naevus 中文意思是什麼

naevus 解釋
n. 名詞 (pl. naevi ) 【醫學】痣;(一般的)斑點。
a pigmentary naevus 黑痣,黑痦子。

  1. Eliminate the taitian naevus

  2. The survey on the curative effects of 298 cases of inner naevus treated by microwave theropy combined with taining suppository

  3. Rectum cancer, motherland medicine says for " the naevus that lock up anus ", the department shows dentate line above reachs rectum the bump of rectum and ministry of have a common boundary of second shape colon

    直腸癌,祖國醫學稱之為「鎖肛痔」 ,系指直腸齒狀線以上至直腸和乙狀結腸交界部的腫塊。
  4. It is haemorrhoid, not afraid, this is the disease with a very high incidence of a disease, have 10 people the view of 9 naevus, that is to say almost the pile that everybody has different rate, some is heavy, some also does not become aware even oneself, i recommend root of your use naevus to break, it is medicine of profess to convinced, germany imports, 40 yuan or so, the drugstore that arrives big a little bit has commonly, every 80, eat 3 times everyday, every time 3, eat effective fruit, but this medicine is to ask to be able to insist to eat, next at ordinary times dietary attention is not stimulated tartly, do not let him get angry, much draft fruit drinks water more, maintain defecate unobstructed, ok, if felt embarrassed not to see a doctor, because the doctor can suggest you become an operation commonly, not quite good, the operation is unwarrantable also cure completely, if you are the female that had not borne, that should not become an operation more, because give birth to a child later when, still meet those who cause haemorrhoid recrudesce greatly too forcibly, believe me, additionally you can cooperate medicine of an external use, ma yinglong haemorrhoid creams, besmear outside, more comfortable, this is cheaper, a few money, go quickly buying drug, do not delay too long, arrived otherwise the degree of defecate belt blood is painful