空化氣泡 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [kōnghuàpāo]
空化氣泡 英文
cavitation bubble
  • : 空Ⅰ形容詞(不包含什麼; 裏面沒有東西或沒有內容; 不切實際的) empty; hollow; void Ⅱ名詞1 (天空) s...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (氣體) gas 2 (空氣) air 3 (氣息) breath 4 (自然界冷熱陰晴等現象) weather 5 (氣味...
  • : 泡Ⅰ名詞1 (氣泡) bubble 2 (像泡一樣的東西) sth shaped like a bubble Ⅱ動詞1 (較長時間地放在液...
  • 空化 : cavitation空化機理 cavitation mechanism; 空化噪聲 [聲學] cavitation [aeration] noise; 空化作用 [化學] cavitation
  • 氣泡 : air bubble; bubble; bubble cell; pin hole
  1. Air inside an alveolus gives oxygen to blood and receives carbon dioxide from blood.

  2. Ultrasonic has being attracted much attention gradually in fuel atomization because of some specialities of cavitation and infection on liquid flow. in the course of atomization of pitchy oil, especially, does it show greatly its advantage, but its material atomizational mechanism need research ulteriorly. the primary content of this thesis is about adding cantilever reed to effervescent atomizer so as to combine ultrasonic and effervescent. this thesis has discussed ultrasonic some mechanism, ultrasonic dynamical procreator, effervescent and liquid mucosity infection on atomization, at the some time we make some experiments and discuss atomization rule following some machinery parameter and run parameter so as to find some rule about ultrasonic atomization and to rich the research of ultrasonic atomization mechanism. all that will be beneficial to the design about ultrasonic atomization atomizer

  3. The steady dead generation and time that was caused by the isolated virus was certain by chicken embryo which was inoculated on seven or nine days. the histopathological changs of the infectious stunting syndrom were studied by the way of ordinary paraffin section and he dying. the experimental result were as follows : the test proved that the changes of the chicken embryo were different in different stage. the chicken embryo dead in a week after it inoculated. the body was dropsy and hemorrhage. dead before it hatched out, the embyo body were dropsy, pale and slime. the liver was yellow and swolled, gallbladder ( vesica fellea ) was filled with bile. bursa and glandula thymus analosis. the kindey dropsy. bowel lamina were humble, dilatation. gas and yellow foam were filled the bowel. histopathological changes were that, in early stage, obvious changes of liver and kindey were dropsy, hemorrhage and necrosis. two types eosinophilic intranuclear inclusion bodies including large round and little granular were present in cells of the above organs. the obvious changes of bursa were dropsy, adverse folliiculated growth and little lymphocytes proliferating, 19 - 21 days chicken embryo, one or two big empty vacuoles were prensent in cells of liver and kindey. the number of the folliculi was growing, the vacuoles between cells were larger

    膽囊充盈、其內充滿稀薄的膽汁;法氏囊、胸腺萎縮,腸道擴張、腸壁菲薄、內充滿體及黃色沫狀物;腎臟腫大。病理組織學變方面,早期肝臟、腎臟、腸主要以出血、水腫和壞死為主,且肝細胞核及腎小管的上皮細胞核內均發現有核內包涵體,包涵體呈嗜酸性,為大型圓形包涵體或不規則的顆粒狀;法氏囊則以水腫、濾發育不良、小型淋巴細胞數量增多為主。 19 21日齡雞胚肝細胞、腎小管上皮細胞的胞漿內出現1 2各大的,法氏囊濾數目增多細胞間有較大隙。
  4. It is studied that the formation mechanism of taylor bubble and its control method in gas - liquid two - phase flow, which affects the pressure balance and mechanical driving efficiency in the flow of petroleum engineering. experiments show that the formation of taylor bubble in gas - liquid two - phase flow is due to the intensive congregation and amalgamation of small bubbles driven by void fraction waves and that the highly turbulent flow is able to restrain this formation. thus, the flow regime transition may be checked by increasing the flow turbulence and controlling the disturbed frequency

