pharmaceutical sales manager 中文意思是什麼

pharmaceutical sales manager 解釋
  • pharmaceutical : adj. 1. 制藥(學)上的。2. 藥劑師的。3. 應用藥物的。n. 藥物。adv. -ly
  • sales : (銷售收入):因銷售商品而向顧客收取的款項,包括現銷和賒銷。
  • manager : n 1 處理者;經理(人),管理人;經營者。2 幹事,理事,【戲劇】舞臺監督,導演;〈pl 〉(英議會)兩...
  1. Company owing to thorough but original comprehension of chinese market, constellate the chinese and foreign marketing essence, from create a set of marketing mode of " a half of supermarket tread " of. the marketing mode of the usage " a half of supermarket tread ", the company turns to circulate the realm in the agriculture from zero starts, only use ten years to become the flagship of the profession for the development, once bring about numerous sale storms in the industry, drive for the miracle of the chinese and foreign marketing history. a manager of the company sale sung spring scenes the sir is a chinese agriculture to turn the experienced marketing expert of market, serving as the united states at the same time, new zealand etc. the country well - known several marketing advisers of pharmaceutical factory of company and domestic and the market sales plan the person