary arithmetic

  5. A good algorithm is one that has a low computational complexity, provides a high quality of motion compensation and also ensures that the bitstream is as small as possible

  6. 43 encoding process : a process, not specified in this recommendation | international standard, that produces a bitstream conforming to this recommendation | international standard

  7. 18 byte - aligned : a bit in a bitstream is byte - aligned when its position is an integer multiple of 8 bits from the first bit in the bitstream

  8. Second, the international standards for video coding are briefly described including h. 26x and mpeg. particularly, the encoding and decoding algorithm and bitstream syntax of h. 263 are introduced in detail

    第二:總結了針對不同應用而制定的視頻編碼國際標準包括h . 26x和mpeg系列,較詳細的介紹了h . 263編解碼演算法和碼流語法結構。
  9. If we splice it simply by " cut and copy ", the status flag may be lost, so the decoder cannot decode and display the bitstream correctly. this paper disscuss all the problem about mpeg - 2 bitstream splicing

    如果通過簡單的拷貝、粘貼來完成mpeg - 2碼流的拼接工作就會使拼接點前後數據的相關性或狀態信息丟失而造成拼接后碼流不能正確解碼。
  10. Proposing to adaptively encode run length with 3 symbol ' s arithmetic coding in term of it ' s binary form, which can be generalize any codec using run length. hereby, bdrl is realized to form embedded bitstream

    與一些流行的性能優秀的小波編碼器相比,對于文中的一些測試圖像,在各個比特率時mcgsd的效果都是最好的,峰值信噪比( psnr )值都是最高的。
  11. It is constitutued of three parts, first part gives some basic knowledge about mpeg - 2 bitstream splicing, such as mpeg - 2 standard, linux and scte standard about digital program insertion. second part concerns the vbv buffer control, pcr, pts / dts adjustment

    論文共分為三部分,第一部分首先討論了數位元組目插入的基本概念、應用范圍,編碼壓縮標準mpeg - 2 ,碼流拼接標準scte302001和scte352001 ,本論文的實現平臺linux 。
  12. However, video communication can tolerate some kind of data error or loss and different parts of video bitstream have unequal error sensitivities. so we need new error control methods designed especially for video communicaton

  13. This paper also present a method that reduces the computational requirements of the encoder, while still upholding picture fidelity and remaining compatible with the h. 263 bitstream standard. often a substantial number of inter - macroblocks in the encoder are reduced to all - zero values after quantization. we introduced a method of predicting when those macrobolcks will quantize to zeros, which in turn allows us to eliminate the computation that would normally be required for those macroblocks

    在編碼器中宏塊經過dct變換和量化后,總有一定數量的宏塊的系數全為零,因此在進行dct轉換前先進行預測,將那些預測系數全為零的宏塊提前查找出來,然後將系數全為零的宏塊azq ( all - zeroquantizedcoefficients )直接送到熵編碼模塊進行可變長編碼。
  14. The protocol opnet models built here could be reused for the simulation of throughput performance of aos bitstream, virtual channel access and other services, for the simulation of delay, channel utilization, and other aos protocol performance metrics, or for the simulation of the performances of high layer protocols ( space network layer, transport layer ) based on the aos space data link protocol

  15. We take h. 264 scalable extension as example to analysed the bitstream structure and error propogation path and create the adaptive rate - distortion model. complying with the presented scalable video stream model, the file format for scalable video is proposed based on iso base media file format, which is simple and flexible enough to address the demands of scalable video application

    最後,本文以基於h . 264的可擴展編碼技術為例,分析其碼流結構和誤差傳遞路徑,建立基於h . 264的可擴展編碼自適應率失真模型,設計了兼容國際標準的可擴展視頻編碼文件格式。
  16. The paper introduces the technique of the recommendation on the basic frame, encoder and decoder ' s main technique and regulation, the syntax and semantics of the bitstream, optional coding algorithm, and etc. in the forth part of the paper, aimed the time - costest and most important technique - discrete cosine transform ( dct ) and motion estimate algorithms, paper analyses the classical and practical algorithms and introduce the theory. then paper sum up all the algorithms character, give out the ameliorated algorithm, and simulate with the c language on the computer. these two algorithm, can be realized using hardware and can be used into the real videophone ' s video module

    論文的第四部分,針對可視電話中最耗費計算時間,也是其中最關鍵的技術? ?離散餘弦變換( dct )和運動估計演算法進行的仔細的研究,分析了當前出現的經典的實用演算法,並對其原理進行了研究和介紹,並總結各種演算法的特點和原理,各自提出了其的改進演算法,給出了其原理介紹和實現方法,並在計算機上使用c語言進行了模擬試驗,並達到了較為滿意的效果,這兩種演算法,完全可以通過硬體得以實現並能應用到實際的可視電話的視頻模塊壓縮演算法中去。
  17. G. 729a is the reduced - complexity version of 8kbit / s speech coding algorithm g. 729 standardized by sg15 of itu - t. the algorithm structure of g. 729a is the same as that of g. 729 and the bitstream of g. 729a is interoperable with that of g. 729

    G . 729a是8kbit / s語音編碼標準g . 729減少復雜度的版本,其編解碼演算法結構與g . 729的編解碼演算法結構一樣,其比特流與g . 729的比特流可互操作。