目視搜索 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shìsōusuǒ]
目視搜索 英文
visual finding
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (眼睛) eye 2 (大項中再分的小項) item 3 [生物學] (把同一綱的生物按彼此相似的特徵分為幾...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1. (看) look at 2. (看待) regard; look upon 3. (考察) inspect; watch Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : 動詞1. (尋找) collect; gather2. (搜查) search; ransack
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (大繩子; 大鏈子) a large rope 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞1 (搜尋; 尋找) search 2 (要; ...
  • 目視 : visual目視測光 visual photometry; 目視等高儀 impersonal astrolabe; 目視定位 [航空] visual fix; 目...
  • 搜索 : 1 (仔細尋找) search for; ferret about; hunt for; scout around 2 [電子學] hunting; scan; [控] in...
  1. 2. the design of program searching and parsing and de - mux module, which are the application software of the stb, are discussed in this dissertation. 3

  2. This site is a haven for fans of the tv shows smallville, yu - gi - oh, everwood

  3. In order to satisfy dynamic characteristics of the robot system, the individual that has the maximum fitness value is assigned to be input of the robot visual controller by evaluating inverse kinematics after each generation ga evolution. so the path planning based on ga process is considered to be in real time mode, which satisfies the requirements of a real time dynamic system

    為了滿足機器人覺伺服系統的動態特性,把每一代ga進化后適應度值最大的個體作為機器人覺控制器的輸入(要通過解機器人逆運動學) ,這樣就可以把基於6a的路徑規劃()看成是實時的,使改進后的ga能夠滿足實時系統的要求。
  4. The icac made full and extensive use of their powers, including electronic surveillance, search warrants and public and private hearings with the result that there was evidence to suggest that two councillors were involved in soliciting substantial bribes from developers, through go - betweens, in return for supporting their development proposals

  5. Stepped - staring searching technique for an imaging guidance missile in target - identification

  6. Introducing instructions for skypecasting, the solution for podcasters to create audio recordings from interviews and conference calls using skype

  7. Basing on them, we propose a new algorithm of removing pseudo elements by which we can ensure the candidate edge generated by the broken line in 2d views is pseudo element if it is inside of the face which can be seen completely. at last delete other pseudo elements by the topological information of former methods. 2. for the low efficiency and bad capability of disposing multi - solutions of the decision - making after generating face loops, we thoroughly analyzed the former divide - conquer algorithm and decision - chaining algorithm

  8. Community based website for episode guides and information about classic and new tv shows in multiple languages. includes an episode scheduler

  9. Motion estimation plays an important role in video coding. how to make the search of motion estimation algorithms robust, faster and more effective becomes a hot topic at present

  10. It is believed by these algorithms that very good matches are likely to be found in the vicinity of reasonably good matches. although this assumption might not be necessarily true, it is useful for reducing the computation as the search can be broken down into stages where the algorithm successively narrows down on the regions of good matches. there are a large number of algorithms that make this assumption and these may be classified as algorithms based on the principle of locality

  11. This study is supposed that the fsk / psk signal is applied to ground - based searching radar, and the radar video returns which are modeled and simulated consist of target returns and clutter returns

  12. If you wrote down a list of pessimistic proverbs, it ' s time to adjust your inner tivo ' s search function. you can do it with the touch of a ( metaphorical ) button : gratitude

  13. When the consumers want to search the event time table, he can watch tv and search at the same time, this not having to wait

  14. Multiple objects tracking in visual search

  15. With rising of the internet ' s knowledge on the way of geometric series, the search engine, which is looked as a tool that users get information with, its function had been regarded. at present, an excellent search engine can increase the number of the web site ' s accessing largely and has been the web site ' s appearance

  16. Loads of action lately regards the search engine wars, particularly with respect to mapping. recall the splash about microsoft ' s virtual earth which was just recently announced

  17. The object browser toolbar allows you to define the browsing scope, search for objects, navigate within the objects and members panes, add references to a project, select a logical or physical view, choose the items to be displayed, and sort those items as desired

  18. Studies show it is faster than the others, and it is proved to be effective. 5. applying fly vision system to imaging guidance a new physical model of imaging seeker is proposed, this seeker imitates fly ' s compound eyes, can realize 360 ? searching range

    5 ,蠅覺系統在成像制導中的綜合應用提出了一種仿復眼,具有全方位場的紅外成像導引頭物理模型,該導引頭中文摘要模擬了整隻復眼對環境和標的成像,可以實現36了場。
  19. Hence the system can theoretically support unlimited number of users at one time. on the other hand, since each stream is shared by numerous users, it ' s difficult to provide sufficient interaction to make the users much satisfied. as a result, we can see that these two kinds of systems are complementary to each other