  5. We also investigated the pathological changes of mouse liver, thymus and cerebrum cortex challenged by so2 inhalation by in vivo tests. we studied the apoptotic induction on mouse spleen cells and cytotoxicity of human embryo lung fibroblasts of so2 derivatives by in vitro tests. in vivo tests of sulfur dioxide inhalation showed : ( 1 ) effects on mouse lung of so2 challenge : we found no significant apoptotic changes induced by so2 inhalation but obvious pathological changes of lung with vacuolating of osmiophilic multilamellar bodies which maybe related with the decrease of surfacant and decrease of microvillus of type ii alveolar cells ; we also found thickening of part of basement lamina between type i alveolar cells and capillary endothelium cells which may inhibit the dispersion of oxygen and contribute to lung dysfunction

    二氧硫熏染毒的體內實驗結果表明,在本次實驗的濃度范圍內( 56mg m ~ 3 、 112mg m ~ 3 、 168mg m ~ 3低、中、高三個濃度) : ( 1 )通過透射電鏡、 dna凝膠電泳分析和流式細胞分析發現二氧硫吸入染毒一周對小鼠肺臟沒有明顯的凋亡誘導作用,但通過透射電鏡觀察發現二氧硫可引起肺臟明顯的超微結構改變,引起型肺上皮細胞板層體,微絨毛減少,線粒體緻密或腫脹變性;肺血管內皮細胞和型肺上皮細胞之間基膜增厚,使氧彌散功能出現障礙,從而降低肺功能。
  6. Mushy pvc ( dop + additives ) - beater ( stir well ) - vacuuming ( materiel has been completely dewatered and debubbled after vacuuming ) or mix with color paste which has been processed by ball mill and then dropped into mould cavity by needle cylinder ) - solidified in the constant temperature box ( color fixing ) - input basic material - sent to the constant temperature box in the flowing way and then forming and then forming and sent out automatically - cooled by fan - finished products

    糊狀pvc (增塑劑dop +助劑- - -打漿機攪拌均勻- - -抽真處理) (真機處理后的物料已完全脫離水分和)或球磨機處理后的色漿混合後用針筒滴入模具形腔- - -放入恆溫箱中固(色彩定形) - - -注入底料- - -流水式送入恆溫機,定型后自動送出- - -風扇冷卻- - -成品
  7. Ningbo dione electric co., ltd located in yuyao city zhejiang province with beautiful scenery, convenient transptation, developed economic, and specialized in variety of vacuume bulb, full bulb and special bulb

    寧波宇潤電器有限公司是一家生產各種真,充和特種燈具的專業廠家。公司位於風景秀麗,交通便捷,經濟發達,人傑地靈,舉世聞名和歷史悠久的河姆渡文遺址所在地浙江省餘姚市(泗門鎮工業園區329國道旁) 。
  8. Turpa - a series of highly refined base oils which possess wccellent demulsibility, anti - foad and air release properties. containing antioxidant and anti - rust additives to impart high resistance to oxidation ant high temperature and to acid formation. turpa is specially recommended for steam, gas and water turbine, turpa fufills the most severe operating conditions imposed by modern heavy duty gas turbine as other general applications, such as vacuum pump, air compressor and hydraulic system, where the qualities of turbine oil are required

  9. Oxygen is absorbed and carbon dioxide is expelled from our body during the process of gaseous exchange taking place at the alveoli

  10. Based on the cavitation chart it can be seen that the charging air with appropriate parameters on blade surface is efficient and feasible for improving the cavitation performance of propeller blades

  11. Experimental investigation of cavitator parameters effecting on ventilated supercavity shape

  12. In this paper, some aspects of vacuum preloading were studied as follows. vacuum consolidation test and load consolidation test were performed and compared for different kind of soil samples. after analyzing the results of tests, the four major mechanisms of vacuum consolidation were defined as : variation of capillary potential, drainage of sealed bubbles, vaporization and action of atmosphere pressure, in which, the action of atmosphere pressure is the most important factor

  13. In the text applying the theory of two - phase flow ' press - drop and diversion - phase model, having a analysis to the press characterize of the important part namely the bubble pump of the no - pump libr absorption air - condition, and set up the relational mathematical model