無皮層的 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [céngde]
無皮層的 英文
  • : 無Ⅰ動詞(沒有) not have; there is not; be without Ⅱ名詞1 (沒有) nothing; nil 2 (姓氏) a surn...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (人或物體表面的一層組織) skin 2 (皮革) leather; hide 3 (毛皮) fur 4 (包在外面的一層...
  • : i 量詞1 (用於重疊、積累的東西 如樓層、階層、地層) storey; tier; stratum 2 (用於可以分項分步的...
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • 皮層 : cortex; cerebral cortex; derma; stipitipellis; pellis (pl. pelles) (擔子菌)
  1. The various colours significant of various degrees of vitality white, yellow, crimson, vermilion, cinnabar : their degrees of brilliancy : their magnitudes revealed up to and including the 7th : their positions : the waggoner s star : walsingham way : the chariot of david : the annular cinctures of saturn : the condensation of spiral nebulae into suns : the interdependent gyrations of double suns : the independent synchronous discoveries of galileo, simon marius, piazzi, le verrier, herschel, galle : the systematisations attempted by bode and kepler of cubes of distances and squares of times of revolution : the almost infinite compressibility of hirsute comets and their vast elliptical egressive and reentrant orbits from perihelion to aphelion : the sidereal origin of meteoric stones : the libyan floods on mars about the period of the birth of the younger astroscopist : the annual recurrence of meteoric showers about the period of the feast of s. lawrence martyr, 10 august : the monthly recurrence known as the new moon with the old moon in her arms : the posited influence of celestial on human bodies : the appearance of a star 1st magnitude of exceeding brilliancy dominating by night and day a new luminous sun generated by the collision and amalgamation in incandescence of two nonluminous exsuns about the period of the birth of william shakespeare over delta in the recumbent neversetting constellation of cassiopeia and of a star 2nd magnitude of similar origin but lesser brilliancy which had appeared in and disappeared from the constellation of the corona septentrionalis about the period of the birth of leopold bloom and of other stars of presumably similar origin which had effectively or presumably appeared in and disappeared from the constellation of andromeda about the period of the birth of stephen dedalus, and in and from the constellation of auriga some years after the birth and death of rudolph bloom, junior, and in and from other constellations some years before or after the birth or death of other persons : the attendant phenomena of eclipses, solar and lunar, from immersion to emersion, abatement of wind, transit of shadow, taciturnity of winged creatures, emergence of nocturnal or crepuscular animals, persistence of infernal light, obscurity of terrestrial waters, pallor of human beings

    顯示出不同程度之生命力繽紛色彩白淺黃深紅朱紅銀朱諸星之亮度一直包括到七等星以等級標志諸星之大小諸星位置御夫座沃爾辛厄姆路172大衛戰車173土星光環螺旋星雲凝固后形成有衛星恆星群兩重大陽相互依存旋轉運動伽利略西蒙馬里烏斯174亞175勒威耶赫歇耳加勒176等人各自獨立地同時所做發現波得和開普勒所嘗試距離立方與回轉次數平方體系化177多毛眾彗星178那幾殆被壓縮性,以及自近日點至遠日點那廣漠遠心重返大氣橢圓軌道隕石恆星之起源年紀較輕天體觀測者誕生那個時期火星上所出現「暗波」現象179每年在聖勞倫斯節殉教者,八月十日前後降落隕石雨每月都發生所謂「新月抱舊月」現象180關于天體對人體影響假定威廉莎士比亞出生時期,在斜倚卻永不沒落仙后座那三角形上端,一顆不分晝夜散發著極亮光彩星辰一等星出現了181這是兩個光死滅了太陽因相撞並汞合為白熱體而形成燦爛新太陽大約在利奧波德布盧姆出生時,出現在七星花冠星座里而後又消失了一顆同一起源亮度卻稍遜星宿二等星182還有約於斯蒂芬迪達勒斯出生時,出現在仙女座中之後又消失,小魯道爾夫布盧姆出生與夭折數年後出現于御夫座后又消失,以及另外一些人出生或去世前前後後出現在許許多多其他星座中而又消失了假定是同一起源實際存在或假定存在星斗183 。
  2. The cuticle exists as the separable outer boundary and consists of a layer of wax and pectin materials that appears to be structureless.

