海外信用證 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [hǎiwàixìnyòngzhèng]
海外信用證 英文
foreign credit
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (外面) outside; external side 2 (外國) foreign country 3 (以外) besides; beyond; in ...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (使用) use; employ; apply 2 (多用於否定: 需要) need 3 (敬辭: 吃; 喝) eat; drink Ⅱ名...
  • : Ⅰ動詞(證明) prove; verify; demonstrate Ⅱ名詞1 (證據) evidence; proof; testimony; witness 2 (...
  • 海外 : overseas; abroad
  1. After successful login, users can make account enquiries, fund transfers to local and overseas accounts, manage mpf contributions, apply for and amend letters of credit, submit payroll payment files and use other banking services on the secure and reliable platform of corporate cyberbanking

  2. At the same time, our company help the customer provide import & export agent service, it include gather the international market information, inquire and offer, handling the check procedure and import license, sign contract, handling the transport and import & export cargo custom clearance procedure and so on

  3. Apart from the appointments as legal advisers in the governmental institutions, companies and enterprises, the law office mainly deals with the legal consultancy and service in the spheres such as the international trade, international direct investment and financing, bank loans and l / c business, project contracting, real estate, international ocean transportation, trade marks and unfair competitions and so on ; provides assistance in the study, drafting, examination, revision and negotiations of all sorts of contracts, agreements, articles of association and other legal documents, grand ' s legal opinions, assists in resolving disputes ; and serves as agents for clients to arbitration and litigations

  4. The court heard that a report of false bank guarantees was made by a bank in hong kong to police in may 2000, investigations by the commercial crime bureau revealed that the 66 - year - old man and another 60 - year - old man used a copy of a letter of intent covering a bank guarantee for us $ 600 million purportedly issued by an overseas bank and approached two financial institutions in hong kong in an attempt to obtain banking facilities which included a credit line of us $ 200 million

  5. Pro forma invoicing, wire transfers and drafts and documentary letters of credits are all ways of obtaining payment from overseas buyers

  6. Based on the economic and iegal theory with a focus on the literature of financiai and securities reguiation and information disclosure, and by introducing and incorporating the latest research findings on the western innovating stock market, this dissertation employs comprehensive methodologies such as the systematic, empirical, comparative, the dynamic analysis and the combined analysis of the theory and practice to provide a systematic and thorough discussion on the regulatory issues of innovating stock market, to put forward some viable proposals in an attempt to contributing to the theoreticai buiidup for the improvement of the reguiatory system of china ' s innovating stock market and to providing some concrete and effective measures for the healthy development of china ' s securities market

  7. Besides, various computer - based information networks and real - time transaction networks have been set up via the public telecommunications network by institutions in such sectors as finance, taxation, the customs, securities, trade, education and science and technology

  8. The shanghai stock exchange new website is an official communications release site providing the service including the securities status release, the securities index release and the securities history

  9. This research can be divide five parts, first, it forward the concept of carve out board market, summarize the fundamental knowledge, and introduce recent years world general situation of the chief carve out board market ; second, it discuss the main questions exiting in our country middle and little technological enterprises in detail, and analyse the feasible that those enterprises utilize carve out board ; third, it discuss the necessity that our country establish carve out board by every part, such as : reform and development, developing our country high technological industry, cultivating our country microstructure inside need of market economic, stimulating stock market vigor, improving market operation, reducing systemic financial risk, internationaling money market, broking monopoly, strengthening market competition and avoiding come into the market resource over outflow ; fourth, it draw lessons from abroad stock market and advance appropriate suggestion to our country carve out board establishing premise, core, come into the market main body, come into the market standard, the selection of transactional and issue system, the selection of mode and the information of carve out board market ; last, it analyse the connection between mainboard and carve out board market

  10. The second development is the increased volume of trade conducted through so - called open accounts, under which overseas importers would pay directly to the account of exporters, rather than using letters of credit under traditional trade financing

  11. The thesis, through collection, summarization and investigation of relevant historical materials, gives a brief description of such peculiar historical phenomena as “ eunuch diplomacy ” and “ celestial queen worship ”, from which we could see the special function of the matsu religion to the promotion of china ' s maritime diplomacy in the early 15th century

  12. Bills of exchange are a convenient way of collecting payments from overseas customers, but we prefer an irrevocable letter of credit