無節律性 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jiéxìng]
無節律性 英文
  • : 無Ⅰ動詞(沒有) not have; there is not; be without Ⅱ名詞1 (沒有) nothing; nil 2 (姓氏) a surn...
  • : 節構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ名1 (法律; 規則) law; rule; statute; regulation 2 (律詩的簡稱) short for lüshi 3 (姓氏) a ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (性格) nature; character; disposition 2 (性能; 性質) property; quality 3 (性別) sex ...
  • 節律 : rhythm
  1. In recent years, the water - saving and control irrigation technique of rice has diverted from plot experimental and demonstration to lare scale. and has got remarkable economic and social benefits. amed at the characteristics of this irrigation area, optimal selection for water - saving techniques of rice, deciding the amout of leaching water and irrigation modles, investigating the adaptability of the water - saving and control irrigation technique in saline land. studying the increase in production mechanism of the technique are important to extend the technique, to better and develop saline land as well as slick spots. according to the results of field experiments, optimization study was conducted on the water - saving irrigation technique of rice in saline land, the effects of different water - saving irrigation techniques on the physiological indexes and yield of rice were systematically analyzed. by using mutiplepurpose fuzzy optimization method, better. water - saving irrigation technique was selector out, that is. the control irrigation technique in rice. the mechanism of it was analyzed from the aspect of the physiological and ecological saving water of rice to provide the implemental process and technical point ; throgh the quantitive analysis and comparision on control irrigation and control class ( flood irrigation ), high production and quality mechanism of the technique was analyzed in terms of physiology indexes of rice, the variation of soil moisture, the pest resistance and the lodge resistance, the change of soil temperature in paddy fields. the yield constitutive factors, the quality of rice and so on. in saline land. control irrigation and intermittent leaching modles were adopted to validate the adaptability of the technique in irrigation of rice in saline land, to analyze rice ' s physiological - ecological indexes and the change of soil salt content under the conditions of control irrigation leaching of rice and and to provide control irrigation and combined modle of intermittent leaching to adapt to different conditions

  2. Aiming at the study actuality of fan performance monitoring system and analysis of fan performance curve changes affected by inlet - box and the different fixed - angles of guide blades in the course of installation, a fan flow monitoring model based on rbfnn in whole flow zone was established in this thesis. in the model, the method of no throttle and fan performance curve were used as basis. and on the basis of that model, fan performance curves of 4 - 73no. 8d were approached with experimental data of different speed, different opening - angles of guide blade and different resistance of pipeline, the precision and the error law of model were studied

    本文針對電站風機能監測系統研究較少的現狀,在實驗的基礎上分析了現場加裝進氣箱和由於安裝造成的導流器葉片開度不一致對風機能曲線的影響,並在此基礎上採用流方法測量流量,以風機調能曲線為依據,建立了基於徑向基函數( rbf )神經網路的風機流量全程監測模型;以實驗室4 - 73no . 8d離心風機為研究對象,探討了rbf神經網路差壓模型在變轉速、變導流器開度和變管網阻力等工況下的應用精度和誤差分佈規;最後用visualc + +語言開發了風機能在線監測系統。
  3. Firstly, the thesis briefly reviews the history of voltage and reactive power control technology, focusing on the defects of the equipment in use. then, with the theoretical analysis and the discussion on voltage and the characteristic of power system as well as the basic principle of voltage and reactive power control, the thesis makes a research on the character of voltage and reactive power control and interprets the controlling regularity of substation. in addition, with the consideration of the changes of transformer tips and the combined influence of capacity groups and reactive power and voltage, the thesis makes adjustment suggestion to the different operating - zones of voltage and reactive power

  4. During the yanshanian phrase, the area is in the condition of contractional background, with multi - staged tectonic reversion. 5. through studying the origin of volcanic rocks and the characteristics of magma evolution, it concludes that there exist 3 originated areas of magma - from mantle, crust, and mantle - crust exchange. the basic magma of nandaling volcanic rocks of early jurassic is derived from upper mantle ; the magma of tiaojishan volcanic rocks of mid jurassic is formed in the contractional tectonic setting, and derived from the transition zone of crust and mantle interaction ; the acid magma of l

    5 、通過巖石化學、微量元素、稀土元素的研究,探討了不同級別的火山巖成因、巖漿演化等特徵,認為本區燕山期火山巖有三個巖漿源區,即地幔源、地殼源和殼幔混源,早侏羅世的南大嶺旋迴的基巖漿,起源於上地幔;中侏羅世髫髻山旋迴火山巖是在相對擠壓環境中,巖漿起源於殼幔過渡帶;晚侏羅世負eu異常的酸巖漿來源於下地殼的古老結晶基底的局部熔融,有負eu異常的酸巖漿來源於上地殼的局部熔融;早白堊世火山巖基巖漿起源於上地幔,中巖漿起源於下地殼底部的殼幔過渡帶。
  5. Many humanists, atheists and agnostics, whilst rejecting the concept of god, and therefore of the divinity of christ, nevertheless respect and admire the humanity of christ ' s teachings and have empathy with the moral principles articulated in ( for example ) the sermon on the mount

  6. So, the thesis gives a detailed study of the functions of lading in different phases before the discussion of legal liability for such delivery. the bill of lading is not a document of title but evidence of a contract of carriage during the period of transportation. but it does convey a document of title during the trade of goods and payment

  7. Presently, most microcomputer governors adopt pid control law. the traditional pid control law cannot deal with the conflicts of stability, accuracy and speediness. so parameters auto - tuning on - line must be adopted if stable operations under all conditions wanted to be guaranteed

  8. In the joint space, proportional plus derivative ( pd ) controllers without joint velocity measurement are designed by making use of the inherent passivity of the robot control system

  9. ( 6 ) we also improved the existing controllers for elastic joint robot by the passivity approach, and an output feedback controller is designed, which only requires the measurement of the actuator position

    ( 6 )改進了現有的彈機器人控制,利用方法,給出了僅需要作動器位置測量的輸出反饋控制器。
  10. In particular, a simple iterative learning law based on infinite time optimal linear quadratic regulator is proposed and its convergence is analyzed in detail

  11. Along with r ka albert, we have used computer simulations and calculations to show that a growing network with preferential attachment will indeed become scale - free, with its distribution of nodes following a power law