  3. There is no different between the fibroblast feeder of mouse and the fibroblast feeder of goat according to blastoysts attached and icm proliferation. es - like cell develop embryoid body - like structure in suspension culture in vitro. es - like cells of goat differentiate into various kinds cell, egg : fibroblast cell, neurolike cell

  4. We have observed the following characteristics of anatomical structure and development : ( 1 ) the primary roots belong to archetype and the lateral roots occur in the position toward the xylem of the vascular cylinder ; ( 2 ) the root endodermis consists of thicken casparian strips, and there are from two lo four layers parenchyma cells near the pericycle ; ( 3 ) the pith and resins canals are absent in the toots ; ( 4 ) secondary structure occurs in the root hair zone, and vascular cambium is formed from the parenchyma cells between the primary xylem and primary phloem ; ( 5 ) tanning materials are abundant in pericycle cells and phelloderm cells ; ( 6 ) sclereids are found in secondary phloem, and rays are rather rich in secondary xylem

    結果表明:氣生不定根具有以下結構特徵和發育特點: ( 1 )根為二原型,側根正對著木質部發生; ( 2 )幼根內細胞具凱氏帶加厚,維管柱內緊挨中柱鞘內側具有2 ~ 4大型薄壁細胞; ( 2 )根中髓和樹脂道; ( 4 )次生結構發生於根毛區,維管形成由初生木質部和初生韌部之間薄壁細胞轉化形成; ( 5 )中柱鞘和栓內細胞富含單寧類物質; ( 6 )次生韌部有石細胞,次生木質部射線發達。
  5. Section two the evaluation of biocompatibility of the acellular dermal matrix by the method of cell culture. the new born rat ' s epdermic cells were cultured with the acellular dermal matrix together as experiment group, while the epdermic cell were cultured simply as control. 24 hours later, under the invert microscope, the epidermic cells anchored well and transparent flat cells were observed in both groups. 7 days later, both cultured cells were taked out and fixed in 95 % ethanol, stained with hematoxylin and were observed under light microscope. many cleaved cells were observed in both groups. during cell culture, no pathogenic microganism was observed. so we considered the acellular dermal matrix was aseptic and had good biocompatibility. section three subdermal implantation of the acellular dermal matrix. 24 rats were used in the experiments. a piece of acellular dermal matrix ( 1. 5 x 1. 5cm2 ) was implanted beneath the dorsum skin flaps of each rat, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks after implantation, 6 pieces of acellular dermal matrix were harvested and the size of implanted acellular dermal matrix were measured, the sections were used for he staining and observed under light microscope. the result were as folio wing : 1 - 2 weeks after implantation, the acellular dermal matrix began to adhere to the tissue around and turned red gradually ; 3 - 4weeks after implantation, the acellular dermal matrix adhered closely to the tissue around and could be recognized easily, 1 - 3 weeks after implantation, the size of implanted acellular dermal matrix had no statistical difference ( p > 0. 05 ). 4 weeks after implantation implanted acellular dermal matrix contracted ( p < 0. 05 ). under light microscope, l - 2weeks after implantation, the fibroblast cells infiltrated the acellular dermal matrix and a small amount endothelial cells of vessel and lympho - histiocytic cells infiltrated the acellular dermal matrix. 3 - 4 weeks after implantation, infiltrating blood vessels were evident. so we think that the acellular dermal matrix had low immunological reactions and could induce the infiltration of fibroblast macrophage cell and the endothelial cells of vessel

