模頭流動分析 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [tóuliúdòngfēn]
模頭流動分析 英文
die flow analysis
  • : 模名詞1. (模子) mould; pattern; matrix 2. (姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ動1 (液體移動; 流動) flow 2 (移動不定) drift; move; wander 3 (流傳; 傳播) spread 4 (向壞...
  • : 分Ⅰ名詞1. (成分) component 2. (職責和權利的限度) what is within one's duty or rights Ⅱ同 「份」Ⅲ動詞[書面語] (料想) judge
  • : Ⅰ動詞1. (分開; 散開) divide; separate 2. (分析) analyse; dissect; resolve Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • 流動 : 1. (液體或氣體移動) flow; run; circulate 2. (經常變換位置) going from place to place; on the move; mobile
  1. The additional flow is formed by the device of dentoid baffle, and the application of the device of dentoid baffle cooperated with a stilling basin has been investigated by systematic model tests. based on the research results, the hydraulic problems such as the characteristics of hydrodynamic pressure and cavitation on the head of the denotid baffle, the properties of flow under the condition that the device of denotid baffle is used with a stilling basin, the hydraulic computation about a stilling basin, the estimation of energy dissipation and its various affection factors, the mechanism and effect of energy dissipation, and distributions of velocity and pressure and aerating concentration, etc, have been analyzed ; the method and step of hydraulic design of device of denotid baffle by which the additional flow is produced has also been proposed

  2. Another based mathematics model about the anchor cable is used for ship - anchor system. the numerical calculation have been worked by programmed in the matlab language. at the same time the influence that the dragging speed of antisubmarine helicopter and the height over the surface of ocean acts on the shape and the tension of underwater cable, and that the current velocity and the diameter of anchor cable acts on the shape and the tension of anchor cable, has been calculated

  3. This thesis deals, firstly, with the internal relations among office automation, c - government, c - business and corporation - online, point out that office automation is the basic of e - government, and the latter is the leading - goat of e - business and corporation - online. then it discusses the basic theory, the model, the hierarchical structure and the latest development phases of office automation system ; analyses the theory of workflow technology. meanwhile, the author puts an emphasis upon analyzing the functional demands of government office automation and requirements of system platform, introduces the connotation and development of the information of government affairs of our country, including c - government and government - online, and explains that in information times it is governments to practise government affairs information in order to keep pace with the times

    本論文首先揭示了辦公自化、電子政務、電子商務和企業上網之間的內在聯系,指出辦公自化是電子政務的基礎,而電子政務化是電子商務和企業上網的領羊;接著了辦公自化系統的基礎理論、型及層次結構、以及辦公自化技術的發展階段;探討了工作技術的理論;剖了機關辦公自化功能需求及其對系統平臺的要求;對我國政務信息化(包括電子政務與政府上網)的內涵、發展進程作了介紹,論述了政府在信息時代要真正適應時代的需要,必須實行政務電子化;在此基礎上,對祥雲縣政府oa dass系統進行了較為詳細的系統與設計,初步描繪了系統的實現情況。
  4. The thesis was written under the direction of dynamic theory of forming reservoir, follows the rules of comprehensive information, judgment, interpretation and assessment and even makes full use of outcrop geology, data from drilling and logging, data from laboratory analysis and achievements in geophysical exploration. considering the basic factors of forming reservoir in the south of ordos basin as the starting point, the thesis defines that yanchang group of triassic goes into the start of generating oil in the late period of mid - jurassic and that the largest oil generation peaks in the middle period of early cretaceous, after the analogue - history of hydrocarbon generation. meanwhile it also establishes the relationship between the evolution of oil and gas and the formation of traps, the time of oil exploration

    本文以成藏力學理論為指導,本著綜合信息、綜合判斷、綜合解釋、綜合評價的原則,充利用露地質,鉆測井資料,實驗資料及物化探成果,以鄂爾多斯盆地南部的基本成藏要素為出發點,通過生烴史擬,確定了三疊系延長組在中侏羅晚期( 150ma )進入生油門限,于早白堊世中期達到最大生油高峰期;同時並確立了油氣演化與圈閉形成、捕油時間的關系;通過體勢的全區計算,提出了該區油勢具有明顯的「雙層」結構特徵,並建立了以靜水壓力為主的重力系統和以差異壓實作用為主的壓實系統的型;通過成藏力學系統的劃及事件,探討了該地區油氣聚集規律,最終指出了有利的含油氣遠景區。
  5. Afterwards, combining mathematical model with simulation model, the moving air traffic flow in airport was further analyzed ; the algorithms of random flight generation, departure waiting list and taxiing flow optimization was proposed to construct the airport practical evaluation model

