ring ore body 中文意思是什麼

ring ore body 解釋
  • ring : n 1 圈,環,輪;戒指,指環,耳環,鼻圈,鐲子(等);【運】吊環。2 輪狀物;【植物;植物學】年輪;...
  • ore : n. 礦;礦砂,礦石;〈詩〉金屬(尤指貴金屬)。 be in ore 含有礦物。n. (pl. ore)1. 歐爾〈瑞典貨幣單位,等於1/100克朗〉。2. 歐爾硬幣。
  • body : n 1 身體,體軀,肉體;屍首;軀干,【林業】立木。2 本體,主體;主力;本文,正文;部分。3 (衣服的...
  1. 4. the feature of linearity and ring structures shows that three structural lenses that are formed by the junction of four level i faults in alignment are helpful to the formation of ore - body. in longshujiao and longtouzhai lenes there are many intersectant east - north and west - north low level faults, so they are concentration place of ore - bodys

    4 、從遙感線環構造特徵上看,區內的四條主要東西向線性構造,是級控巖控礦線性構造,它們在走向上弧形交接形成三個構造透鏡體,是成礦的有利部位。