    結果如下:下包埋卜周者,細胞真基質漸與周圍組織粘附,顏色由蒼白轉紅;下包埋3周者,細胞真基質與周圍組織緊密枯附,盾晰葉辯;術后卜周,包埋基質面積變化較包埋前統計學差異o川0引,術后4周包埋細胞真基質面積較包埋前縮小j刃刀5 ) 。光鏡下術后卜周,宿主淋巳組織細胞、成纖維細胞浸入生長,釉附在膠原纖維上,少量血管內細胞浸入基質;術后34周,細胞真基質內較多血管形成,故可認為細胞真基質免疫原性低,能誘導宿主成纖維細胞、巨噬細胞浸入生長,為一種新型替代物。第四部分細胞真基質與自體斷片復合移棺研究, sd大鼠10隻,在其背部卜方造成全厚膚缺損創面
  6. The stems and rhizomes were observed to differ in cortex - cell layer, perivascular fiber - ring presence, vascular cylinder and pith proportions, vascular bundle number and secondary growth and these differences were associated with their own physiological functions

  7. We find the chimeric protein in leaf epidermal cells, stomatal guard cell and root epidermal cell. actin filaments can be visualized clearly in guard cell, in guard cells of open stomata under light, actin filaments arrange reticulate randomly in cytoplasm. in guard cells of closed stomata under darkness, actin filaments arrange curly along the longitude of guard cell

  8. The thirty - four species of the sea urchins belong to 7 order, 17 families and 28 genera. the following is the name list, those with an asterisk are the species recorded for the first time in china. order cidaroida family cidaridae * goniocidaris biserialis ( d6derlein ) * stylocidaris bracteata ( a. agassiz ) * stylocidaris ryukyuensis shigei * stereocidaris indica philippinensis mortensen * rhopalocidaris gracilis doderlein order lepidocentroida family echinothuridae * phormosoma bursarium ( a. agassiz ) araeosoma owstoni mortensen asthenosoma ijimai yoshiwara order stirodonta family phymosomatidae glyptocidaris crenularis a. agassiz family arbaciidae * coelopleurus maculata a. agassiz et h. l. clark * coelopleurus undulatus mortensen order aulodonta family diadematidae chaetodiademajaponicum mortensen family pedinidae * caenopedina mirabilis ( d6derlein ) order camarodonta family temnopledridae temnopleurus hardwickii ( gray ) temnopleurus toreumaticus ( leske ) temnopleurus reevesii ( gray ) temnopleurus apodus ( a. agassiz et h. l. clark ) temnotrema sculptum ( a. agassiz ) temnotrema reticulatum mortensen * microcyphus olivaceus ( d6derlein ) * prionechinus forbesianus ( a. agassiz ) family strongylocentrotidae strongylocentrotus nudus ( a. agassiz ) hemicentrotus pulcherrimus ( a. agassiz ) family echinometridae anthocidaris crassispina ( a. agassiz ) order clypeasteroida family clypeasteridae clypeaster virescens doderlein family laganidae * peronellapellucida d5derlein family scutellidae * scaphechinus mirabilis a. agassiz sinaechinocyamus planus liao family fibulariidae fibularia acuta yoshiwara order spatangoida family loveniidae - lovenia triforis koehler echinocardium cordatum ( pennant ) family schizasteridae schizaster lacunosus ( linnaeus ) family brissidae * gymnopataqus magnus ( a. agassiz & h. l. clark ) family spatangidae * spatangus luetkeni a. agassiz among the species reported, the following species call for notes or simple descriptions

    本文根據th . mortensen ( 1928 - 1955 )海膽專著( amonographoftheechinoidea )中主要分類依據,將海膽綱分為8個目: 1 )頭帕目( cidaroidea )有齒器,圍肛部在頂系內,圍口部有步帶板和間步帶板,大棘很大,有外球棘; 2 )鱗棘目( lepidocentroida )有齒器,圍肛部在頂系內,圍口部僅有步帶板,大棘不很大,,有球棘; 3 )脊齒目( stirodonta )有齒器,圍肛部在頂系內,齒器齒有脊,橈骨片在齒上方不相接,顎孔開放; 4 )管齒目( aulodonta )齒器脊,圍肛部在頂系內; 5 )拱齒目( camarodonta )有齒器,圍肛部在頂系內,齒器齒有脊,橈骨片在齒上方相接,顎孔封閉; 6 )全雕目( holectypoida )有齒器,但不發達或完全被吸收,圍肛部在頂系外,步帶不形成瓣狀和葉鰓; 7 ) ?形目( clypeasteroida )齒器發達,圍肛部在頂系外,步帶形成瓣狀,葉鰓; 8 )蝟團目( spatangoida )齒器,圍肛部在頂系外,葉鰓發達,步帶形成瓣狀。
  9. In the cortex of brain reside human cognitive abilities such as sophisticated reasoning, linguistic skills and musical ability