  6. In the thesis the low drag - low noise optimization of the vehicle main form design is realized, main accomplishments are as follows. researched the knowledge of drag and flow noise, the parameters of the boundary layer are calculated by the hess - smith method and boundary layer momentum integral method. the calculation of the length of transition zone and change in boundary layer displacement thickness between laminar and turbulent states in the transition is improved, then the drag coefficient and self - noise from the transition zone are calculated as the objective functions of the optimization

  7. In the selective calculation module, the calculations of heat exchanger design, the analysis of pipe setting patterns are combined with the database so that the selective calculation sub - system is developed. considering the factors such as uniform flowing of the fluid, smaller inner radius of the shell, the well heat exchanging effect and saving materials, the pipe setting module is developed based on the designing data. in the module for automatically generating parts and assembly drawings, the database of pattern sizes and the drawing libraries are established according to the classifications and series

  8. The numerical simulation and experimental research made on the characteristics of the clearance cavitations in kaplan turbine are described herein ; in which the analysis mainly is concentrated on the characteristics of leakage - vortex caused by the flow of the clearance between blade tip and blade chamber, that occurs at the front - pressure side of the blade, and the intensity of the secondary - flow - vortex ; furthermore, the relationship in between the leakage - vortex, secondary flow vortex, cavitations and erosion are analyzed as well

  9. The 3d turbulent flow fields around high - speed trains of four kinds of model uain have been calculated by 3d parallel compute program coded with the algorithms presented in this thesis. from the calculation results, the aerodynamic drag of different types of model trains are obtained, some characteristics of the flow field over the high - speed train are analyzed preliminarily such as pressure distribution and diversification, velocity distribution and diversification, and the affections of different train head shape to pressure. velocity, pressure gradient and the like

  10. These landslides go with fluidization peculiarity different degree in course of their motion, and their speed and distance increase several times because of the fiuidization, thereby the disaster area greatly broaden. on the base of above, the paper studies systematically the fluidization of large high - speed rockslides in all its aspects : analyzed the aerodynamic effect in the short - range on the base of the wind turmel experiment, studied the effect of falling into pieces when landslides collides mountain ; studied the accelerating effect through high - speed collide experiment of landslides model ; and the paper reappear the overall process including set - out, collide in the short range, debris flow in the long - range of touzhai large landslide via distinct element method ( dem ), studied the flow law and equation of different type of debris flow resulted from large landslide. as a sample to apply, the paper analyzed fluidization mechanism of touzhai landslide

    基於這一點,本文對大型高速巖質滑坡的體化現象進行了全面而系統的研究:通過風洞型實驗,研究了大型高速滑坡凌空飛行階段的空氣力學效應,研究了飛行中滑坡巖體在與途中不山體發塵碰撞時的解體破碎效應,通過滑坡巖體高速碰撞型實驗研究了滑坡巖體解體破碎後部巖體的加速運效應,並應用離散單元法再現了雲南寨溝大型滑坡啟高速、近程碰撞、遠程碎屑的全過程,研究了巖體解體破碎后形成不同類型碎屑的運規律及運方程,並對寨滑坡體化運機理進行了實例,取得了以下主要結論和成果: ( 1 )對于大型高速滑坡,大多在啟程活階段已獲得了高速,這使得這類滑坡在其離開剪出口之後以凌空飛行的形式向前運,在其飛行過程中,滑坡巖體與空氣強烈作用,並產生空氣力學效應,滑坡巖體在因碰撞而產生的解體破碎效應及部巖體的加速運效應的作用下,在遠程活階段,以高速碎屑的形式向前運
  11. After going over the basic theoretical principles of petri - net, the paper analyzes the exiting problems such as " block " of basic petri - net, then introduces a compound modeling idea, makes a hierarchical and dynamic model of container terminal logistics system with the four sub - models of collecting containers, unloading ships, loading ships and picking up containers, and summaries their events - changing list

  12. The main works of this paper are : 1. typical systematic effects due to geometry change are well known. the external flow field of the automobile model was simulated to find out how it reacted to the aerodynamics characteristic, when the foreside geometry of automobile body changed

    本文主要工作如下: 1 、根據幾何尺寸對典型系統的影響,改變汽車車外形的基本尺寸,將不同外形尺寸參數下的型在虛擬場中進行外場的數值擬,其對氣性能的影響,得到最基本的外形概念。