羅科信 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [luóxìn]
羅科信 英文
claus roxin
  • : 羅名1 (捕鳥的網) a net for catching birds 2 (篩子) sieve; sifter; screen 3 (質地稀疏的絲織品...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (學術或業務的類別) a branch of academic or vocational study 2 (機關按工作性質而分設的單...
  1. And we believe there are water lakes under the icy surface of europa and callisto

  2. And now a reading from paul ' s first letter to the corinthians

  3. Abstract : events contributing to the establishment of statistics the science of data and its chemical branch are epitomized. as the new chemical branch named chemometrics or chemstatistics has been disputed in the circles of chemistry for a long time, reasons for adopting chemstatistics are given, which is defined as the science of gathering or generating, describing, summarizing and interpreting the data concerned to acquire new chemical knowledge or information. the fact that many traditional statistical methods, such as significance tests, analysis of variance, regression and correlation, and some others not usually considered statistical, such as model building, monte carlo method, fourier transformation, artificial nerval networks and pattern recognition, each contains one or more of the five connotations of statistics is expounded. the regular pattern that a chemstatistician grows up is approached. the urgent task is to include chemstatistics in the undergraduate or graduate curriculum of chemistry specialty. the goal of the project is to nurture chemists who know statistics

  4. After graduating from the belarusian state university of informatics and radioelectronics in 1998 with a master s degree in computer science, he joined ibm in research triangle park, n. c. in 2000

    在1998年從belarusian州立息和無線電電子大學畢業,獲得計算機學碩士學位之後,他於2000年加入了ibm的北卡萊那research triangle park 。
  5. After graduating from the belarusian state university of informatics and radioelectronics in 1998 with master s degree in computer science, he joined ibm in research triangle park, n. c in 2000

    1998年畢業于belarusian state大學的息學和無線電電子學,獲得計算機學碩士學位。他在2000年加入了位於北卡萊納州的ibm research triangle park 。
  6. The new sky show " ufo files " will try to unveil the mysteries of the " flying saucers ". besides examining the now infamous roswell incident and other ufo cases, the programme will also introduce how astronomers make use of latest technologies to track down extrasolar planets, and their effort in searching for extraterrestrial civilizations

  7. The information technology branch is responsible for managing motorola s work on avls gis and mcs, as well as monitoring the quality of the systems delivered

  8. Harry kewell believes he could be back in a liverpool shirt in time for the champions league double - header with barcelona

  9. The campaign was organized to promote a barrier free internet environment and provide the needy communities with equal opportunities in sharing the benefits brought about by the development of internet in hong kong. the care web award is a means to pay recognition to private and public organizations that have created websites accessible by persons with different needs

  10. This site is produced by garden centers of colorado and is intended to be used as a gardening guide during our heightened drought and watering restrictions

  11. Those who doubt the apollo moon landings insist that the us lacked the technology to send humans to the moon at that time

  12. Moscow pet shops are reporting a run on rats, as keen astrologically - minded russians snap them up ahead of the new year, which is the chinese year of the rat, interfax news agency reported

  13. The homepage provides the information of research interests, details of seminar schedules ( date, speaker, title ), course descriptions, research facilities ( includes cell & molecular imaging facility, laser scanning confocal microscopy and so on ), and links to university of north carolina medicine department, centers and programs, curricula, related center and program ( includes bowels center for alcohol studies, lineberger comprehensive cancer center, cell and molecular biology trainning program, center for gastrointestinal biology and disease, department of ophthalmology and so on )

    中文簡介:查珀爾希爾北卡來納大學醫學院細胞和發育生物學系的主頁提供研究方向息,講座日程安排的詳情(日期,發言者,標題) ,課程描述,研究設施(細胞、分子成像設備,激光掃描共焦顯微鏡等等) ,與北卡來納大學醫學系,中心,項目,課程,相關中心與計劃(酒精研究內臟中心,林內貝格綜合癌癥中心,細胞與分子與生物訓練計劃,腸胃生物疾病中心,眼系)的鏈接。
  14. It is the homepage the florida association of environmental soil scientists, containing its information on policy, meetings, workshops, membership and publications

  15. On reaching moscow, after her meeting with rostov at bogutcharovo, princess marya had found her nephew there with his tutor, and a letter from prince andrey, directing her what route to take to her aunt, madame malvintsevs at voronezh

  16. But the scientists camped out near the ross ice shelf had reason to believe that once the ross ice streams carried away that region ' s one million cubic kilometers of ice, the rest of the sheet ? including the area drained by the ronne streams and part of the east antarctic ice sheet ? would surely follow

  17. Yearly tournament for doubles on grass and sand located in steamboat springs, colorado. registration, results, participants list and lodging information

  18. There are now 19 manufacturers that have been authorized to make cdma handsets. they are bird, kejian, zte, tcl, haier, konka, datang, zhenhua, hisense, nanjing ptic, amoisonic, motorola ( china ), capitel, etc. according to a plan of unicom, it will serve 40, 000, 000 cdma subscribers in five years

    國家計委決定, 19家企業獲得了生產cdma手機的資格,它們是:波導、健、中興、首、 tcl 、海爾、東方通、康佳、南方高、中電通、大唐、貴州振華、浪潮、海、大連大顯、南京普天、天津電話設備廠、廈華以及摩托拉中國公司。
  19. Why, they kept telling us it was so dangerous, said the officer, turning to the esaul while denisov was reading the letter. but komarov and he indicated the cossack and i were prepared. we have both two pisto but whats this ? he asked, seeing the french drummer - boy

    在傑尼索夫看的時候,軍官對一等上尉說「都說危險,危險, 」他指了指那個哥薩克接著道, 「其實,我和夫,都有準備,每人都有兩支手槍,這是什麼人? 」
  20. The advantage of the system is efficiency and scientific, on the other hand, it ignored the power of spirit of the staff and the training of value and faith of the employee. people do n ' t care too much about enterprise culture before 70s of 20th