iaru 中文意思是什麼

iaru 解釋
IARU = International Amateur Radio Union 國際業余無線電愛好者聯合會。

  1. I would like to report that during the weekend iaru contest, worked 72 “ b ” stations

    在上周末舉行的iaru比賽的時候我和72個" b "電臺(中國電臺)進行了通聯。
  2. The secretary will submit to the registrar of societies and to the secretariat of iaru region 3, within twenty - eight days written notice of any alterations made

  3. Each entrant agrees to be bound by the provisions of this announcement, by the regulations of his / her licensing authority and by the decisions of the arrl awards committee, acting for the iaru international secretariat

    參賽者必須同意遵守前述的比賽規則、自己執照所規范的事項、 arrl獎狀委員會因應iaru國際秘書處的要求所做的決定。