iatric 中文意思是什麼

iatric 解釋
adj. 形容詞 醫學的,醫療的,醫生的,藥物的。

  1. It adopts full stainless steel as its material with nice appearance and compact structure, it brings convenience for operating and can be applied for the cleaning of electric parts, mechanism, chrono parts, horologe parts, weather parts iatric machines parts, new material and glass etc

  2. To discuss computerized administration of the storehouse of iatric consumptive materials

  3. With the practice instance of iatric equipments in our hospital, this paper is refer to some experience of the issues about the after service of instruments which should be pay attention to

  4. Compared with primary second sampling a / d converter, it realizes digital feedback by digital circuit and does n ' t adopt high accuracy d / a converter with complex technology and high price. it has many excellent qualities, such as high - integration, high - accuracy, widely used, low - price. it can be widely used in test and measure system, scientific instrument, iatric instrument, automatic test system etc. so popularizing this new type a / d converter has very significant meaning

    與原有的兩次采樣a / d轉換器相比,用數字電路實現數字反饋可不用技術復雜、價格昂貴的高準確度d / a轉換器,具有集成度高、準確度高、適用性強、價格低等優點,可廣泛應用於測量測試系統、科學儀器、醫療儀器、稱重儀器、自動測試系統等。