  10. However, the cortex is not without purpose in pain processing

  11. Many researches supports that the dysfunction of pfc is crucial in schizophrenia and maybe it is related to gabaergic system : the reduced amount of gaba and gabaergic interneurons in pfc. the electrophysiological results shows 70 % neurons have increased activity but no significant increase in basic activity, half of silent neurons become activated in movement period after microinjection of bmi ( bicuculline methiodite ) into pfc

    電生理學研究顯示:在前額葉應用bmi (荷包牡丹堿)后70神經元放電頻率增加,背景活性(基礎放電頻率)卻顯著增加,而在運動期放電活動「安靜」神經元, ,給予bmi後有一半在運動期變得激活,說明gaba抑制作用在行為執行中可能非常重要。
  12. A painless pulse of electricity can drive drugs, which tend to be charged, through the impermeable outer layer of the epidermis and into the blood vessels of the dermis

  13. The co - expression of l l6 - hsd1 and gr in the saxne chorionic trophoblast suggests possible intrcrine achons ofglucoconicoid generated by l l6 - hsdl within the cells. 2. ewe radiomctric conversion assay showed that trctrient of the cells with the synthetic glucocorticoid - - dexarnethasone ( l0 - ' m ) for 24h increased the conversion of conisone to cortisol, and thes increase was blocked by the gr antagonist ru486

    雙標免疫組織化學染色結果顯示11p hsdi和gr共存於同一個滋養細胞,提示在體內活性gc代謝產物?一17羥d脫氫質酮經11p hsdi還原活化后可以直接與同一個細胞內gr結合,即以內在分泌( intracrine )形式發揮作用
  14. No considerable neuron loss was found during senescence ; compared with those of young there was a significant increase in the number and staining density of gfap - ir cells in old cats ; but as for gaba - ir cells, it was just the opposite : immunoreactive cells of old cats were characterized by decreased number and weakened staining

    結果發現,初級視細胞數目顯著年齡相關變化;與青年貓比較,老年貓gfap - ir細胞數目較多,陽性染色較深;老年貓gaba - ir細胞數目顯著下降,陽性染色明顯減弱。
  15. It is a common method to test eye ' s function in ophthalmology. its features are objective and uninjured. the locality of illness can be finded in the pathway from all layersof retina to cerebral cortex by this method

  16. In many cases, it crept up with frightening force after what had seemed a harmle, even healthful meal - a inach salad with walnuts, a sandwich layered with inach or, as for the krause family, a baked, bonele, skinle piece of chicken on a small bed of inach

  17. In many cases, it crept up with frightening force after what had seemed a harmless, even healthful meal - a spinach salad with walnuts, a sandwich layered with spinach or, as for the krause family, a baked, boneless, skinless piece of chicken on a small bed of spinach

  18. The selection of material, typical the structural designs, the mechanical property and the forming pressure of unmanned aircraft sandwich composite material have been studied in this paper. it has analysed and discussed the flexural properties of honeycomb sandwich plate delamination under bending loads in detail. and then the mechanical properties of the laminate panel are studied which are compared with honeycomb sandwich panel

  19. After a few months or even a year, our hormones and brain chemistry begin to change, and our " thinking " brain - - the cerebral cortex - - may notice that our partner is flawed

  20. Functions of the cerebral cortex include abstract thought, reasoning, voluntary and involuntary control of skeletal muscle, and the recognition and differentiation of somatic, visceral, and special sensory stimuli