紫外吸收玻璃 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [wàishōu]
紫外吸收玻璃 英文
ultraviolet ray intercepting glass
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(紅和藍合成的顏色) purple; violet Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (外面) outside; external side 2 (外國) foreign country 3 (以外) besides; beyond; in ...
  • : 動詞1 (把液體、氣體等引入體內) inhale; breathe in; draw 2 (吸收) absorb; suck up 3 (吸引) a...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (把攤開的或分散的事物聚集、合攏) put away; take in 2 (收取) collect 3 (收割) harvest...
  • 玻璃 : 1. (一種質地硬而脆的透明物體) glass 2. [口語] (指某些像玻璃一樣透明的尼龍、塑料等) nylon; plastic
  1. The obtained polysilane - polyacrylate gradient films showed no macro - interface with the silicone content reducing gradually from the top surface to the bottom one. dma thermograms indicated that polysilane - polyacrylate gradient films contained two glass temperatures with their bands drifting from and their range extending much from each component. the good properties of waterproof, calorifics, and ultraviolet - absorption were also determined by dsc, uv and water contact angle measurements

  2. Ceo22 is used as optical materials, polishing agents, ultraviolet absorption materials, the cleaning catalyst of car ' s waste gases, chemical decolorant of glass, radiation - resisting glass permanent magnet, electronic ceramics etc. if it is processed into nanoparticles, it will exhibit some novel properties led to varied applications. for example, ceo22 nanocrystal is a better promoter of cytochrome c and the stabilizer of zro22 ceramics. because of its high index of refraction and good stability, it is used to produce reduced reflection film

    Ceo _ 2是一種廉價而用途極廣的材料,如用於發光材料、拋光劑、材料、汽車尾氣凈化催化劑、的化學退色劑、耐輻射、永磁體、電子陶瓷等,其納米化后將出現一些新的性質及應用,如ceoz納米晶是細胞色素c的良好的催進劑,還用作zro :陶瓷的穩定劑,由於ceo :折射率高,穩定性好,常用於制備減反射膜等。
  3. Some by - products of this work can be used as routine tools in the uv laser laboratory. commercial video ccd cameras are used to image uv laser and soft x rays, window glass as a fluorescer is used to indirectly measure the uv laser beam profile with high energy density, and a special glass which permits uv light to pass through while absorbs the visible, is introduced into the uv beam profiling in strong visible stray light environment

  4. Influence on the absorption spectrum of lead silicate glass films after uv laser irradiation

  5. Investigation on heat treat process indicated : transparent of agx photochromic glass lower in near ultraviolet area after heat treat process, the light absorbtion is similar with agx crystal

  6. At all level of visible light transmittance, the high performance ultraviolet absorbing substrate of heat mirror ? can shield over 99. 5 % harmful ultraviolet outside

    熱鏡中空產品可以選擇各種可見光透過率的光譜選擇性反射薄膜,薄膜中集成了高效劑,可以屏蔽99 . 5 %有害的輻射入室。
  7. Ternary compound bnxpi - x films of quality are deposited and the ultraviolet absorbance characteristics of bnxp, - x films were investigated in the thesis, too. with the quantity of phosphorus dopant, the optical bandgap modulation of bnxpi is achieved successfully. in addition, the combined intensity of bnxp, - x films and substrates was enhanced by depositing the buffer layer

    實驗採用磷對氮化硼進行摻雜,成功地在光學石英襯底上沉積了磷摻雜氮化硼( bn _ xp _ ( 1 - x ) )薄膜,研究了該薄膜的光敏特性,其邊在240nm 400nm的波段內可以連續變化,同時也實現了對氮化硼光學帶隙在3 . 8ev 5 . 3ev范圍內的連續可控調制。
  8. The tio2, cds and cds - tio2 films on the common glass substrate were prepared, respectively, using ti ( oc4h9 ) 4, cd ( cooch3 ) 2 and scn2h4 as raw materials by sol - gel method. the influences of manifold preparing parameters ( such as the concentration of sol, the amount of the peg. the number of coatings, the heat - treated temperature and time ) on the structure and performance were studied

    本文採用溶膠-凝膠技術,以鈦酸丁酯、乙酸鎘和硫脲為原料,以普通片為載體,制備了納米tio _ 2薄膜、 cds薄膜和cds - tio _ 2復合半導體薄膜,研究了制備過程中多種制備參數(如溶膠的濃度,聚乙二醇( peg )的加入量,鍍膜層數,熱處理溫度及時間)對薄膜結構和性能的影響,採用x -射線衍射( xrd ) 、掃描電鏡( sem ) 、能譜分析( edxa ) 、-可見光譜( uv - vis )等測試手段對各薄膜進行了結構和物性表徵。