h-particle 中文意思是什麼

h-particle 解釋
n. 名詞 質子。

  • h : = 【電學】 henry; 【化學】 hydrogen; 【物理學】磁場密度 (intensity of magnetic field) 地磁水平...
  • particle : n 1 顆粒,微粒;微量,極少量。2 【物、數】粒子,質點。3 【語法】虛詞,不變詞〈冠詞、副詞、介詞、...
  1. Pilot - scale experimental results showed that, comparing to conventional gravity filtration, the up - flow filtration has greater capacity in containing removed suspended solid and producing filtrate under the test conditions. coarse media with particle diameter ranging 0. 63 - 2. 00mm were used in order to apply relatively higher backwash rate of 21 l / ( m2. s ) for achieving better media clean - up after a filtration run. under the test conditions, the media thickness ranging 82 - 85 iron, water temperature ranging 6 - 27, and influx turbidity of 30 ntu, it achieved the results of the average filtration rate ranging 16 - 18 m / h, the average effluent turbidity of 1 ntu, and action cycle ranging 14 - 24h

    中試研究結果表明,粗石英砂濾料上向流過濾比傳統的重力流過濾具有更大的含污能力和產水量,為適用較高的反沖洗強度( 21l ( m ~ 2 ? s ) )以便濾料清洗更干凈,採用粒徑范圍為0 . 63 2 . 00mm的粗石英砂濾料,濾層厚82 85cm ,水溫6 27 ,進水濁度為30ntu左右等情況下,能獲得平均濾速為16 18m h 、平均濾后水濁度為1ntu左右、周期達14 24小時的好效果。
  2. H. wollnik, optics of charged particle, academic press, inc., 1987

    唐天同, 《應用帶電粒子光學引論》 ,西安交通大學出版社,西安, 1986 。
  3. ( 3 ) the most principal factors that influence the supersonic atomization process include the flow ratio of the gas - liquid metal ( gmr ) value, the flow of atomizing of gas and the range of the inverse vortex taper. the more of the value of three factors, the more advantage they are for the atomization and the more fine the powders are. ( 4 ) the produced powders are the best in efficient atomization efficiency, particle diameter, particle shape and dispersion when the solder alloy is zhl63a, atomizing medium is n2, the protrusion h = 6. 0mm, atomizing gas pressure p = 100mpa, over - heat temperature t = 167 ( t = 350 )

    研究結果表明: ( 1 )超音速霧化器的氣體流場在導液管下端形成一個倒渦流錐,在二維空間上呈軸對稱的雙峰分佈,負壓形成於這個倒渦流錐內; ( 2 )修正後的霧化氣體速度公式可以滿足超音速霧化的要求; ( 3 )影響超音速霧化工藝最根本的因素有氣液質量流率比( gmr )的大小、霧化氣體流量和倒渦流錐范圍,三個因素的值越大,對形成細粉越有利; ( 4 )在焊錫合金為zhl63a ,霧化介質微n _ 2 ,導液管突出高度取h = 6 . 0mm ,霧化氣體壓力取p = 1 . 0mpa ,合金過熱度取t = 167 ( t = 350 )時,所制得的粉末在有效霧化率、顆粒球形度、粒度及其離散度三個方面綜合性能最好。
  4. Besides, successfully calculating the electromagnetic four - potential in the spacetime of charged black hole expressed by the generali zed spherical coordinate and furtherly solving the h - j equation of such spacetime make it possible to get the exact description of the energy extent of nonthermal radiation particle and to study the characteristics of such black hole ' s nonthermal radiation

  5. On the base of the study of dense gas - solid flow, we make full - scale numerical simulation on the combustion and pollutant emission processes of the 75t / h circulating fluidized bed ( cfb ) which is developed by our institute. we draw the conclusion on the characteristics of flow field, particle track, temperature profiles and species profiles. we also study the characteristics of coal combustion and nox formation and the interactive influence between them

    在對高濃度氣固兩相流動的系統研究基礎上,針對我們熱能所研製開發的75t h循環流化床熱電氣三聯供裝置,首次對于流化床燃燒爐內的燃燒和污染物排放進行了較全面的數值模擬,得出了爐內的流場、顆粒軌跡場、溫度場和組份場,研究了煤粉燃燒特性和氮氧化物的排放特性以及影響它們的因素。